We had a front-row opportunity to experience the power of the planets this week, particularly during the Academy Awards ceremony.  Associated with surprise, shocks and unexpected twists & turns, Uranus has been an active player this past week in the unfolding astrological drama.  And it continues throughout this current week!

As the Mars/Uranus (in ARIES) conjunction built to a peak on Sunday, there were plenty of upsets & disruptions along the way.  The sudden uptick in immigrant deportations, the shocking destruction of headstones in Jewish cemeteries in both St. Louis & Philadelphia (along with the revelation of hundreds of bomb threats to Jewish community centers), and the horror of cars running into crowds all over the globe — all of these are representative of the explosive potential of this conjunction.

The crazy mix-up in the announcement of the Best Picture award was a classic example of Uranus in action – surprise!!  And the biggest turnaround was that this Oscar, mistakenly awarded to La La Land, ultimately went to Moonlight – a coming-of-age movie involving a gay, black man.  Definitely something new & different!  Remember how there were no minorities represented at all last year?  And this year, that all changed.  The fact that the Academy Awards were held on the New Moon & Solar Eclipse in PISCES may have had something to do with it  (PISCES is associated with minorities — as well as with the film industry).  Hollywood was “eclipsed” by an LGBT story – just amazing!

So…we still have the unpredictable Jupiter/Uranus opposition to look forward to — on Thursday, March 2.  This  time of uncertainty can bring  unexpected visitors, travels, changes in plans or perspectives, break-ups or profound insights.  There could be some major surprises or confrontations on the international scene with this aspect — life can be very topsy-turvy these days.  More will be revealed — stay tuned!


©2017 Diane Elizabeth Clarke

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