(January 20 – February 18, ’20)

Teamwork is the name of the game this month – by joining forces with others, you’ll reach new heights of self-discovery & personal awareness.  Be open to seeing the world from a different perspective, with your ruler, the Sun, now in AQUARIUS — your opposite sign.  A new partnership could begin, or an existing one may shift to a new level, particularly on 1/20, 24 (New Moon) & 25. Expect the unexpected with the Sun-Uranus square on 1/22; a surprise may be around the corner.  Pay special attention to any feedback you get from others around 2/8 (Full Moon), as it can provide revealing insights and increased self-understanding.  Strive for consensus, clarity & equality in all your one-one-one relationships! Image result for sun rays

Taxes, insurance, joint finances, contracts or interactions with city hall will likely absorb you from 2/3 on; some important business can be handled on 1/23, 27, 2/1, 3 & 5.  Once Mercury turns retrograde (2/163/9), take the time to review paperwork, double-check the details and delay signing things until this period is over.  From 2/7 on, you could make some new friends through conferences, classes or online communications – enjoy the expanded social connections (although you’ll want to hold back a bit on 2/13).

You’ve been in a creative, project-oriented mode lately; look before you leap around 1/26-28, however, as issues involving financing may be unclear or even deceiving. From 2/16 on, you’ll be ready to implement your ideas, particularly on the job.  You’ll be pouring yourself into your work; it’s a good time to restructure procedures or personnel.  Put equal efforts into your health, exercise, relaxation and spiritual renewal, along with some meaningful volunteer activities.

LONG-TERM FORECAST:  You’re in the midst of a major metamorphosis in work and health matters since Pluto entered CAPRICORN (1/25/0811/19/24).  As this 16-year cycle unfolds, your work environment, as well as your relationship with co-workers, will be undergoing a transformative process.  Changes, rearrangements & upheavals can take place with procedures & personnel, as you are ready for new projects & directions.  You’ll be placing a higher premium on health, exercise and relaxation, and will experience a renewed spirituality, heightened psychic sensitivity – and a deeper desire to be of service to others.

Old patterns of handling business matters & partnerships, joint finances, legal contracts, parental obligations, debts & duties will be dissolving while Neptune transits PISCES (20122026) – hopefully being replaced with a healthier, more spiritually-oriented perspective.  Strive for clarity & accountability in all your alliances (get things in writing)!  Since you’re prone to being too trusting now, only align with those who are responsible and reliable − and have your best interests at heart.

With Uranus now in TAURUS (since 5/15/18), you’ll begin to experience an element of change & unpredictability in your public and professional life.  As this new 7-year cycle unfolds, you’ll be awakening to your personal power, experiencing leadership opportunities and possibly moving into some different career directions.  Advanced technologies could play an important role in these new developments.

While Saturn transits CAPRICORN (12/20/17–12/16/20),  you’ll have the practicality and discipline necessary for stabilizing work routines, restructuring personnel & procedures and implementing   sound technologies.  Be realistic in how you manage your time and strive for increased productivity − work smarter, not harder!  Make responsible choices when it comes to taking care of your health; any long-standing issues could be resolved during this cycle with patience & conscientious effort.   Stay committed to your emotional & physical well-being; set aside quality time for exercise, relaxation, meditation, spiritual growth and pets.  Eliminate any outgrown habits that are detrimental to total wellness!

With Jupiter now in CAPRICORN since 12/2/19, you’re ready to channel your enthusiasm into work & health matters.  This will be an excellent year to upgrade your job, improve the ambience in your workplace, enhance relationships with co-workers and create a healthier lifestyle in general.  You will be lucky in finding helpful doctors, practitioners & healers if you need them.  Exercise, relaxation techniques, meditation, a spiritual practice and pets could be especially beneficial to your well-being.  You may find it helpful to review what was going on in your life when this same cycle was in effect 12 years ago (12/12/071/5/09).

 ©2020  Diane Elizabeth Clarke