(December 21 – January 19, ’20)

It’s the month to deal with the practical realities of life!  With patience, self-discipline & follow-through, you can successfully handle business partnerships, joint finances, taxes, insurance or legal matters now.  Parental matters, wills, mortgages, debts & obligations may require more attention than usual.  You could accomplish much of long-lasting value on 12/21-22, 24, 25 (New Moon/Solar Eclipse), 27-28, 30, 1/2, 6, 8, 10 & 12-13.  It could be a good period to refinance, take out a loan, make a long-term investment or consult with a financial planner.  This will be an important time for taking care of business; be wise, frugal and realistic. Use caution and good judgment in financial matters, however, on 12/30, 1/3, 7 & 10 (Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse); don’t overextend your credit.  Avoid impulsive purchases, especially on 1/12-13, as you may pay too much or change your mind later on.

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With Mercury, your planet, in SAGITTARIUS over this past few weeks, you’ve probably been feeling adventurous, communicative and expansive. Once Mercury moves on to CAPRICORN on the evening of 12/28, you’ll be ready for serious & purposeful actions through 1/15.  Things will lighten up on 1/16, when Mercury enters AQUARIUS.  Your work, health, pets or volunteer projects have been demanding a lot from you lately; expect some rewards for your efforts on 12/22.

Partnership & teamwork interactions will be requiring lots of your energy from 1/3 on, once Mars enters SAGITTARIUS—your opposite sign.  A significant relationship could develop or intensify during the upcoming 6 weeks. Together, much can be accomplished, but hold your horses around 1/7—make sure you’re working with each other, instead of against each other.  During the first 3 weeks of this solar month, travel, communications, educational opportunities, marketing projects or physical activities can be especially enjoyable.  From 1/13 on, you’ll be feeling appreciated & acknowledged for your professional or public accomplishments; it’s a great time to mix business with pleasure!

LONG-TERM FORECAST:  You’ll be actively exploring new and creative ways to take care of business while Pluto transits CAPRICORN (20082024).  During this 16-year cycle, you’ll be eliminating outworn structures, habits & relationships from your life, making way for new joint ventures and resurrected possibilities.  Business partnerships, financial & parental obligations, insurance, taxes and legal matters could require periodic attention & follow-through.  You could find yourself managing other people’s money & resources, setting up corporations, trusts, wills or retirement plans, receiving an inheritance or renewing vows.

A subtle, yet significant shift in your personal & professional goals will occur while Neptune is in PISCES (2012–2026).  You’re highly charismatic now and could achieve career success in such fields as politics, film-making, photography, health, spiritual healing, music or the arts.  By aligning with your spiritual purpose & honoring your vision, your dreams can become realized!

Now that Uranus has begun its 7-year cycle in TAURUS (on 5/15/18), you’ll be developing new skills & techniques, inventing unique methodologies and researching offbeat subjects.  It will be the time for redefining priorities, clarifying your motives and clearing away any self-defeating behavior patterns or emotional debris.

While Saturn transits CAPRICORN (12/20/17−12/16/20), you will be called on to take care of business — joint finances, legal partnerships, insurance, taxes and contractual matters will require your responsible attention.  With patience, self-discipline and conscientious effort, much of long-term value can be accomplished.  Responsible management of shared finances & resources will be required of you.  It could be a good period to refinance, take out a loan or pay off a debt, make a long-term investment, prepare a will or consult with a financial planner.  This will be an important time for taking care of business; be wise, frugal and realistic.

With Jupiter now in your opposite sign, SAGITTARIUS (since 11/8/18), partnerships and teamwork interactions can stimulate much personal growth.  This will be the time to join forces rather than going it alone;  be on the lookout for uplifting, knowledgeable and adventurous individuals who can expand your world.   Sort for those who give you positive feedback and reinforcement — and who can make you laugh!

Once Jupiter begins its new 13-month transit in CAPRICORN on 12/2, you’ll be ready to commit to some long-term alliance, investment or joint financial project.  It will be to your advantage to join up with those who share similar values & ethical standards.Image result for hummingbird images


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