Related imageLONG-TERM FORECAST:  While Pluto moves through CAPRICORN (1/25/08–1/20/24), it’s the time for you to get down to business, clarify your life’s purpose, resolve old issues and develop an  expertise in your particular field.  Patient, disciplined efforts will pay off in spades!  During this 16-year cycle, you’ll be called upon to redefine your priorities, get back to the basics and confront & purge any outgrown habits, attitudes or self-limiting beliefs.  Any form of self-analysis will accelerate your evolutionary progress, whether it’s with a professional counselor, self-help books, workshops or personal studies.  Clear the decks and put your life in order!

During Neptune’s 14-year stay in PISCES (2012-2026), you are in a process of developing a healthier approach to financial and emotional security.  Your personal values and priorities will undergo important changes as you’ll become less identified with the material aspects of the world and more interested in the spiritual.  You’ll find yourself dissolving old survival attitudes, insecurities & attachments that have previously limited your freedom – financially, as well as emotionally.  Stay as conscious as possible in personal business affairs and investments; a tendency towards self-deception or confusion in monetary matters, as well as dietary habits, requires vigilance these days.  It could be a good time to see a nutritionist, check for food allergies or update your vitamin & supplement regime.While your ruling planet, Uranus, transits TAURUS (May ’18 through April ’26), you will get the urge now & then to change things up in home, family and property matters.  Do whatever you can—in your own unique way—to create more comfort, stability & safety in your domestic scene.  Free yourself up from whatever is holding you down or limiting your options, and explore alternative approaches in your living situation as this “7-year itch” plays itself out.  Make time to connect with the natural world, start a garden or embark on a landscaping project.  Get grounded, mellow out and smell the flowers!

Saturn took its initial steps into AQUARIUS on 3/21/20, calling on you to assume a new level of personal responsibility, maturity and authority. Its presence in your sign is calling for a significant restructuring of your self-image, appearance and lifestyle  (through 3/7/23).  Self-respect and personal accountability will be taking top priority over the upcoming few years.

With Jupiter in PISCES (since 12/28/21), personal finances are now on an upswing.  Explore new sources of income and investment opportunities — uplift your prosperity consciousness by thinking abundantly! Be honest with yourself about your expenditures, re-evaluate your assets & liabilities and elevate your sense of self-worth.  Educate yourself about nutrition, research the value of healthy food & supplements and be vigilant with your dietary habits.  At the same time, get in touch with your emotional needs and nurture yourself in every way.  Self-care is the key!

Once Jupiter moves on to ARIES on 5/10/22, you’ll be fired up to get back into circulation and find increased mental stimulation.  It’s time to communicate and network!  You’ll be inspired to exchange ideas & information, take classes, connect with relatives & neighbors — and take some short trips.Related image

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