LONG-TERM FORECAST:   You are currently in the midst of a powerful transformation in both your personal & professional life while Pluto, your ruling planet, transits CAPRICORN (20082024).  During this 16-year cycle, new career directions will be emerging, as outgrown pathways either fall apart or reorganize to higher levels. Increased opportunities for leadership & public visibility will also arise during this period, so take charge of your life, reclaim your personal power and stay in integrity.  You have the energy, courage & resources available to you now to accept new challenges, take some big risks and actualize your objectives. You also are experiencing a newly-found sense of self-discipline and commitment these days, which along with a little patience and follow-through, will serve you well in manifesting your desires.

With Neptune now in PISCES (2/3/12–1/26/26), you’ll be researching alternative healing modalities, clearing out any psychological cobwebs and awakening to hidden talents & psychic abilities.  It’s the ideal time to update your skills, clean out the closets, get organized and make your life more functional.  You may find yourself working with those who share similar interests, dreams and spiritual values.

With Uranus in TAURUS  (5/15/184/26/26), you are ready to make some major changes in your personal finances, value systems & dietary habits.  During this 7-year cycle, unexpected or unusual sources of income or investment opportunities could arise; financial freedom could be on the horizon.  You’re likely to explore alternative approaches to nutrition, supplements and food preparation.  Release old attachments & possessions and make way for the new!

While Saturn transits AQUARIUS (3/21/20—7/1/20 and 12/16/20—3/7/23), you’ll be in the process of restructuring your social alliances & activities.  It’s time to shed outgrown relationships and to solidify those friendships that are meaningful & productive.   You’ll be drawn into collaborative projects and cooperative efforts with others who are committed to similar values and visions.  Many of your goals can be achieved by aligning with responsible, mature & dependable individuals, particularly those who are older or authorities in their fields.  Great benefits can arise from mixing business with pleasure during this cycle!

With Jupiter also now in AQUARIUS (12/19/2012/28/21), you can look forward to a more active and stimulating social life.  Friends can add a positive note to your life; by joining up with knowledgeable individuals or groups who share your interests, you’ll experience much personal growth.  Cultural & artistic pursuits, along with collaborative efforts, can bring much pleasure your way!  You may find it helpful to review what was going on in your life when this same cycle was in effect 12 years ago (1/5/09—1/17/10).

Once Jupiter takes its initial steps into PISCES (5/137/28/21), you will be ready to work towards redefining your priorities, clearing the decks and putting your life in order in employment & health areas.  Aries symbol - Openclipart


©2021  Diane Elizabeth Clarke