CANCER FORECAST (6/20 – 7/22/21)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY & SOLAR RETURN!  It’s time to crawl out of your shell and take your place in the sunshine.  You are the star of the show this month — express yourself and enjoy  being the main attraction! Your self-confidence and personal charisma will be at a high point on 6/20-21, 23, 7/5, 9 (New Moon) & 15.  Shine on!

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If you’re in a partnership, remember to lavish some equal attention on your significant other on 6/24 (Full Moon) & 7/17; strive for mutuality & equality in your one-on-one relationships, and pay close attention to any feedback that comes your way.  Greater self-awareness will be your reward. . .

You’ve likely been experiencing much sweetness in your social life while Venus has been in CANCER (6/2 6/26); much pleasure can arise from joining up with like-minded individuals.  Say yes to any invitations to parties, concerts or cultural activities, especially on 6/21.  Back off a bit on 6/23, however, as some turbulence could arise in a partnership as the Venus-Pluto opposition comes to a head.  Communicate your needs, feelings & desires, listen to theirs — and work towards compromise & consensus.

Prior to 7/11, you’ll be continuing to tie up some loose ends, tidy up, remove any clutter and put your life in order.  Once Mercury enters CANCER (7/11—27), you’ll be in the mood to improve your self-image, enhance your appearance and add something classy to your wardrobe   Focus on getting your act together, particularly on 7/12 & 20.

Personal finances will be demanding your energy this month; take some quality time to assess your expenditures, re-evaluate your resources and investigate new sources of income and investment opportunities.  Be cautious in financial matters on 7/1, 3, 18 & 22, however; avoid making impulsive purchases or loaning money & possessions at these times.

The travel bug has been biting since mid-May; you’re likely feeling an urge to kick up your heels and have some adventures!  It’s also a great time to catch up on your reading, attend a conference or study a foreign language.  Think big, aim high and communicate your truth!

LONG-TERM FORECAST:  You’re currently undergoing a major metamorphosis in your one-on-one relationships, now that Pluto is in your opposite sign, CAPRICORN (20082024).  During this 16-year cycle, creative, dynamic & intense individuals will be drawn intoImage result for crabs images your life, demanding your attention, participation and commitment to shared objectives.  By joining forces, much can be accomplished!  Transformation, renewal, and perhaps major upheaval, can occur in existing partnerships, paving the way for a healthier interdependence and improved teamwork interaction. Strive for equality, mutual respect, responsible communication and self-realization (through the mirroring effect of relationships).

A more mystical, spiritual dimension is infusing your outlook on life while Neptune is in PISCES (2012–2026).  During this 14-year cycle, you’ll be on a quest for cosmic understanding! You could travel far and wide in your search for spiritual knowledge, enlightenment and optimal health.  You will be extending your boundaries, expanding your consciousness and exploring inner and outer space.  Take advantage of any opportunities for education, writing, publishing & marketing.  You may take an increased interest in yoga, meditation, global music or foreign healing modalities.

With Uranus now in TAURUS (5/15/184/25/26), you can expect your social life to take on a more spontaneous & unconventional flavor — you’ll be joining up with some unique, unorthodox & revolutionary characters! During this 7-year cycle, look for opportunities to participate in joint creative projects and collaborative efforts with those individuals who share your interests & ideals.

While Saturn transits AQUARIUS (3/21/20—3/7/23), you will be called on to take care of business in more progressive ways.  Joint finances, legal partnerships, insurance, taxes and contractual matters will require your responsible attention.  With patience, self-discipline and conscientious effort, much of long-term value can be accomplished.  Responsible management of shared finances & resources will be required of you.  It could be a good period to refinance, take out a loan or pay off a debt, make a long-term investment, prepare a will or consult with a financial planner.

With Jupiter also in AQUARIUS (12/19/2012/28/21), it’s an opportune time to join with others in mutually-beneficial financial or contractual agreements.  Make sure your alignments are with those who share similar values & ethical standards.  You could attract a mentor, business agent or financial backer during this cycle, and it could be a fortunate time to refinance, make a long-term investment,  take out a loan or tie the knot.  You may find it helpful to review what was going on in your life when this same cycle was in effect 12 years ago ( 1/5/09–1/17/10).

Once Jupiter takes its initial steps into PISCES (5/13—7/28/21), you may be overcome with a spirit of adventure.  Opportunities to travel, take classes, write, teach or market your ideas will be coming up for you.  Stretch your legs and expand your mind —the world is your playground!

©2021   Diane Elizabeth Clarke