(February 18 – March 20, ’18)

It’s the month for taking care of business! Joint finances, legal partnerships, contracts, mortgages, loans, taxes or insurance matters may absorb lots of your attention this month. With patience, discipline & conscientious efforts, much of long-term value can be accomplished, particularly on 2/21, 25, 27-28, 3/1-2, 4, 11, 13 & 17.  You’re in an impressionable & trusting mode, so be extra cautious in business dealings & money matters on 2/25, 28 & 3/1 (Full Moon).  Use your credit cards responsibly & sparingly if possible, and don’t jump into any contractual agreements without researching them thoroughly or reviewing them with an attorney.  Make time for health care, exercise, rest & relaxation – and be sure you’re getting plenty of sleep, too (since the Sun (your ruler) is in PISCES this month.

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A desire for adventure, travel and knowledge will be coming on strong from 3/6 on; you’ll be feeling eager to expand your horizons & stretch your legs.  It’s a good time to catch up on your reading or email.  Between long-distance communication & visitors from afar, there will be a lot of action going on!  Hold your horses around 3/10 & 13, however, as work or health issues may slow you down a bit.  You’ll be back in the saddle by 3/19 (and of course, from 3/20 on once the Sun enters ARIES)!

You’ve been in a creative, frisky mode lately; a new project, travel or educational plan could get fired up on 2/19 & 3/11.  From 3/17 on (for the next 2 months), you’ll be rechanneling your efforts into work & health matters.  Ground your energy, develop healthy habits and tend to any body aches or pains (especially with regards to your back, knees or teeth).


LONG-TERM FORECAST:  You’re in the midst of a major metamorphosis in work and health matters since Pluto entered CAPRICORN (1/25/0811/19/24).  As this 16-year cycle unfolds, your work environment, as well as your relationship with co-workers, will be undergoing a transformative process.  Changes, rearrangements & upheavals can take place with procedures & personnel, as you are ready for new projects & directions.  You’ll be placing a higher premium on health, exercise and relaxation, and will experience a renewed spirituality, heightened psychic sensitivity – and a deeper desire to be of service to others.

Old patterns of handling business matters & partnerships, joint finances, legal contracts, parental obligations, debts & duties will be dissolving while Neptune transits PISCES (20122026) – hopefully being replaced with a healthier, more spiritually-oriented perspective.  Strive for clarity & accountability in all your alliances (get things in writing)!  Since you’re prone to being too trusting now, only align with those who are responsible and reliable − and have your best interests at heart.

With Uranus now in ARIES (20112018), you’ll find yourself on a quest for cosmic understanding!  During this seven-year cycle, you’ll be expanding your thinking, extending your boundaries and exploring inner and outer space.  Opportunities for travel, education, writing, publishing & promotion will arise unexpectedly. Take some risks, and by all means, have fun!

While Saturn transits CAPRICORN (12/20/17–12/16/20),  you’ll have the practicality and discipline necessary for stabilizing work routines, restructuring personnel & procedures and implementing   sound technologies.  Be realistic in how you manage your time and strive for increased productivity − work smarter, not harder!  Make responsible choices when it comes to taking care of your health; any long-standing issues could be resolved during this cycle with patience & conscientious effort.   Stay committed to your emotional & physical well-being; set aside quality time for exercise, relaxation, meditation, spiritual growth and pets.  Eliminate any outgrown habits that are detrimental to total wellness!

With Jupiter now in SCORPIO (10/10/17−11/7/18), you’re feeling inspired to expand your base of operations and increase your physical security, stability and comfort level.  The domestic side of your life can bring you much satisfaction and personal empowerment these days; home is where your heart is!  This is an ideal time to build, remodel, landscape, decorate, increase the size of your family, buy real estate or move to a larger place.  A foreign country may have special appeal!  You may find it helpful to review what was going on in your life when this same cycle was in effect 12 years ago (10/25/0511/23/06).

Once Jupiter begins its new 13-month transit of SAGITTARIUS on 11/8/18, you’ll be ready to initiate new projects, hobbies, business ventures or romance.  A creative, enterprising spirit will be arising within you − take some risks, have fun and rejuvenate your life!

 ©2018  Diane Elizabeth Clarke