(February 18 – March 20, ’18)

Your creative juices will be flowing this month!  A strong urge to start up a new hobby, project, business venture or romance is welling up within you – follow your fantasies and manifest your dreams, particularly on 2/21, 25, 27-28, 3/1-2, 4, 11, 13 & 17. It’s time to pioneer new concepts, take some risks and have fun – allow your inner child out to play.  You’re in an enterprising phase, so do some things you’ve never done before!  Take finances and others into consideration, however, before you jump in headfirst; look before you leap on 2/25, 28 & 3/1 (Full Moon).

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You’ll be ready to immerse yourself in work and health matters from 3/6 on.  This is a good time to try out new procedures, software or personnel; you’ll be looking for ways to better expedite things on the job.  Shake things up a bit in your work environment!  Avoid putting yourself under too much stress or pressure, however (a headache could be an indication that you’re pushing too hard).  Pay special attention to your body’s needs for exercise and relaxation, and quickly attend to any health issues that may arise, particularly on 3/10 & 13.  Some volunteer work may give you great satisfaction around 3/19.

With Mars–your planet–in SAGITTARIUS as this solar month begins, you are currently in an expansive, adventurous mode.  Personal finances have gotten a boost lately and your prosperity consciousness has most likely experienced an uplift, too.  You may be at the right place at the right time for realizing a personal goal on 2/19, and an exciting job opportunity could happily surprise you on 3/11.  Pay special attention to nutritional & dietary concerns these days; watch a tendency to overeat.  From 3/17 on (for the next 2 months), Mars moves on to CAPRICORN and you’ll want to tighten the ship.  It’s the time to assume more responsibility, take care of business and put your mind into some serious studies.  Be realistic and patient with yourself, as well as with others.  Much of long-term value can be accomplished in this cycle!

LONG-TERM FORECAST:  You’re experiencing a mental metamorphosis these days!  A significant transformation will be taking place in ways you think, communicate and perceive the world while Pluto is in CAPRICORN (2008–2024).  Realizing that the world around you is changing rapidly, you will find yourself questioning conventional wisdom and challenging previously-held perspectives.  There are new rules for playing the game of life these days – and as usual, you’ll want to get on top of things.  Limiting beliefs, opinions & outlooks that no longer serve your personal growth are in a process of being purged during this 16-year cycle.  A wide variety of interests may grab your attention, particularly those that have practical application and can help to improve your financial situation.  Classes, networking activities, the Internet, local media, short trips and contacts with relatives & neighbors could become major sources of mental stimulation.

On 2/3/12, Neptune settled in to its own sign, PISCES, where it will stay for the upcoming 14 years. Your creativity will be reawakening during these upcoming years, expressing itself in inspired, imaginative & inventive ways.  A desire to start up a new hobby, project or business venture could fire up your fantasies; your love life could bring you the fulfillment of your wildest dreams.   Allow your inner child to come out to play – fun and pleasure await you!  Children may take on increased importance, showing you the way to renewal and joy!

With Uranus in ARIES these days (20112018), you’re ready to do things differently in your workplace.  It’s the time to free up from repetitive tasks and be on the lookout for progressive & pioneering approaches to getting the job done. Whether you’re implementing advanced technologies, upgrading your computer skills, software & equipment, or rearranging priorities, personnel & procedures, you’ll discover innovative ways to be of service to others.  Be open to new options & insights in dealing with your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual well-being.

You will become more mentally-disciplined, realistic & purposeful while Saturn transits CAPRICORN (12/20/1712/16/20).   During this 3-year cycle, it’s the ideal time to apply yourself to some serious studies, writing, teaching or networking activities.  Avoid getting caught up in negative thinking and, instead, take responsibility for your thoughts and communications, as they will have more impact than usual.  With patience and committed efforts, you’ll be able to accomplish whatever you put your mind to!

You are in the midst of a lucky, expansive period with Jupiter now in SCORPIO ( 10/10/17−11/7/18).  It’s time to come out of hiding and allow yourself to be seen.  It will be a year for extending your horizons, traveling, learning, writing, teaching or promoting yourself — stretch your legs and spread your wings!  Express yourself and let your light shine!  You may find it helpful to review what was going on in your life when this same cycle was in effect 12 years ago (10/25/0511/23/06).  Once Jupiter begins its new 13-month transit in SAGITTARIUS on 11/8/18, you can look forward to greater personal prosperity and an improved sense of self-worth.  Nutritional and dietary matters will take on increased significance — nurture yourself!

©2018 Diane Elizabeth Clarke