(November 22 – December 21, ’19)

It’s partytime!  Friends, group interactions and cooperative efforts will add a stimulating note this month, particularly on 11/22, 24, 26, 28 & 12/9).  You’ll be attending social gatherings, music events and cultural activities with some of your favorite people; sharing aesthetic pleasures & creative space with like-minded individuals will truly inspire you!  You can look forward to exciting conversations, laughter and positive energy.  Take some time out from your active social calendar, however, on 11/25 & 12/11 (Full Moon) to deal with some personal projects; while it may be hard to detach from your shared activities, you need to focus on yourself for a bit!  Don’t get sucked into doing things you don’t want to do on 12/7 & 19.

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Your professional aspirations and natural leadership abilities can become highly activated this month; set your goals and go for what you want, especially on 11/29, 12/2, 13 & 19. Take it easy, however around 11/24 due to the disruptive Mars/Uranus opposition; avoid confrontations and strive for balance between your public & personal life.  You will want to take some time out from your busy social calendar after 11/25 to clean, sort, file and recycle what you no longer want.

Once Jupiter begins its new 13-month cycle in CAPRICORN, you’ll be inspired to tie up some major loose ends and complete old projects.  Put some positive efforts into perfecting your skills, re-evaluating your priorities and putting your life in order.  The Jupiter-Uranus trine on 12/15 could bring a significant opportunity your way.  On the evening of 12/19, Venus begins a month-long stay in AQUARIUS – you’ll be feeling more appreciated, attractive and at peace.  LONG-TERM FORECAST:  While Pluto moves through CAPRICORN (1/25/08–1/20/24), it’s the time for you to get down to business, clarify your life’s purpose, resolve old issues and develop an expertise in your particular field.  Patient, disciplined efforts will pay off!  During this 16-year cycle, you’ll be called upon to redefine your priorities, get back to the basics and confront & purge any outgrown habits, attachments or limitations.  Any form of self-analysis will accelerate your evolutionary progress, whether it’s with a professional counselor, self-help books, workshops or personal studies.  Clear the decks & put your life in order!

During Neptune’s 14-year stay in PISCES (2012-2026), you are in a process of developing a healthier approach to financial and emotional security.  Your personal values and priorities will undergo important changes as you’ll become less identified with the material aspects of the world and more interested in the spiritual.  You’re in the process of dissolving old survival attitudes, insecurities & attachments that have previously limited your freedom – financially, as well as emotionally.  A tendency towards self-deception or confusion in monetary matters, as well as dietary habits, requires vigilance these days; stay as conscious as possible in personal business affairs and investments.

Your ruling planet, Uranus, has been transiting TAURUS since 5/15/18, and settles down in this earthy sign for the next 7 years). You are ready to change things up in home, family and property matters; do whatever you can to create more comfort, stability & safety in your domestic scene.  Free yourself up from whatever is holding you down, and explore alternative approaches in your living situation.

While Saturn transits CAPRICORN  (12/20/17–12/16/20), you will be focusing on making your life more efficient and productive.  During this 3-year cycle, you’re being called to restructure your priorities, solidify your skills and complete old projects.  Much of long-lasting value can be accomplished during this cycle, so get to work and clear the decks of whatever is no longer functional or meaningful in your life.  Some serious self-analysis could be particularly useful during this period.

With Jupiter now in SAGITTARIUS (since 11/8/18), friendships and social alliances will be uplifting your spirits.  Much personal growth could take place through cooperative efforts, collaborative projects and cultural activities.  Join up with those who share your viewpoint & visions!  Once Jupiter begins its new 13-month cycle in CAPRICORN on 12/2/19, you’ll be ready to refocus your attention on cleaning, sorting, filing and clearing the decks; tie up some loose ends and complete old projects.  Put some positive efforts into perfecting your skills, re-evaluating your priorities and putting your life in order.

©2019  Diane Elizabeth Clarke