(November 22 – December 21, ’19)

Financial & emotional security is your main priority now — be on the lookout for new sources of income, as well as investment opportunities (particularly on 11/22, 24, 26, 28 & 12/9).  Think prosperously!  It is a good time to stock up on necessities, refill your cupboards and spend some quality time in your kitchen.  Give yourself the nurturing you deserve!  Check any impulses to overeat, spend too much or stretch your credit limits, however, as the Full Moon builds to a peak on 12/11.  Stay especially conscious on 11/25, 12/7 & 19.  Re-assess your expenditures, trim any excesses and tuck something away for a rainy day.  Re-evaluate possessions and recycle any unused or outworn items – make way for the new!

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You’ve been in a dynamic 6-week cycle of high energy, ambition and assertiveness since 11/19, when Mars – your planet – entered SCORPIO.  Keep your energy & your tongue under check, however, on 11/24 as the explosive Mars-Uranus opposition builds up; avoid confrontations & power struggles with your partner.  Find a positive way to change things up instead of projecting your frustrations onto another.  For the rest of the solar month, you’ll be feeling vital, strong and empowered, so let your light shine – your magnetism will be potent and you’ll be attracting more attention than usual on 11/29, 12/2-3, 13 & 19.

Once Jupiter begins its new 13-month cycle in CAPRICORN, you’re ready to crawl out of your shell and get back into circulation.  It’s an ideal year ahead for studying, writing, networking and taking some short trips.  Your intellect will be especially sharp, inquisitive and quick to pick up on new ideas & information, especially those with practical application.  After 12/19, you’ll be inspired to put in some efforts to beautify & brighten up your home and spend loving time with family.

LONG-TERM FORECAST:  You’re experiencing a mental metamorphosis these days!  A significant transformation will be taking place in ways you think, communicate and perceive the world while Pluto is in CAPRICORN (2008–2024).  Realizing that the world around you is changing rapidly, you will find yourself questioning conventional wisdom and challenging previously-held perspectives.  There are new rules for playing the game of life these days – and as usual, you’ll want to get on top of things.  Limiting beliefs, opinions & outlooks that no longer serve your personal growth are in a process of being purged during this 16-year cycle.  A wide variety of interests may grab your attention, particularly those that have practical application and can help to improve your financial situation.  Classes, networking activities, the Internet, local media, short trips and contacts with relatives & neighbors could become major sources of mental stimulation.

On 2/3/12, Neptune settled in to its own sign, PISCES, where it will stay for the upcoming 14 years. Your creativity will be reawakening during these upcoming years, expressing itself in inspired, imaginative & inventive ways.  A desire to start up a new hobby, project or business venture could fire up your fantasies; your love life could bring you the fulfillment of your wildest dreams.   Allow your inner child to come out to play – fun and pleasure await you!  Children may take on increased importance, showing you the way to renewal and joy!

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Now that Uranus has begun its 7-year cycle in your opposite sign, TAURUS (May ’18 to September ’25), you will begin to free up from outgrown patterns of relating to others.  It is the time to release any partnerships that are inhibiting your personal growth, and open your life to one-on-one relationships based on equality & mutual support.  You can expect some unusual, enlightened and progressive individuals to be entering your life!  If your relationship is a healthy, constructive and supportive one, you’ll be evolving to a higher level of togetherness.  If you haven’t been getting what you need, then this will be the time to open up the communication channels and confront the issues – or make a clean break and move on.  If you’re currently single, open yourself to the possibility of an equable & comfortable match—much personal growth can occur through the right alignment!

You will become more mentally-disciplined, realistic & purposeful while Saturn transits CAPRICORN (12/20/1712/16/20).   During this 3-year cycle, it’s the ideal time to apply yourself to some serious studies, writing, teaching or networking activities.  Avoid getting caught up in negative thinking and, instead, take responsibility for your thoughts and communications, as they will have more impact than usual.  With patience and committed efforts, you’ll be able to accomplish whatever you put your mind to!

With Jupiter now in SAGITTARIUS (11/8/18—12/2/19), you can look forward to greater personal prosperity and an improved sense of self-worth.  Explore new sources of income and investment opportunities.  Nutritional and dietary matters will take on increased significance — nurture yourself!

On 12/2/19, Jupiter begins a 13-month transit of CAPRICORN, initiating a time for you to crawl out of your shell and get back into circulation — variety is the spice of life!  It’s an ideal year ahead for studying, writing, teaching, networking and taking some trips.  Your mind is fertile, sharp & inquisitive, so challenge yourself to develop some new mental pursuits and stretch your fine intellect!

©2019 Diane Elizabeth Clarke