(October 22 – November 21, ’17)

Friendships, social activities & collaborative efforts will add a lively note to your life this month, as well as over the upcoming year.  You’ll be sharing pleasurable times with some of your favorite people and enjoying concerts, cultural events and parties. By joining up with those who share similar interests & values, you will experience much personal growth!  You could easily mix business with pleasure (particularly on 10/27, 11/9, 13, 16, 18 & 20-21).  Take equal time for personal projects, however, and free yourself from unnecessary social obligations around 11/2-3 (Full Moon).Related image

Your professional & public life is getting quite the boost over the next 6 weeks.  Set clear objectives for what you’d like to accomplish – and get ready to manifest!  You could find yourself assuming a leadership role or overseeing some group project.  From 11/5 on, you’ll find yourself cleaning, sorting & filing – put your life in order.  You will be experiencing some positive changes and more inner freedom around the 11th, when Saturn – your planet – makes a trine to Uranus.  Expect some real magic!

Saturn is nearing the end of its 2+ year transit of SAGITTARIUS.  Take this next 2 months to tie up any loose ends, complete old projects and redefine your priorities.  Sum up what you’ve learned in the past several years, clear the decks and prepare yourself for a renewed commitment to yourself and your personal lifestyle once Saturn moves on to CAPRICORN on 12/19/17.

LONG-TERM FORECAST:  You are undergoing a powerful personal metamorphosis while Pluto transits CAPRICORN (since 1/25/08).  As this 16-year cycle unfolds, you’ll be undergoing transformational forces bigger than you!  Potent, creative energies are arising from within you, demanding a fundamental reorganization of your basic identity, appearance & self-expression.  Periodic upheavals & eruptions can be expected, as you’re in a process of purging outworn aspects of your self-image & lifestyle.  You’re in the midst of a rebirth of sorts, and a “renewed you” is emerging – revitalized, self-confidant & creative.  This is the time for taking some risks, pioneering new concepts, starting up business ventures or enjoying romantic adventures.  Encourage your inner child to come out and play!

With Neptune now drifting through PISCES (20122026), you’ll begin to experience a deepening psychic sensitivity & spirituality in your everyday life.  During this 14-year cycle, you could develop an increasing interest in mysticism, meditation & telepathic communication, finding yourself more attuned to the subtle undercurrents of life.  You will tend to feel more compassionate & connected with others, enjoying more intimate levels of rapport.  You may also notice potent healing energy emanating from your hands.  At the same time, you need to stay self-reflecting & conscious, as you can be subject to periods of confusion, self-deceptive thinking, lack of focus and possible misunderstandings.  Don’t just assume that others are on the same page – make sure the communication goes both ways.

During Uranustransit of ARIES (20112018), you are likely to experience periods of change, unpredictability or rearrangement in the domestic side of your life.  As part of this process, you’ll be freeing up from outgrown routines, structures and support systems. Expect the unexpected when it comes to home, family & property matters; you may build, remodel, landscape, buy real estate or move your base to a new location.  During this ‘7-year itch”, you’ll realize that your true sense of security comes from within.

While Saturn (your planet) transits the sign SAGITTARIUS (since 12/23/14), you’ll be occupied with restructuring, redefining & clearing out any aspects of your life that need to be resolved or released – particularly those involving your (or your partner’s) work & well-being.  During this 3-year cycle, solidify your skills, make some long-term plans and practice what you preach!   Once Saturn moves on to its own sign, CAPRICORN, on 12/19/17, you will begin to assume a new level of personal responsibility, maturity & authority as this new cycle unfolds.

Your personal & professional goals can receive a real boost during Jupiter’s year-long transit through LIBRA (beginning on 9/9/16).    You’ll be able to achieve your objectives with the greatest of ease, particularly through the help of friends and those in positions of power.  Opportunities for leadership roles, increased public visibility and improved career success can open up for you – and you’ll have no trouble rising to the occasion!

Now that Jupiter has begun its 13-month transit of SCORPIO (on 10/10/17), you can look forward to a more active and stimulating social life.  Friends can assist you in achieving your ambitions ‒ and will add a positive note to your life.  By joining up with knowledgeable individuals or groups who share your interests, values and visions, you’ll experience much personal growth.  Cultural & artistic pursuits, along with collaborative efforts, can bring much pleasure your way.


©2017  Diane Elizabeth Clarke