(October 22 – November 21, ’17)

Work & employment matters are requiring some intense effort now; it’s time to explore more efficient ways to get the job done, review personnel & procedures and create a more productive work environment (particularly on 10/24, 26-27, 11/9, 13, 16, 18 & 20-21).  With Mercury – your planet – in SCORPIO as this month begins, you’ll want to get on top of things.  At the same time, make equal time for health care, exercise, relaxation and spiritual renewal.  Perhaps you could work in a vacation or some time off!  Pets may require more attention than usual this month.  Whatever needs to be resolved, fixed or healed will be seen clearly on 10/30, 11/2-3 (Full Moon), 11 & 17.Image result for hummingbird

An exciting new hobby, project, business venture or romantic adventure could inspire you this month.  You’ll be in a creative, enterprising and playful mode, so take some risks and have fun!  Don’t force things to happen, however, on 10/27 or 11/19.  You’ll be focusing on partnership & teamwork matters from 11/5 on, when Mercury moves on to SAGITTARIUS.  You can get fired up by aligning with some positive, knowledgeable and communicative individuals.  Get ready for laughter & adventure!  Be open to participating in a unique opportunity with friends around 11/11 — it could turn out to have long-term benefits.


LONG-TERM FORECAST:  You’ll be actively exploring new and creative ways to take care of business while Pluto transits CAPRICORN (20082024).  During this 16-year cycle, you’ll be eliminating outworn structures, habits & relationships from your life, making way for new joint ventures and resurrected possibilities.  Business partnerships, financial & parental obligations, insurance, taxes and legal matters could require periodic attention & follow-through.  You could find yourself managing other people’s money & resources, setting up corporations, trusts, wills or retirement plans, receiving an inheritance or renewing vows.

A subtle, yet significant shift in your personal & professional goals will occur while Neptune is in PISCES (2012–2026).  You’re highly charismatic now and could achieve career success in such fields as politics, filmmaking, healing, music or the arts.  By aligning with your spiritual purpose & honoring your vision, your dreams can become realized!  With Uranus in ARIES (20112018); your social life becomes more spontaneous & unpredictable; friends can enter or depart your life unexpectedly.  Expect to meet some unique, unorthodox & revolutionary characters!  Look for opportunities to participate in joint creative projects and collaborative efforts.

While Saturn transits SAGITTARIUS (12/23/1412/20/17), you’ll be restructuring the way you relate to others, accepting nothing less than mutual respect, honest communication & accountability in your one-on-one interactions.  Outgrown relationships will go by the wayside, creating space for productive partnerships & teamwork interactions.  Now that Jupiter has begun its new year-long cycle in SCORPIO (on 10/10/17), you’ll be redirecting your enthusiasm into work and health matters.  Make your workplace a more fun and inspiring place to be; find ways to challenge  personnel and implement growth-oriented procedures.  This is a good year to find helpful doctors & practitioners and to upgrade your health.

 ©2017  Diane Elizabeth Clarke