(October 22 – November 21, ’17) 

Home is where your heart is this month!  With the Sun in SCORPIO now, you’re ready to take charge and go for what you want.  Empower yourself by putting your base of operations in comfortable, secure condition.  Take control of domestic, family or property matters, lay solid foundations and dig your roots a little deeper!  You may feel an urge to build, remodel, redecorate, landscape, buy real estate or move on 10/24, 26-27, 11/9, 13, 16, 18 & 20-21.  Strive for balance between your personal and public life, however, on 11/2-3 (Full Moon); pay attention to any career demands.Image result for sun

You’ll have a strong urge to get back into circulation, reconnect with your grapevine and catch up on correspondence this month.  It’s a great time for classes, networking activities, visits with relatives & neighbors and short trips.  You’re likely to get excited about a new project or business venture from 11/5 on; you’ll be feeling adventurous, so consider making some travel plans!  A partnership could stabilize or deepen around 11/11.

LONG-TERM FORECAST:  You’re in the midst of a major metamorphosis in work and health matters since Pluto entered CAPRICORN (1/25/0811/19/24).  As this 16-year cycle unfolds, your work environment, as well as your relationship with co-workers, will be undergoing a transformative process.  Changes, rearrangements & upheavals can take place with procedures & personnel, as you are ready for new projects & directions.  You’ll be placing a higher premium on health, exercise and relaxation, and will experience a renewed spirituality, heightened psychic sensitivity – and a deeper desire to be of service to others.

Old patterns of handling business matters & partnerships, joint finances, legal contracts, parental obligations, debts & duties will be dissolving while Neptune transits PISCES (20122026) – hopefully being replaced with a healthier, more spiritually-oriented perspective.  Strive for clarity & accountability in all your alliances (get things in writing)! You’re prone to being too trusting now – align only with those who are responsible and reliable.

With Uranus now in ARIES (20112018), you’ll find yourself on a quest for cosmic understanding!  During this seven-year cycle, you’ll be expanding your thinking, extending your boundaries and exploring inner and outer space.  Opportunities for travel, education, writing, publishing & promotion will arise unexpectedly.  Take some risks, and by all means, have fun!

While Saturn transits SAGITTARIUS (12/23/1412/20/17), you’ll be committing yourself to new hobbies, projects & creative efforts.  During this 3-year cycle, you could start up a business or serious romance.  Take some well-calculated risks and allow your enterprising spirit to explore new vistas!

Now that Jupiter has begun its new year-long cycle in SCORPIO (on 10/10/17), you’ll be ready to expand your base of operations, such as remodeling or adding landscaping features, or even a move to a larger place.  You may even spend some time in a foreign country!

 ©2017  Diane Elizabeth Clarke