(October 22 – November 21, ’17)

This is the month for completing old projects, putting your life in order and tying up loose ends.  You’ll be cleaning closets, sorting, filing and clearing the decks.  Particularly in the areas of work & health, it’s a time to resolve issues, update your skills and clarify your priorities.  You can jumpstart this process with the Sun/Jupiter conjunction on 10/26, and can accomplish a lot on 10/27, 11/9, 13, 16, 18 & 20-21.

Whatever needs to be purged, fixed or healed will be seen clearly by 11/2-3 (Full Moon).  With Jupiter – your planet – in SCORPIO for the next year, you’re being challenged to clear the deadwood from your life, reassess your personal & professional goals, and prepare for a cycle of major expansion once Jupiter enters SAGITTARIUS in November ’18.Image result for sagittarius astrology signBalance out your efforts with some party time this month!  Friendships, social gatherings, collaborative efforts and cultural activities will bring much pleasure & intellectual stimulation.  Join up with those who share similar interests & visions.  Back off a bit, however, on 10/27 and 11/19; relationships could be somewhat bumpy around those days.  Once Mercury enters SAGITTARIUS on 11/5, you’ll want to focus some attention on your appearance and self-image; take a fresh look at how you come across to others.

LONG-TERM FORECAST:  You will be undergoing a significant transformation in your personal finances, resources & value systems while Pluto transits CAPRICORN (20082024).  New sources of income and investment opportunities will arise, opening up the possibility of increased abundance and prosperity.  Since it’s likely that you’ll experience some intense peaks & valleys in your financial affairs during this 16-year cycle, it will be necessary to stay as realistic, grounded and debt-free as possible.  Purge and recycle outworn possessions from your life to make way for the new.  Your inner life will also be demanding nourishment, as emotional needs & self-worth issues will take on greater importance.  This is also the time to re-evaluate your dietary patterns & investigate your nutritional requirements.  Eliminate those eating habits, emotional dependencies & physical addictions that are detrimental to your well-being.  Be sure to nurture yourself on all levels!

During Neptune’s transit of PISCES (20122026), a subtle yet significant shift in your base of operations is occurring.  Old attitudes, habits, routines or attachments in your domestic life & family relationships will be dissolving, being replaced by a healthier lifestyle.  You may be drawn to live near the ocean, in an ashram or within a spiritual community.  You could develop an increased interest in feng shui, organic gardening, ecology or “saving the planet” activities.

With Uranus now in ARIES (2011-2018), you’ve begun an exciting cycle, marked by innovation, experimentation & creative self-expression.  You possess the courage, will & vision to initiate a significant project, hobby or business during this 7-year cycle.  If you can conceive it, you can achieve it!  Take some risks, challenge yourself to do things you’ve never done before & allow your inner child out to play.  Your future includes fun, pleasure & romance!!

You’ll be taking yourself more seriously (and so will others) while Saturn transits SAGITTARIUS (12/23/14–12/20/17). It’s time to assume a new level of personal authority, responsibility, maturity and self-respect.  During this 3-year cycle, you’re in a process of restructuring and solidifying your self-image, appearance, lifestyle and personal objectives.  Now that Jupiter has begun its 13-month cycle in SCORPIO (on 10/10/17), you’ll be ready to work towards some significant goals, set up systems,  and clear the decks in employment & health areas.    You’ll be in the mood to take charge of your life, get things under control and put your life in order.  You could achieve major success in your work in this year ahead.

©2017  Diane Elizabeth Clarke