(October 22 – November 21, ’17)

It’s time to join forces!  You’ll be energized & empowered by aligning yourself with strong, determined and ambitious individuals who have similar objectives in life.  Much can be accomplished through partnership or teamwork interactions on 10/24, 26-27, 11/9, 13, 16, 18 & 20-21.  An existing relationship could be revitalized, or a new one may begin.  Expect some change or adjustments, however, around 10/30, 11/2-3 (Full Moon), 11 & 17; avoid power struggles and strive for mutuality, consensus & equality in your one-on-one interactions.  Pay attention to any feedback you get from others ‒ it could raise your self-awareness!Image result for trees

You’ll also want to channel some positive energy into work & health matters this month.  Make an effort to enhance relationships with co-workers, implement cooperative procedures or create a more attractive work environment.  At the same time, do what you can to improve health habits, start up an exercise programs or catch up on your sleep.  Don’t force things to happen – or allow yourself to be pushed ‒ on 10/27, 11/3 or 19.  You’ll want to put some thought into business & joint financial matters from 11/5 on, and a long-held personal or professional goal could begin to materialize around 11/11.

LONG-TERM FORECAST:  You’ll be experiencing a renewed spirit of adventure, expansiveness and optimism while Pluto is in the sign CAPRICORN (20082024).  During this inspiring 16-year cycle, you’ll be exploring new territory, extending your vistas and communicating with others on a global scale – the world is your playground!  Travel, education, writing, publishing, marketing & promotional matters will take top priority.  Your belief systems will undergo a transformational process, as you’ll be investigating higher levels of consciousness and seeking greater understanding of your place in the cosmic scheme of things.  Maintain a positive outlook, stay in integrity with yourself and your ideals, and – most of all – tell the truth!

While Neptune transits PISCES (2012-2026), a subtle shift is taking place within your social life.  During this 14-year cycle, outgrown friendships & alliances will be dissolving, making way for those who deeply share similar interests, ideals, visions & spiritual values. Expect some mystical, magical connections!  While Uranus is in ARIES (20102018), you’ll be exposed to advanced technologies, progressive methods and alternative approaches in work & health matters.  During this “7-year itch,” you’ll be developing new techniques, inventing unique systems & researching offbeat subjects.  It’s time for redefining priorities, clarifying your motives and clearing away any self-defeating behavior patterns or emotional debris.  Release the past!

While Saturn transits SAGITTARIUS (12/23/1412/20/17), you’ll be taking care of business in a more realistic, responsible & mature manner.  During this 3-year cycle, disciplined, patient and committed efforts in handling joint finances, business partnerships, taxes, insurance, debts, parental obligations & legal matters will bring solid permanent results.  Align only with those who are trustworthy & ethical.

Now that Jupiter has begun its new year-long cycle in SCORPIO (on 10/10/17), you’ll be ready lighten your load, free up and align with positive, uplifting individuals.  Partnerships & teamwork activities will inspire much personal growth!


 ©2017  Diane Elizabeth Clarke