(April 20 – May 20, ’19)

An adventurous spirit & a positive outlook will take you far this month — aim high & think big!  Extend your vistas, expand your base of operations, and exercise your mind & body.  Take advantage of any opportunities to travel, learn, teach, write, publish or promote your ideas, particularly on 4/20, 22, 5/4 (New Moon), 6, 8, 11, 13 & 15-18. Expect increased mental stimulation, long-distance communications, foreign connections, and visits with extended family.  Don’t stretch yourself too thin, however, around 5/18 (Full Moon) — control your appetites and use caution while on the road.

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Mercury, your planet, has been in ARIES since 4/17, activating creative ideas, increased vitality and a playful spirit.  After having Mercury in PISCES for the past 2 months, you’re definitely ready for more clarity & fun!  Try out new ways of taking care of business, but be cautious in dealing with joint finances, taxes, insurance or contractual matters on 4/30-5/2.  Once Mercury moves on to TAURUS on 5/6, you’ll begin to stabilize your future travel, educational or marketing plans. Focus on getting grounded, comfortable and secure in your domestic scene. The Mercury-Uranus conjunction on 5/8 could surprise you with unexpected possibilities and flashes of insight.

Since the end of March, you’ve been directing much effort into your professional & public life. Challenge yourself, set some clear objectives and be willing to accept a leadership role or increased public visibility.   From 5/15 on (for the next 6 weeks), you’ll be redirecting your energy into friendships, social activities, collaborative efforts and cultural events.  By joining up with those with whom you share common interests & ideals, you’ll be able to accomplish much more than you can alone.  Seek out high-energy, ambitious individuals who are working towards the same goals.

LONG-TERM FORECAST: You’re experiencing a creative renaissance these days, with Pluto now in CAPRICORN (20082024). A powerful initiation is taking place within you, one that will inspire you to delve into new avenues of creative self-expression.  You’re ready to begin & develop new projects, hobbies, business ventures & romantic adventures; start-ups of all kinds (including children) will attract your attention.  Take some risks & by all means, have fun!  During this 16-year cycle, your inner child will be demanding the opportunity to play, initiate and speculate. You now have the energy & enthusiasm to manifest your hearts’ desire, so set clear intentions and go for it!  Committed, persistent & patient efforts will be rewarded!

You’ll be experiencing a subtle, yet significant shift in partnerships and teamwork interactions during Neptune’s transit of PISCES (20122026).  Outgrown patterns of relating to others will be dissolving, clearing the space for healthier relationships in all areas of your life.  Strive for clarity, consensus and conscious communications, so as to avoid draining or toxic one-on-one interactions.  You’ll be drawn to those with whom you sense a deep spiritual & psychic connection; seek out partnerships that are based on equality, compassionate understanding & mutual productivity.

With Uranus in ARIES these days (20112018), you’re awakening to alternative approaches in taking care of business, as well as a more enlightened path for managing your life.  The challenge is to establish trustworthy & responsible alignments when involved with joint finances, business partnerships & contractual matters.  Avoid surprises during this 7-year cycle: put things in writing and get legal counsel!  You can receive an unexpected inheritance.

Once Uranus takes its initial steps into TAURUS (5/15–11/6/18), you will be ready to expand your thinking, extend your boundaries and elevate your consciousness.  Higher education, long-distance travel, writing, publishing or promotional opportunities could arise unexpectedly.  Global affairs, foreign languages, philosophy, religion or sports may intrigue you more than usual.

You’ll be committing yourself to new projects, creative endeavors or business ventures while Saturn transits CAPRICORN (12/20/17−12/16/20.  During this 3-year cycle, you’re ready to put serious efforts into getting something significant off the ground.  Take some well-calculated risks and allow your enterprising spirit to make things happen.  It’s the time to manifest some long-held dreams!  With patient, disciplined and conscientious action, you will be able to move mountains.  Children could play a more prominent role in your life during this cycle and tune you back in to your playful, fun-loving self.

With Jupiter now in SAGITTARIUS (11/8/18—12/2/19), you’ll be redirecting your enthusiasm into the domestic side of your life.  Home, family & property matters will be in an expansionary mode; you’ll want to promote increased comfort, stability and security in your base of operations.  This is an ideal time to build, remodel, redecorate, garden, buy or sell real estate,  move to a larger place or even relocate to a foreign country.

©2018  Diane Elizabeth Clarke