(August 22 – September 22, ’17)

It’s time to make a realistic appraisal of your personal finances, analyze your expenditures and uplift your prosperity consciousness.  Be on the alert for new sources of income or investment opportunities, especially on 8/26, 9/5, 9, 16, 20 & 22.  Use caution, however, in money & contractual matters on 9/4, 6 (Full Moon), 13 & 19; protect your assets, as things may not be what they seem.  Pay special attention to your health care, nutritional needs and dietary habits this month; make sure that you’re ingesting those foods & vitamins that contribute to your vitality.  Nurture yourself on all levels!  Image result for sunLife has been quite action-oriented since Mars began its 6-week transit of LEO on 7/20; energetic & ambitious, you could initiate a significant long-term project on 8/22, 26 & 9/2.  You’ll be highly charismatic and attract lots of social activity after 8/26, when Venus enters LEO.  Beautify yourself & your environment, and bring some special friends together on 9/12, 14-15 & 17.  Enjoy the attention!  When Mercury re-enters LEO (8/31 through 9/9), polish up your appearance & self-image – and re-evaluate your lifestyle.  Take advantage of any opportunity to learn, teach, write or take a trip on 8/27 & 9/11.

LONG-TERM FORECAST:  You’re in the midst of a major metamorphosis in work and health matters since Pluto entered CAPRICORN (1/25/0811/19/24).  As this 16-year cycle unfolds, your work environment, as well as your relationship with co-workers, will be undergoing a transformative process.  Changes, rearrangements & upheavals can take place with procedures & personnel, as you are ready for new projects & directions.  You’ll be placing a higher premium on health, exercise and relaxation, and will experience a renewed spirituality, heightened psychic sensitivity – and a deeper desire to be of service to others.

Old patterns of handling business matters & partnerships, joint finances, legal contracts, parental obligations, debts & duties will be dissolving while Neptune transits PISCES (20122026) – hopefully being replaced with a healthier, more spiritually-oriented perspective.  Strive for clarity & accountability in all your alliances (get things in writing)! You’re prone to being too trusting now – align only with those who are responsible and reliable.

With Uranus now in ARIES (20112018), you’ll find yourself on a quest for cosmic understanding!  During this seven-year cycle, you’ll be expanding your thinking, extending your boundaries and exploring inner and outer space.  Opportunities for travel, education, writing, publishing & promotion will arise unexpectedly.  Take some risks, and by all means, have fun!

While Saturn transits SAGITTARIUS (12/23/1412/20/17), you’ll be committing yourself to new hobbies, projects & creative efforts.  During this 3-year cycle, you could start up a business or serious romance.  Take some well-calculated risks and allow your enterprising spirit to explore new vistas!

With Jupiter now in LIBRA (9/9/1610/10/17), you’ll want to get back into circulation, connect with your grapevine, improve relationships with neighbors & siblings — and hit the road.  Variety is the spice of life this year!  Once Jupiter begins its new year-long cycle in SCORPIO on 10/10/17, you’ll be ready to expand your base of operations, such as remodeling or adding landscaping features, or even move to a larger place.  You may even spend some time in a foreign country!

 ©2017  Diane Elizabeth Clarke