(August 22 – September 22, ’17)

Partnerships & teamwork interactions are highlighted this month!  It’s a time for joining forces instead of going it alone – together, much can be accomplished.  A significant relationship may begin, or an existing one may undergo change & rearrangement, particularly on 8/26, 9/5, 9, 16, 20 & 22.  Considering that Mercury is in retrograde as this solar month begins, it would be wise to review your one-on-one interactions and make sure they’re healthy & mutually-helpful.  Clarify the level of support & togetherness that you want, especially on 9/4, 6 (Full Moon), 13 & 19 – strive for equality, clarity & consensus. Employment and health issues can also be of major concern now; you can expect some positive developments on 8/22, 9/2-3, 12, 15 & 17.  Explore ways of putting more joy into your work, and set aside quality time for health care, exercise, rest and spiritual renewal (especially with Neptune, your planet, in PISCES these days).  It could be a good time to spend more time with your pets or to get involved with an animal rights organization.  At the same time, helping someone less fortunate than yourself could be especially rewarding.  Some important financial and professional goals can be realized on 8/27 and 9/11.

LONG-TERM FORECAST:  You can expect a major metamorphosis in your social life while Pluto is in CAPRICORN (1/25/081/20/24).  As this 16-year transit unfolds, you’ll be experiencing transformation & renewal in your friendships, alliances and group associations.  Outgrown relationships will periodically be purged from your life, opening the door for more stimulating companionship & pleasurable pursuits.  Intense, innovative & enterprising individuals will be showing up & stirring up new activities.  Friends from your past may re-enter your life, as well.  Opportunities for becoming involved in joint ventures, cooperative efforts & business collaborations will arise.  By aligning with those with whom you share common interests & ethics, many of your long-term hopes & wishes can be realized.  Nurture your artistic, aesthetic side – add some culture & creativity to your life!

An enlightening 14-year cycle in underway as Neptune transits its own sign, PISCES (2/3/121/26/26).  You will be perceiving the world through an increasingly sensitive, compassionate and imaginative perspective during this period.  A subtle, yet significant shift in your personal identity and mode of self-expression is will be taking place – a heightened spirituality & psychic awareness is now developing in your everyday life. Outgrown attitudes, limiting viewpoints and self-judgments will be dissolving, resulting in a healthier, happier you.  Channel the natural escapism of this transit into positive avenues, like meditation, mysticism, music, dance, yoga, exercise, photography, film-making, dream analysis, healing or pets.

Uranus is transiting ARIES (20112018), awakening you to alternative ways of handling your emotional & financial security.  During this “7-year itch,” you’ve being challenged to uplift your prosperity consciousness, to liberate yourself from dependencies or addictions – and to make positive changes in dietary & nutritional matters.  Nurture yourself on all levels!  Be open to new sources of income and investment opportunities – and explore alternative resources.

You’re in a process of restructuring & stabilizing your professional goals and solidifying your public image while Saturn transits SAGITTARIUS (12/23/1412/20/17).  During this 3-year cycle, you’ll be assuming more responsibility, mastery & leadership in your chosen field – discipline, commitment & patience will bring long-lasting success.  Professional and social activities will become more aligned — it’s a good time to mix business & pleasure!

Opportunities for positive financial alignments & long- term commitments can emerge while Jupiter transits LIBRA (since 9/9/16).  It will be to your benefit to join up with those who have a strong sense of responsibility & integrity − and who share your business interests.  Once Jupiter moves on to SCORPIO on 10/10/17, you will experience a positive uplift during the upcoming year.  It will be time to stretch your legs & spread your wings − you’ll be inspired to travel, learn, write, publish or promote yourself & your ideas.   Adventure awaits you − shoot for the stars!!

©2017  Diane Elizabeth Clarke