Thanks for visiting! This new astrology website is still under construction, but I hope you’ll find the current pages interesting & inspiring.  After nearly fifty years of studying—and sharing with my clients—the “messages of the stars”,  I continue to be in awe of the powerful guidance that the planetary cycles provide us.   It is my intention to share with you some insights that I’ve picked up along the way that have brought light & delight to my path.  It is my fondest desire that these insights will bring light to yours, too!

After a 10-year hiatus, I’ve decided to bring my monthly COSMIC WEATHER REPORT back to life!  This astrological report first began 30 years ago — and appropriately, is returning with its “Saturn return”.   There is so much going on in the cosmos right now that I want to share with you.  Life is such an adventure!

This monthly report—along with the annual report—will be a regular feature on this website.  Also, each astrological sign has its own page and forecast for the current month, as well as the long-term; they can be found at the end of the monthly report.  I hope you’ll find these reports enjoyable and applicable to your life.  Your comments & suggestions are welcomed and will be appreciated — your feedback will certainly help me to stay motivated and inspired!

An ASTROLOGY GLOSSARY, with simple interpretations of the signs, planets and aspects, is included, along with HOUSES OF THE HOROSCOPE with keywords for the houses.  For the current transiting positions of both the Moon and the planets, see the pages on the MOON TRANSITS and PLANET TRANSITS. The page on the UNIVERSAL ZODIACalong with MATE SIGNS, provides a basic explanation of the particular system of astrology from which I source my information. The RELATIONSHIPS page is designed to provide astrological insights into developing healthy, workable partnerships.

You may also enjoy my ASTRO*BLOG — “Astrology in Action” — which is my periodic commentary on current events that have astrological relevance.  This has been something I’ve wanted to do for years!  A new addition to this site is my FAQ page in which I respond to some of the most commonly-asked questions I’ve received throughout my career as an astrologer.  My most recent addition is the page on RETROGRADE PLANETS, which explains Mercury retrogrades as well as those of the other planets.  I do hope you’ll visit this site often and enjoy this work in progress….Diane

©2016  Diane Elizabeth Clarke