At the 56th Annual Grammy Awards tonight, Adele was the belle of the ball!  She was awarded a total of five Grammys, including the best song of the year – and the best album of the year.  She also performed two songs, one of which – a tribute to the late George Michael – got off to a rough start and had to be re-started.  Despite the glitch, she wowed the audience & got a standing ovation.

Perhaps it’s due to her AQUARIUS ascendant that she runs into technical glitches now & then.  Her Sun sign is TAURUS (a natural sign for a singer, as this sign is associated with the throat and vocal cords).  And with her Moon in SAGITTARIUS, along with her Sun/Jupiter conjunction, she’s known for her straightforward, blunt way of communicating.  She has a lot to say!

During her acceptance speech for the album of the year, Adele professed her admiration for her fellow nominee, Beyoncé, and claimed that she deserved the award even more than she did!

Beyoncé, pregnant with twins, performed an amazing “gossomer goddess” set based on a motherhood theme. She also picked up two awards for the best urban contemporary album and best music video.  She is a VIRGO (a hardworking perfectionist, for sure) with her Moon in sexy SCORPIO. (Her ascendant is LIBRA in this chart, but according to, there are some discrepancies in her time of birth; it does seem to fit, though).

It was a real treat to experience the performances of these two superstars and to see the warm affection shared between these two earthy, talented singer/songwriters.  Their sweet interchange made this awards ceremony seem less of a competition and more of a collaboration of bright lights.  What would we do without the wonderful uplift our musicians bring to a world in need of sweetness & harmony?!!

©2017 Diane Elizabeth Clarke



“For every action, there is always an opposite and equal reaction,” according to Sir Isaac Newton − and this axiom has been perfectly illustrated during today’s Full Moon (with the Moon in LEO opposing the Sun in AQUARIUS)!   The Full Moon represents the culmination of whatever was initiated two weeks earlier with the New Moon.  The new administration’s controversial travel & immigration ban was issued as an executive order on January 27 −  the day of the New Moon in AQUARIUS, as well as the day that Mars entered the impulsive, headstrong sign ARIES.  And after two weeks of global craziness & legal challenges, things have finally come to a head. Checkmate!

This particular Full Moon also happens to be a Lunar Eclipse, and it is clear that President Trump has been eclipsed − by the US Constitution itself!  In a move fitting for the topsy-turvy AQUARIUS month, the tables were turned upside down on him as a 3-judge panel from the US Court of Appeals unanimously upheld the temporary hold on this misguided executive order.  In a strong rebuke by our judicial system, our newbie president has been put on notice that the system of checks & balances built into our system is alive & well!

This is a considerable setback for the administration, and especially for President Trump, who cannot stand to lose. His attempts via Twitter to deprecate & diminish the judges actually backfired on him.  It is a potent reminder to him that he is not the king (although with his LEO ascendant, he seems to believe that he is) and that he needs to be accountable to the American people for his actions.  Wonder if that will ever sink in?

With his Sun in GEMINI in the 10th House (of power & leadership), President Trump needs to learn about the limitations of the office – and the separation of powers that is inherent in our Constitution. This nation was founded on the AQUARIAN principles of freedom, liberty & justice for all — and a government that is of the people, by the people and for the people.  Until he understands that he is the president for all Americans, the loud protests and pushback will only continue. If the first few weeks of his administration are any indication of what lies ahead, we are in for a rough ride for the next 4 years.  “United we stand, divided we fall”.

I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people. - Isaac Newton

©2017 Diane Elizabeth Clarke


Today was Super Bowl Sunday – a giant of a day in the world of sports (associated with Jupiter) – and also the day when Jupiter is turning retrograde (February 5th at 10:52 pm PST).  What a send-off – Jupiter is known for doing things in a big way!  It has stretched as far as it could go (to 23 degrees of LIBRA) before starting its 4-month cycle of going back over things (through June 8).  So today was a great distraction from business as usual (such as other Jupiterian concerns like politics, religion, immigration & international relations)!!

And what an exciting & surprising game it turned out to be! Tom Brady was certainly the hero of the day, winning his record-breaking 5th Super Bowl.  With his natal Sun in LEO and in the 10th House of public success & achievement, he has the horoscope of a winner! And Jupiter’s current presence in his 1st House gave him the positive boost he needed, although the Moon in GEMINI was opposing his Neptune earlier in the game, giving the illusion that things weren’t going too well.  However, the Sun ruling planet of his Sun Sign, LEO – was transiting AQUARIUS and he was able to turn things upside down & around. Transiting Mars was exactly on his Moon in ARIES, which helped fire him up & push him forward.  Interesting to note that he dedicated his game to his mother (symbol of the Moon)!

The other star of tonight’s show was Lady Gaga – an ARIES who also has her Sun in the 10th House of professional success & public recognition.  And transiting Mars was activating her Sun in ARIES during today’s half-time show. Talk about star power!  She literally lit up the sky with her brilliant choreography & creativity.  What a night – thanks to Jupiter for taking things to the max!  And thanks, too, to Mars for energizing our stars today!  Mars will be in ARIES for the next 5 weeks, so it’s fun to speculate about what other positive actions can be stimulated.  New, creative opportunities await us!

©2017 Diane Elizabeth Clarke


We’re only 12 days into the month of AQUARIUS and the new administration − and the surprises keep coming!  And what is the most surprising to many is that the new president did exactly what he said he would.  In this era of fake news & “alt” facts, it is a daunting task to distinguish between truth and lies.  Many of his supporters didn’t really believe he would follow through − and are in awe that he’s keeping his campaign promises.  Those who were opposed him are horrified that he did follow through − and are in shock.  Everybody’s surprised!  And that’s the message of the AQUARIUS − expect the unexpected!

Here is the 2017 inaugural chart:  a snapshot of the what to expect in the next four years with this administration.  And from day one, it’s been a wild ride.  Although every inaugural chart since 1937 is based on January 20 at noon (and will always have the Sun in AQUARIUS and the ascendant in TAURUS), it’s the rest of the horoscope that makes it unique  and defines its potential.

The most potent feature of this inaugural chart is the Moon in SCORPIO (the sign associated with power, ambition, control & leadership — as well as with anger, violence, revenge & intimidation).  It is square (at odds with) the Sun in AQUARIUS (symbolizing freedom, equality & teamwork — and rebellion, revolution, disruption and divisiveness).  The fact that the three most significant points in the chart (Sun, Moon Ascendantare all in fixed signs suggests much rigidity and resistance to hearing others’ points of view.  The challenge will be to find common ground and areas of shared concern, rather than wasting time squaring off.  We will need to call upon the peacemaking abilities of Jupiter in LIBRA (although the disruptive Jupiter/Uranus opposition is likely to upset the apple cart more often than not)!

Since the very beginning, the SCORPIO Moon has been expressing herself loudly, considering the impressive turnouts for the marches everywhere.  Women are on the warpath!  “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”  Anger is a very powerful emotion that can be channeled into productive action.  Perhaps feminine power may be our salvation over this term!  Although many men have voiced concerns. this is not an anti-male movement.  Instead, it’s about fighting to preserve our hard-earned rights and being treated equally & respectfully by those in power.  And we’ll need to find avenues for turning the square between the Sun (male energy) and the Moon (female energy) into a constructive collaboration.  As always, LOVE IS THE ANSWER!

The compassion & sensitivity to the “little guy” shown by all the planets in PISCES could be offset, however, by the square from Saturn in SAGITTARIUS.  Among other things, this strongly relates to funding limitations when it comes to the country’s health care issues.  It also indicates conflicts in belief systems regarding minorities, immigrants, religion & education.  It’s very clear from the inauguration horoscope that there is much work to be done to meet the challenges ahead, and with the correct use of power & positive vision, we can hopefully move forward.  Heaven help us!

PS:  Below is the horoscope of Donald Trump for those of you who haven’t seen it before.  I will talk about his chart in a future post.

©2017 Diane Elizabeth Clarke


The recent Full Moon on December 13 certainly stirred up some interesting activity — and right along the lines of the signs involved: Sagittarius & Gemini.  Since transportation is associated with both of these signs, it wasn’t surprising to hear about the railway strike in Great Britain that began that day.  It affected over 100,000 people and is considered the worst strike of its kind in over twenty years! And a pretty inconvenient time, eh?

At the same time, Alaska Airlines announced its acquisition of Virgin America — an timely action related to the Sagittarius/Gemini axis and its emphasis on transportation and travel.  It was obviously in the works for some time, but came together at the Full Moon.

Also on the 13th, the long-awaited nominee for the new Secretary of State was finally announced:  Rex Tillerson, Chairman & CEO of ExxonMobil.  As you can see from his solar chart below, he is an Aries with his Moon, Venus & North Node in Pisces (the sign associated with oil).  He’s been with Exxon for over 40 years, so  he is certainly living out his horoscope!  And Aries individuals are naturals at business and in opening up new territories — which fits him to a T.  He is a very worldly individual, and the timing of this announcement was once again very fitting for the Sagittarius/Gemini Full Moon!

However, due to his quirky Sun/Uranus square, it’s possible that his strong ties to Putin & Russia (a very sensitive issue these days) may be too controversial for Congress and could derail his nomination.  As with many of the current cabinet nominees, he’s an unusual choice : he’s a businessman, not a diplomat or politician.  It will be interesting to see if he can, in typical Aries fashion, push through all the conflicts of interests and actually take on the role of representing the US on the world stage.

Last but not least, a major report on the status of US education in relation to the rest of the world was released.  It showed the US near the bottom in math, and in the middle in reading & science.  It seems that there is more of an emphasis in US schools on social media & athletics than on learning.  This is a sad commentary on our educational system — and we have certainly been seeing the results of this lately.  Since the signs Sagittarius & Gemini relate to education, knowledge and global affairs, it’s obvious that we need to raise some awareness here…if we want to keep up with the rest of the world!

So much misinformation is circulating these days, mostly due to social media, that it takes a questioning mind to sort out truth from fiction.  It’s unbelievable that fake news is getting more attention than the real thing.  What is that saying about the people of this country???  Full Moons tends to illuminate issues and bring them out in the open.  Perhaps life is so overwhelming these days that people would prefer being in La La Land!


Although it’s an interesting & sometimes daunting task to project what will unfold in the future, it’s always a healthy process to look back to see how past cycles played themselves out.  In the previous SCORPIO report, I talked about the Neptune/South Node conjunction, which peaked on November 17, as a time of “dredging up fear-based thinking, scandals, lies and treacherous undercurrents.  Don’t believe everything you hear. . .”

So…on November 17, the following statement was made by a PBS Newshour commentator:  “‘During the last two weeks of the election, more clicks and income was generated on ads and posts that were lies and fake news than on real news”. 

Thank goodness this aspect is on its way out!


SHIFT HAPPENS!  So…Mars is now in AQUARIUS — the sign associated with change, disruption & revolution — and do we ever have change!  Not the one half the US population was expecting (or most astrologers, for that matter).  What happened here??

While the planets continue to revolve in their orbits in perfect, divine order, we humans are subject to misinterpretation of these cycles.  Whereas Mars (in the final degree of CAPRICORN on Election Day, following a 6-week transit of this sign) seemed to indicate a desire for some semblance of safety and stability, it actually expressed itself in terms of a desire to challenge and overthrow the establishment (to get this country back to the way it was a long time ago)!

Interpretation is only an educated guess, and is dependent on one’s particular perspective.  Being a liberally-minded sort, living in a blue state, and being surrounded with like-minded folks, it was hard for me to fully understand the power of the fear, anger & angst that overtook so many in this country.  But, as shocking as it may be, it is the new reality.  Live and learn!

Personally, I am very concerned that we’re going to turn back the clock in areas where much progress has been made (like the environment, clean energy, climate accords, human rights, racial, religious & gender equality, healthcare, immigration and international alliances).  This potent shift to the right is certainly a force to be reckoned with.  Let’s hope we can meet this challenge with compromise, negotiation and respect for each other.  Hopefully, Jupiter‘s presence in LIBRA will encourage balance and cooperation.

On a more positive note, three states (including Nevada) approved recreational cannabis and four states (two in the South!) added medical cannabis.  It seems to be a step forward for individual liberty, unless the underlying message is that the powers that be want to keep us spaced out and not paying attention.   More will be revealed. . . .

The FULL MOON in SCORPIO & TAURUS peaks on the 14th — be safe and vigilant.  It will be very interesting to see what issues come to a head as this intense energy builds — stay tuned!



Reflecting on today’s New Moon in Scorpio, it feels like turbulent waters ahead.  Scorpio is a fixed water sign, so we can expect people to become even more emotionally entrenched in their beliefs & attitudes as this lunar month rolls out.   The current political climate is only amping up a cycle that is normally a competitive & goal-oriented one .   Interesting how the elections are held in the Scorpio month!

I have a question: have you seen any political bumper stickers on cars during this election season?  I haven’t seen any here in Las Vegas – not a one!  This is a first!  Are people afraid to show their support for their candidate, for fear of retaliation, or are they not supporting anyone — just against the other candidate?  Curious.

Re: the recent Mars/Uranus square on October 28.   We’ve had some textbook examples of the disruptive & unexpected nature of this aspect, with the sudden developments taking place in two different public land protests.  The acquittal  of the seven defendants in the armed takeover of a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon was a big surprise to many (certainly a Mars/Uranus issue involving power vs. freedom).  And the violent arrests of the Native Americans, who were peacefully protesting the pipeline encroaching on their ancestral lands in North Dakota, were carried out on the same day.   Similar issues were at stake, but there was quite a contrast in how these disenfranchised & disillusioned groups were dealt with.

Another disturbing  item on that day was the revelation of additional emails involving Hillary — and of all people — Anthony Weiner.   Is this the so-called “October surprise” everyone was predicting?  And just when we thought that the nastiness, sex & sleaze couldn’t get any worse!

Lastly, there were three serious airplane malfunctions at that time: a blown engine which caught fire at take-off, crumbled wheels which  caught fire at landing, and a plane that slipped off the runway in rough weather.  Now you know why I recommend that people avoid flying or doing dangerous activities during challenging Mars/Uranus aspects.  Forewarned is forearmed!

On that same day, here in Clark County, NV, there was a major power outage that affected 10,000 customers.  Who’s to doubt the power of the planets??  Remember that old adage – “as above, so below”.  We are but a microcosm of the macrocosm!


The New Moon in LIBRA took place on September 30 at 5:11 pm PDT, initiating a new lunar cycle.  Peace, harmony, cooperation, collaboration and justice are the major themes of the LIBRA solar month.  It’s fascinating how this message was resonating on a global scale on this very day.  The funeral of Shimon Peres temporarily brought long-time adversaries together from over 70 countries to honor the man who spent his entire life advocating for peace in the Middle East.   Although he never saw his dream of peace fulfilled, he never wavered in his hope that someday it would take place.   And hopefully, this New Moon will inspire new movements towards a more harmonious planet. ♥

On October 6, the Nobel Peace Prize was  awarded to the president of Columbia, Juan Manuel Santos, for his leadership in negotiating the end of a 52-year war with the FARC.  Although the electorate voted down the peace deal, it lost by only a small margin.  There currently appears to be a mutual desire to renegotiate a better deal.  Everyone wants PEACE!

Addendum:  Following through on the above, as of today (June 27, 17), the former members of the FARC have surrendered their weapons and are working at reintegrating into Columbian society.   It has taken 9 months (!) for resolution of this half-century conflict, but it has happened at last.  Three cheers for Jupiter in LIBRA!

Jupiter will be in LIBRA for this next year — hopefully, there will be more enthusiasm within the international community for diplomacy, compromise and lasting peace.  In the end, it always starts with the individual.  We can begin the process best by finding our own inner peace, then extending it out to our families, communities, countries and finally the entire world.  As the song goes, “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me”.