SAGITTARIUS FORECAST (11/21 – 12/21/21)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY & SOLAR RETURN!  You’ll be exceptionally vibrant, sparkling & charismatic this month; let your light shine & enjoy being the main attraction, particularly on 11/21, 24, 28-30, 12/3 (New Moon), 11 & 19.  Brighten up your self-image and appearance — deck yourself out in new clothes, try a different hairstyle, get a facial or update your personal photo. You’ll want to acknowledge your partner and redirect some attention their way, however, as the Full Moon comes to a head on 12/18.  Strive for equality, mutuality & clear communication, and be attuned to any feedback you receive from your one-on-one interactions — you could become more self-aware from the reflection they provide you.

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Once Mercury enters SAGITTARIUS (11/2412/13), you’ll want to speak your truth and expand your sphere of influence. Take an honest look at how you come across to others this month; make sure that your self-expression and lifestyle are reflections of what you want to project – personally as well as professionally. If there are any aspects of yourself or your personal environment that you’d like to fix or rearrange, this the ideal time to get your act together.  Be responsible with personal finances and open up to new sources of income on 12/6 & 11.

You’ve been focused on finishing up old business since the end of 10/30; it’s been a time to clean, sort, file and put your life in order.  You’re preparing for a cycle of high energy, ambition and assertiveness begins once Mars enters SAGITTARIUS on 12/13. Over the next 6 weeks, you’ll be coming into your power — you could achieve some significant personal goals during this potent cycle, so set your intentions, push yourself forward and go for what you want!

You’re at the end of a year-long cycle while Jupiter—your planet—has been in AQUARIUS.  This past year has likely been an unusual one for you, marked by changes in relationships & attitudes, new technology, alternative approaches and increased freedom.  Hopefully, life has become more spontaneous, inventive & intellectually-stimulating for you.  On December 28, Jupiter leaves AQUARIUS and begins its new cycle PISCES; you will be ready to enlarge or expand your base of operations.  It may be the time to remodel, redecorate, landscape, plant a garden, add a family member or move to a larger place (or foreign country).  This can be a time for healing, relaxing and tuning in to nature, as well as your inner nature.  You may get a hint of what’s to come by reviewing what was going on in your life earlier this year when Jupiter took its first brief steps into PISCES (5/137/28).

LONG-TERM FORECAST:  You will be undergoing a significant transformation in your personal finances, resources & value systems while Pluto transits CAPRICORN (20082024).  New sources of income and investment opportunities will arise, opening up the possibility of increased abundance and prosperity.  Since it’s likely File:Sagittarius2.jpgthat you’ll experience some intense peaks & valleys in your financial affairs during this 16-year cycle, it will be necessary to stay as realistic, grounded and debt-free as possible.  Purge and recycle outworn possessions from your life to make way for the new.  Your inner life will also be demanding nourishment, as emotional needs & self-worth issues will take on greater importance.  This is also the time to re-evaluate your dietary patterns & investigate your nutritional requirements.  Eliminate those eating habits, emotional dependencies & physical addictions that are detrimental to your well-being.  Be sure to nurture yourself on all levels!

During Neptune’s transit of PISCES (20122026), a subtle yet significant shift in your base of operations is occurring.  Old attitudes, habits, routines or attachments in your domestic life and family relationships will be dissolving, being replaced by a healthier lifestyle.  You may be drawn to live near the ocean, in an ashram or within a spiritual community.  You could develop an increased interest in feng shui, organic gardening, ecology or “saving the planet” activities.

While Uranus stirs things up in TAURUS (5/15/184/26/26), you could experience some sudden changes in your work environment or with your job.  New technologies could have quite an impact on your productivity over the upcoming 7-year cycle.  It would also be a good time to explore alternatives in health care, clear up any issues and release those habits that no longer serve you.  Opportunities for volunteer work, spiritual development or taking in a pet could arise unexpectedly.

With Saturn now in AQUARIUS (3/21/20–3/7/23) you’re being challenged to become more realistic, practical & mentally-disciplined, while expressing your innate originality at the same time.  During this 3-year cycle, you’re ready to apply yourself to some serious studies, writing, teaching or networking activities.  Avoid getting caught up in negative thinking and, instead, take responsibility for your thoughts and communications, as they will have more impact than usual.  With patience & conscientious effort, you’ll be able to accomplish whatever you put your mind to!

On 12/19/20, Jupiter—your planet—finished up its challenging year in CAPRICORN and moved on to AQUARIUS, where it will stay throughout 2021 (except when it briefly enters PISCES (5/137/28).  Life will become more spontaneous, inventive & intellectually-stimulating; take advantage of any opportunities to learn, teach, write, network, connect with relatives & neighbors and go on some short trips.  Lighten up!  You may find it helpful to review what was going on in your life when this same cycle was in effect 12 years ago (1/5/09 – 1/17/10).

When Jupiter moves on to PISCES on 12/28/21, you will be ready to expand or enlarge your base of operations in some fashion.  It may be the time to remodel, redecorate, landscape, plant a garden, add a family member or move to a larger place (or foreign country).  This can be a time for healing, getting grounded and tuning in to nature, as well as your inner nature.  You may want to establish a spiritual practice or exercise regimen to enhance your feeling of well-being.

©2021 Diane Elizabeth Clarke