Reflecting on today’s New Moon in Scorpio, it feels like turbulent waters ahead.  Scorpio is a fixed water sign, so we can expect people to become even more emotionally entrenched in their beliefs & attitudes as this lunar month rolls out.   The current political climate is only amping up a cycle that is normally a competitive & goal-oriented one .   Interesting how the elections are held in the Scorpio month!

I have a question: have you seen any political bumper stickers on cars during this election season?  I haven’t seen any here in Las Vegas – not a one!  This is a first!  Are people afraid to show their support for their candidate, for fear of retaliation, or are they not supporting anyone — just against the other candidate?  Curious.

Re: the recent Mars/Uranus square on October 28.   We’ve had some textbook examples of the disruptive & unexpected nature of this aspect, with the sudden developments taking place in two different public land protests.  The acquittal  of the seven defendants in the armed takeover of a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon was a big surprise to many (certainly a Mars/Uranus issue involving power vs. freedom).  And the violent arrests of the Native Americans, who were peacefully protesting the pipeline encroaching on their ancestral lands in North Dakota, were carried out on the same day.   Similar issues were at stake, but there was quite a contrast in how these disenfranchised & disillusioned groups were dealt with.

Another disturbing  item on that day was the revelation of additional emails involving Hillary — and of all people — Anthony Weiner.   Is this the so-called “October surprise” everyone was predicting?  And just when we thought that the nastiness, sex & sleaze couldn’t get any worse!

Lastly, there were three serious airplane malfunctions at that time: a blown engine which caught fire at take-off, crumbled wheels which  caught fire at landing, and a plane that slipped off the runway in rough weather.  Now you know why I recommend that people avoid flying or doing dangerous activities during challenging Mars/Uranus aspects.  Forewarned is forearmed!

On that same day, here in Clark County, NV, there was a major power outage that affected 10,000 customers.  Who’s to doubt the power of the planets??  Remember that old adage – “as above, so below”.  We are but a microcosm of the macrocosm!

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