Although it’s an interesting & sometimes daunting task to project what will unfold in the future, it’s always a healthy process to look back to see how past cycles played themselves out.  In the previous SCORPIO report, I talked about the Neptune/South Node conjunction, which peaked on November 17, as a time of “dredging up fear-based thinking, scandals, lies and treacherous undercurrents.  Don’t believe everything you hear. . .”

So…on November 17, the following statement was made by a PBS Newshour commentator:  “‘During the last two weeks of the election, more clicks and income was generated on ads and posts that were lies and fake news than on real news”. 

Thank goodness this aspect is on its way out!


SHIFT HAPPENS!  So…Mars is now in AQUARIUS — the sign associated with change, disruption & revolution — and do we ever have change!  Not the one half the US population was expecting (or most astrologers, for that matter).  What happened here??

While the planets continue to revolve in their orbits in perfect, divine order, we humans are subject to misinterpretation of these cycles.  Whereas Mars (in the final degree of CAPRICORN on Election Day, following a 6-week transit of this sign) seemed to indicate a desire for some semblance of safety and stability, it actually expressed itself in terms of a desire to challenge and overthrow the establishment (to get this country back to the way it was a long time ago)!

Interpretation is only an educated guess, and is dependent on one’s particular perspective.  Being a liberally-minded sort, living in a blue state, and being surrounded with like-minded folks, it was hard for me to fully understand the power of the fear, anger & angst that overtook so many in this country.  But, as shocking as it may be, it is the new reality.  Live and learn!

Personally, I am very concerned that we’re going to turn back the clock in areas where much progress has been made (like the environment, clean energy, climate accords, human rights, racial, religious & gender equality, healthcare, immigration and international alliances).  This potent shift to the right is certainly a force to be reckoned with.  Let’s hope we can meet this challenge with compromise, negotiation and respect for each other.  Hopefully, Jupiter‘s presence in LIBRA will encourage balance and cooperation.

On a more positive note, three states (including Nevada) approved recreational cannabis and four states (two in the South!) added medical cannabis.  It seems to be a step forward for individual liberty, unless the underlying message is that the powers that be want to keep us spaced out and not paying attention.   More will be revealed. . . .

The FULL MOON in SCORPIO & TAURUS peaks on the 14th — be safe and vigilant.  It will be very interesting to see what issues come to a head as this intense energy builds — stay tuned!