We’re only 12 days into the month of AQUARIUS and the new administration − and the surprises keep coming!  And what is the most surprising to many is that the new president did exactly what he said he would.  In this era of fake news & “alt” facts, it is a daunting task to distinguish between truth and lies.  Many of his supporters didn’t really believe he would follow through − and are in awe that he’s keeping his campaign promises.  Those who were opposed him are horrified that he did follow through − and are in shock.  Everybody’s surprised!  And that’s the message of the AQUARIUS − expect the unexpected!

Here is the 2017 inaugural chart:  a snapshot of the what to expect in the next four years with this administration.  And from day one, it’s been a wild ride.  Although every inaugural chart since 1937 is based on January 20 at noon (and will always have the Sun in AQUARIUS and the ascendant in TAURUS), it’s the rest of the horoscope that makes it unique  and defines its potential.

The most potent feature of this inaugural chart is the Moon in SCORPIO (the sign associated with power, ambition, control & leadership — as well as with anger, violence, revenge & intimidation).  It is square (at odds with) the Sun in AQUARIUS (symbolizing freedom, equality & teamwork — and rebellion, revolution, disruption and divisiveness).  The fact that the three most significant points in the chart (Sun, Moon Ascendantare all in fixed signs suggests much rigidity and resistance to hearing others’ points of view.  The challenge will be to find common ground and areas of shared concern, rather than wasting time squaring off.  We will need to call upon the peacemaking abilities of Jupiter in LIBRA (although the disruptive Jupiter/Uranus opposition is likely to upset the apple cart more often than not)!

Since the very beginning, the SCORPIO Moon has been expressing herself loudly, considering the impressive turnouts for the marches everywhere.  Women are on the warpath!  “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”  Anger is a very powerful emotion that can be channeled into productive action.  Perhaps feminine power may be our salvation over this term!  Although many men have voiced concerns. this is not an anti-male movement.  Instead, it’s about fighting to preserve our hard-earned rights and being treated equally & respectfully by those in power.  And we’ll need to find avenues for turning the square between the Sun (male energy) and the Moon (female energy) into a constructive collaboration.  As always, LOVE IS THE ANSWER!

The compassion & sensitivity to the “little guy” shown by all the planets in PISCES could be offset, however, by the square from Saturn in SAGITTARIUS.  Among other things, this strongly relates to funding limitations when it comes to the country’s health care issues.  It also indicates conflicts in belief systems regarding minorities, immigrants, religion & education.  It’s very clear from the inauguration horoscope that there is much work to be done to meet the challenges ahead, and with the correct use of power & positive vision, we can hopefully move forward.  Heaven help us!

PS:  Below is the horoscope of Donald Trump for those of you who haven’t seen it before.  I will talk about his chart in a future post.

©2017 Diane Elizabeth Clarke

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