We had a front-row opportunity to experience the power of the planets this week, particularly during the Academy Awards ceremony.  Associated with surprise, shocks and unexpected twists & turns, Uranus has been an active player this past week in the unfolding astrological drama.  And it continues throughout this current week!

As the Mars/Uranus (in ARIES) conjunction built to a peak on Sunday, there were plenty of upsets & disruptions along the way.  The sudden uptick in immigrant deportations, the shocking destruction of headstones in Jewish cemeteries in both St. Louis & Philadelphia (along with the revelation of hundreds of bomb threats to Jewish community centers), and the horror of cars running into crowds all over the globe — all of these are representative of the explosive potential of this conjunction.

The crazy mix-up in the announcement of the Best Picture award was a classic example of Uranus in action – surprise!!  And the biggest turnaround was that this Oscar, mistakenly awarded to La La Land, ultimately went to Moonlight – a coming-of-age movie involving a gay, black man.  Definitely something new & different!  Remember how there were no minorities represented at all last year?  And this year, that all changed.  The fact that the Academy Awards were held on the New Moon & Solar Eclipse in PISCES may have had something to do with it  (PISCES is associated with minorities — as well as with the film industry).  Hollywood was “eclipsed” by an LGBT story – just amazing!

So…we still have the unpredictable Jupiter/Uranus opposition to look forward to — on Thursday, March 2.  This  time of uncertainty can bring  unexpected visitors, travels, changes in plans or perspectives, break-ups or profound insights.  There could be some major surprises or confrontations on the international scene with this aspect — life can be very topsy-turvy these days.  More will be revealed — stay tuned!


©2017 Diane Elizabeth Clarke


At the 56th Annual Grammy Awards tonight, Adele was the belle of the ball!  She was awarded a total of five Grammys, including the best song of the year – and the best album of the year.  She also performed two songs, one of which – a tribute to the late George Michael – got off to a rough start and had to be re-started.  Despite the glitch, she wowed the audience & got a standing ovation.

Perhaps it’s due to her AQUARIUS ascendant that she runs into technical glitches now & then.  Her Sun sign is TAURUS (a natural sign for a singer, as this sign is associated with the throat and vocal cords).  And with her Moon in SAGITTARIUS, along with her Sun/Jupiter conjunction, she’s known for her straightforward, blunt way of communicating.  She has a lot to say!

During her acceptance speech for the album of the year, Adele professed her admiration for her fellow nominee, Beyoncé, and claimed that she deserved the award even more than she did!

Beyoncé, pregnant with twins, performed an amazing “gossomer goddess” set based on a motherhood theme. She also picked up two awards for the best urban contemporary album and best music video.  She is a VIRGO (a hardworking perfectionist, for sure) with her Moon in sexy SCORPIO. (Her ascendant is LIBRA in this chart, but according to astrodatabank.com, there are some discrepancies in her time of birth; it does seem to fit, though).

It was a real treat to experience the performances of these two superstars and to see the warm affection shared between these two earthy, talented singer/songwriters.  Their sweet interchange made this awards ceremony seem less of a competition and more of a collaboration of bright lights.  What would we do without the wonderful uplift our musicians bring to a world in need of sweetness & harmony?!!

©2017 Diane Elizabeth Clarke



“For every action, there is always an opposite and equal reaction,” according to Sir Isaac Newton − and this axiom has been perfectly illustrated during today’s Full Moon (with the Moon in LEO opposing the Sun in AQUARIUS)!   The Full Moon represents the culmination of whatever was initiated two weeks earlier with the New Moon.  The new administration’s controversial travel & immigration ban was issued as an executive order on January 27 −  the day of the New Moon in AQUARIUS, as well as the day that Mars entered the impulsive, headstrong sign ARIES.  And after two weeks of global craziness & legal challenges, things have finally come to a head. Checkmate!

This particular Full Moon also happens to be a Lunar Eclipse, and it is clear that President Trump has been eclipsed − by the US Constitution itself!  In a move fitting for the topsy-turvy AQUARIUS month, the tables were turned upside down on him as a 3-judge panel from the US Court of Appeals unanimously upheld the temporary hold on this misguided executive order.  In a strong rebuke by our judicial system, our newbie president has been put on notice that the system of checks & balances built into our system is alive & well!

This is a considerable setback for the administration, and especially for President Trump, who cannot stand to lose. His attempts via Twitter to deprecate & diminish the judges actually backfired on him.  It is a potent reminder to him that he is not the king (although with his LEO ascendant, he seems to believe that he is) and that he needs to be accountable to the American people for his actions.  Wonder if that will ever sink in?

With his Sun in GEMINI in the 10th House (of power & leadership), President Trump needs to learn about the limitations of the office – and the separation of powers that is inherent in our Constitution. This nation was founded on the AQUARIAN principles of freedom, liberty & justice for all — and a government that is of the people, by the people and for the people.  Until he understands that he is the president for all Americans, the loud protests and pushback will only continue. If the first few weeks of his administration are any indication of what lies ahead, we are in for a rough ride for the next 4 years.  “United we stand, divided we fall”.

I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people. - Isaac Newtonhttps://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/i/isaac_newton.html

©2017 Diane Elizabeth Clarke


Today was Super Bowl Sunday – a giant of a day in the world of sports (associated with Jupiter) – and also the day when Jupiter is turning retrograde (February 5th at 10:52 pm PST).  What a send-off – Jupiter is known for doing things in a big way!  It has stretched as far as it could go (to 23 degrees of LIBRA) before starting its 4-month cycle of going back over things (through June 8).  So today was a great distraction from business as usual (such as other Jupiterian concerns like politics, religion, immigration & international relations)!!

And what an exciting & surprising game it turned out to be! Tom Brady was certainly the hero of the day, winning his record-breaking 5th Super Bowl.  With his natal Sun in LEO and in the 10th House of public success & achievement, he has the horoscope of a winner! And Jupiter’s current presence in his 1st House gave him the positive boost he needed, although the Moon in GEMINI was opposing his Neptune earlier in the game, giving the illusion that things weren’t going too well.  However, the Sun ruling planet of his Sun Sign, LEO – was transiting AQUARIUS and he was able to turn things upside down & around. Transiting Mars was exactly on his Moon in ARIES, which helped fire him up & push him forward.  Interesting to note that he dedicated his game to his mother (symbol of the Moon)!

The other star of tonight’s show was Lady Gaga – an ARIES who also has her Sun in the 10th House of professional success & public recognition.  And transiting Mars was activating her Sun in ARIES during today’s half-time show. Talk about star power!  She literally lit up the sky with her brilliant choreography & creativity.  What a night – thanks to Jupiter for taking things to the max!  And thanks, too, to Mars for energizing our stars today!  Mars will be in ARIES for the next 5 weeks, so it’s fun to speculate about what other positive actions can be stimulated.  New, creative opportunities await us!

©2017 Diane Elizabeth Clarke