Today was Super Bowl Sunday – a giant of a day in the world of sports (associated with Jupiter) – and also the day when Jupiter is turning retrograde (February 5th at 10:52 pm PST).  What a send-off – Jupiter is known for doing things in a big way!  It has stretched as far as it could go (to 23 degrees of LIBRA) before starting its 4-month cycle of going back over things (through June 8).  So today was a great distraction from business as usual (such as other Jupiterian concerns like politics, religion, immigration & international relations)!!

And what an exciting & surprising game it turned out to be! Tom Brady was certainly the hero of the day, winning his record-breaking 5th Super Bowl.  With his natal Sun in LEO and in the 10th House of public success & achievement, he has the horoscope of a winner! And Jupiter’s current presence in his 1st House gave him the positive boost he needed, although the Moon in GEMINI was opposing his Neptune earlier in the game, giving the illusion that things weren’t going too well.  However, the Sun ruling planet of his Sun Sign, LEO – was transiting AQUARIUS and he was able to turn things upside down & around. Transiting Mars was exactly on his Moon in ARIES, which helped fire him up & push him forward.  Interesting to note that he dedicated his game to his mother (symbol of the Moon)!

The other star of tonight’s show was Lady Gaga – an ARIES who also has her Sun in the 10th House of professional success & public recognition.  And transiting Mars was activating her Sun in ARIES during today’s half-time show. Talk about star power!  She literally lit up the sky with her brilliant choreography & creativity.  What a night – thanks to Jupiter for taking things to the max!  And thanks, too, to Mars for energizing our stars today!  Mars will be in ARIES for the next 5 weeks, so it’s fun to speculate about what other positive actions can be stimulated.  New, creative opportunities await us!

©2017 Diane Elizabeth Clarke

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