At the 56th Annual Grammy Awards tonight, Adele was the belle of the ball!  She was awarded a total of five Grammys, including the best song of the year – and the best album of the year.  She also performed two songs, one of which – a tribute to the late George Michael – got off to a rough start and had to be re-started.  Despite the glitch, she wowed the audience & got a standing ovation.

Perhaps it’s due to her AQUARIUS ascendant that she runs into technical glitches now & then.  Her Sun sign is TAURUS (a natural sign for a singer, as this sign is associated with the throat and vocal cords).  And with her Moon in SAGITTARIUS, along with her Sun/Jupiter conjunction, she’s known for her straightforward, blunt way of communicating.  She has a lot to say!

During her acceptance speech for the album of the year, Adele professed her admiration for her fellow nominee, Beyoncé, and claimed that she deserved the award even more than she did!

Beyoncé, pregnant with twins, performed an amazing “gossomer goddess” set based on a motherhood theme. She also picked up two awards for the best urban contemporary album and best music video.  She is a VIRGO (a hardworking perfectionist, for sure) with her Moon in sexy SCORPIO. (Her ascendant is LIBRA in this chart, but according to, there are some discrepancies in her time of birth; it does seem to fit, though).

It was a real treat to experience the performances of these two superstars and to see the warm affection shared between these two earthy, talented singer/songwriters.  Their sweet interchange made this awards ceremony seem less of a competition and more of a collaboration of bright lights.  What would we do without the wonderful uplift our musicians bring to a world in need of sweetness & harmony?!!

©2017 Diane Elizabeth Clarke


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