As I write this, the winds in Las Vegas are howling in the 40 mph range, with gusts up to 80 mph.  Large trees have been uprooted all over town, four semi-trucks  tipped over on the freeways, and power outages have affected over 48,000 households.  We are used to winds here, but not like this.  The temperature dropped nearly 30 degrees within hours — this is intense!  The southern United States is also reeling from extreme weather conditions, and a massive fire caused an interstate bridge to collapse in Atlanta during rush hour.

It’s interesting to see how the current weather mirrors the cosmic weather.  The Jupiter/Pluto square – a planetary aspect which can be described as intense, tumultuous & eruptive – came to a head today.  It’s not just the weather that’s blowing wild.  It’s pretty windy on Capitol Hill, too.                

The build-up over the past several weeks has been quite disruptive.  The health care replacement bill, which was introduced on the Full Moon in PISCES & VIRGO (the signs associated with health), failed to launch last weekend.  It wasn’t a healthy bill for this country, so it was a blessing that it imploded before even coming to a vote.  So now, not only is Trump fighting with the Democrats, the FBI & intelligence agencies, the federal courts, the media and the Mexicans,  he’s also taking on the Republicans — his own party!  How ironic is it that the Freedom Caucus blocked the passage of this  bill?

The assault on Mother Earth that has taken place this past week is another example of how this Jupiter/Pluto square can manifest. Based upon a worldview that rejects science and rational, factual thinking, the president was able — with a few jagged, angry slashes of his pen — to impose his misguided belief system on us and single-handedly destroy decades of environmental progress.  The corporate interests, once again, have been placed above the health & welfare of the people.  Along with the repeal of regulations that protected our air and water, the renewed emphasis on coal mining, oil drilling & fracking (including the opening of the Dakota pipeline) is a major setback for this country.  The administration is even refocusing its attention on Nevada’s earthquake-prone Yucca Mountain for storing the country’s nuclear waste.  Heaven help us!

And during this same period, the South Korean president was impeached, removed from office, and − today − thrown in jail for corruption.  Is this a sign of what’s ahead for this country?  The Russian/Trump campaign connection is the big noise right now, and it looks like the lid is coming off a likely cover-up in the near future.   The month of ARIES can be one of turmoil  & volcanic activity (and Mt. Etna just recently erupted).  More will be revealed — stay tuned!

© 2017  Diane Elizabeth Clarke


3 thoughts on “INTENSITY SQUARED! ”

  1. You write do beautifully about such a chaotic set of events. Thanks for showing us how our behaviors are linked to larger cosmic events Diane.

  2. The universe is speaking clearly. Its time we come together and let the cards fall as they will.

    Thank you Diane, for this beautiful summation of what we’re all observing, even on an everyday basis now.

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