There was an edginess in the air.  I was anticipating something out-of-the-ordinary to happen, with the Mercury/Uranus conjunction in ARIES on May 9.  But it started off to be a such a normal day — the sun was out, the birds were singing and things were mellow.  Then, in the late afternoon — like a bolt of lightning — the craziness began.  With the New York Times’ announcement of the rude and abrupt firing of FBI Director James Comey, a seismic shock wave rolled across the country. 

I was shocked, needless to say — but not really surprised.  Since Uranus is the planet associated with unpredictability, sudden change and erratic energy, it’s to be expected that some rearrangements, separations, deviations, twists or turns will disrupt the status quo when this planet is in play.  “As above, so below”.  Significantly, on the same day, the North Lunar Node made its grand entrance into LEO; there will be lots of drama as this new 18-month cycle unfolds!  It will likely shed light on things that have been hidden behind the scenes during the North Node‘s previous transit through VIRGO.  The Sun‘s trine to Pluto — also on May 9 — suggests that this issue isn’t going away and that this incident is only the beginning of something big. . .

This current administration is very Uranian in nature, from President Trump himself all the way to the horoscope of the inauguration itself (Sun in AQUARIUS, with a Jupiter/Uranus opposition). This aspect can expose some shocking truths, particularly those involving foreign affairs, communications and technology.  Its first of 3 occurrences was at the end of December ’16, exactly when Trump’s election advisor General Flynn was observed in illegal communications with the Russians.  Exactly on the second occurrence in early March.  Attorney-General Sessions had to recuse himself from any investigation of the Russian election meddling due to his surreptitious communications with the Russians. The final occurrence of the Jupiter/Uranus opposition will take place on September 27.  Hopefully, the truth will come out by then.

Today is the FULL MOON in TAURUS & SCORPIO, which tends to amplify territorial issues, conflicts and power struggles.  The justifications given for Comey’s firing are laughable and can’t be taken seriously; the timing of the firing itself is troubling.  This is just another of numerous detractions that President Trump has created (like his made-up accusation that President Obama had been spying on him) to derail the FBI’s investigation into his election team’s possible collusion with the Russians.  The subpoenas were proliferating, and Comey was just getting too close for comfort. Trump’s actions indicate a serious abuse of power, as well as a breach of ethics.  Where are the checks & balances when we need them??

The integrity of our democracy and judicial system is being called into question at this time — let’s hope that common sense prevails and that an independent, non-partisan team can be assembled to get to the bottom of this serious matter.  Today, the North Node is exactly on President Trump’s LEO Ascendant and heading into his 12th house.  He will need to face the (real) facts.  And the upcoming Moon Wobble (peaking on May 19) is likely to have an upsetting effect on his chart, too.  Stay tuned — more will be revealed. . .

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