It’s time to face some new realities! Saturn, which has been in SAGITTARIUS for the past 3 years,  just began its new 3-year cycle in its own sign, CAPRICORN, on December 19.  While SAGITTARIUS is associated with expansion, increase, growth, abundance, prosperity and faith, CAPRICORN is associated with contraction, decrease, downsizing, debt, limitation, conservatism, karma, and realism.  With Saturn now in this sign, it’s going to take a lot of hard work, patience and discipline to make forward progress.   And the recent shenanigans of the US political leadership will only make things more difficult for the people of this country.  2018 will be getting off to a rocky start!

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One year ago, in my COSMIC WEATHER REPORT 2017, I wrote: “Expect more bluster than action until December 19, when Saturn moves on to its own sign, CAPRICORN, and joins Pluto.  Then, reality strikes! We can expect major reshaping in government, laws, taxes and financial affairs once this new 3-year cycle gets off the ground.”

Well, here we are, one year later — and that reality has struck.  And it took place right on schedule — astrology in action!  But the reality turns out to be a lot more one-sided and unfair than we’d hoped for.  The GOP tax overhaul act (one that primarily benefits the corporations, banks, businesses and wealthier Americans) was rushed through within hours of Saturn going into CAPRICORN!  And in secret, with no public hearings, with total disregard for the outcry of concerned citizens — and without one single vote from the Democrats.  Can’t get more partisan than that!

Proud as punch at the coup they pulled off, Congressional members downplayed the fact that it’s going to add a $1.5 trillion deficit to our already $20 trillion national debt.  How’s that for fiscal responsibility from the party which always touts its conservative and anti-deficit values?  Hypocrisy is alive and well! This so-called “beautiful Christmas present” for the American public was really just a lump of coal!

Just seen in a Mike Smith editorial cartoon in the Las Vegas Journal:
Question:  “What do the tax bill and Christmas have in common? ”  Answer:  “They increase debt”.   He got that one right.

Related imageIn reviewing the disruptive & disturbing political events of 2017, there was not much but bluster, blame and rhetoric to show for their efforts.  The Republican-controlled Congress was unable to pull off any legislation of significance (its several failed attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act are a case in point).  It was only through Executive Orders that any action took place at all, most of which unfortunately repealed any progressive and positive gains made in previous administrations (Paris Climate Accord, Clean Air Act, environmental protections, restrictions on coal, oil drilling & fracking, trade deals, national park designations, DACA, etc).

So desperate for a win, they pushed through this bloated, self-serving, deficit-funded tax bill at year’s end in the dark of the night (and during the Mercury retrograde, at that).  It’s truly pitiful that this is the best that they could do.  The minimal — and temporary — tax cuts that were put in place to placate the masses may please some for awhile (mainly those who aren’t paying attention or who believe all the lies & propaganda).  Sad!

However, the long-term effects of this bill are going to put many individuals in a world of hurt.  Not only will millions lose health insurance, but social programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security will be next up on the chopping block — all because of the unsustainable debt level.  Meanwhile, the rich get richer — and the poor get poorer.  There will be serious KARMA to pay!

© 2017   Diane Elizabeth Clarke