I am not a big sports fan, but the Super Bowl always grabs my attention (especially when it happens close to a Supermoon)! What makes it fun for me is set up the astrology charts and the biorhythm graphs of the opposing quarterbacks to see who’s got the edge in the game.

As you can see below, Nick Foles (Eagles) is a day from having his physical rhythm at its peak (always a good sign for being athletically competitive).  His intellectual and intuitive rhythms are also high, but his emotional rhythm is near the bottom. This is not a helpful sign, as the low emotional energy could undermine his performance.


On the other hand, Tom Brady (Patriots) has all his rhythms high, with his physical rhythm exactly at its peak! Lucky guy — he has it all going for him on this day.  Expect a peak performance from him, and despite the fact that he’s 12 years older than Foles, it seems to me that Brady holds the edge in this game.

Their astrology charts also bring up some interesting points.  Foles is an Aquarius and Brady is a Leo — opposite signs and natural opponents. They are destined to put on a great show!  Both have their Moons in cardinal, assertive signs — Cancer and Aries, respectively.  However, the Cancer Moon tends to be more cautious & self-protective, while an Aries Moon is bolder and takes more risks.

With the Sun now in AquariusFoles will shine and take center stage; with Brady‘s ruler, the Sun, in Aquarius, he will be probably pull some surprising moves or upsets.   It could be a quirky game!  The Moon is in Libra, so we could see good cooperation among team members.  And no matter what, it will be a sweet and social day for the rest of us — half-time, ads and all.

I’m not a gambling woman, but if I were, my bet would be on Brady and the Patriots.  My friend Zina, who has accurately pulled the  tarot card winners for every Super Bowl as long as I can remember, predicts the Patriots will steal the game (7 of Swords) and the Eagles will be sadly disappointed (5 of Cups).  We’ll know soon enough if these insights from astrology, tarot and biorhythms are helpful in determining the winners.  Enjoy the game, folks!

© 2018 Diane Elizabeth Clarke

One thought on “BATTLE OF THE BIORHYTHMS: Eagles vs. Patriots”

  1. You are a girl after my own heart, trying to gain an edge on the house with astrology! It’s a truism that sometimes the worst portend is a great portend! This prediction did not pan out, but a lot of people lost money betting against the unlikely hero, Nick Foles.
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