As I sat down to write this, Mars was within 20″ of an inglorious finish to its 6-month reign of turmoil in fiery ARIES.  The dark sides of this volatile sign have been upending the landscape of US democracy since last summer,  and today, it has all come to a tumultuous—yet predictable—climax.

Watching the hostile takeover of the Capitol building by misguided Trump supporters {along with right-wing extremists and militia groups} brought to mind some of the negative (ie: unconscious) expressions of the sign ARIES: hot-headed, selfish, anarchistic, dictatorial, pushy, demanding, brash, combustible, obsessive & childish.  It literally seemed to be an infantile temper tantrum to the max, though unfortunately, a very dangerous one.  The worst of the “me first” culture has just shown its true colors!

A planet tends to wave goodbye as it leaves one sign to move on to the next, and this particular Mars transition was no exception.  The incendiary nature of this headstrong sign was clearly revealed today as the whole world watched our democracy teetering on the precipice of destruction.  Fortunately,  looking on the bright side of ARIES, what tends to emerge out of such a momentous upheaval is a significant rebirth and a renewal of purpose & priorities.  It is likely this this shocking, violent assault on our democratic values will ultimately inspire a whole new level of respect for the Constitution and a re-evaluation of the role of government in our lives.

The heated, divisive rhetoric of the past 6 months, especially since the election, will begin finding resolution in some form from today forward.  Mars has now settled down in stable TAURUS; it’s interesting how a curfew was ordered in Washington, DC within a half-hour of Mars‘ entrance into TAURUS—the sign associated with domestic security, safety & comfort.  As this new 2-month cycle unfolds, we’ll be called upon to rebuild our faith & trust in our system and leadership and to lay down solid foundations within our communities, neighborhoods, homes & families.   Baby, it’s cold outside.  Go home, settle down and snuggle in!

© 2021   Diane Elizabeth Clarke


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