On April 20, an extraordinary cosmic event takes place as Jupiter and Uranus align at 21º TAURUS.   It’s pretty obvious that we are undergoing—collectively and individually—a rapid expansionary, exploratory  & escalating cycle these days.  The keyword seems to be “unprecedented!”  We’re being propelled into a higher frequency, and considering that this aspect is peaking on 4-20, it’s the ideal day to get even higher. LOL!  Fortunately, the Sun‘s entrance into TAURUS at the same time will provide some solid grounding.  Connect with  family & community, dig your roots a little deeper, focus on safety, security & stability, and get out in nature and smell the flowers!

This potent conjunction symbolizes a time for surprises & unexpected changes, freedom urges, sudden opportunities and serendipitous happenings.  While this potent planetary conjunction only occurs every 14 years, this will be the first time since May 1941 that these two planets were together in the sign of TAURUS. It’s concerning  to note that World War II and the Holocaust were  in full force at that time; the US became involved in WW2 in December 1941 (following the attack on Pearl Harbor).  It’s uncanny to note how many similar issues are up & front these days.

The major arena of these changes is the domestic scene, family life, community & property matters, climate change and environmental concerns.  TAURUS is an earth sign.  We can expect anything, from earthquakes (already happening) , rearrangements within the family structure, agricultural concerns, territorial border challenges, increased use of artificial intelligence, astronomical discoveries or scientific/medical breakthroughs (such as the first pig kidney transplant).  Along with an extremely vociferous election year, we are also dealing with the first criminal trial of a past US President at this very juncture.  Life on the edge . . .

During previous Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions, we have seen the birth of the printing press, telegraph, flight, polio vaccine, Woodstock, internet, clones, Harry Potter & Instagram.  It’s always been a time of innovation and forward movement, along with significant disruptions of the status quo.  Expect wild times ahead, especially for those of you who have planets around 21º of the fixed signs (TAURUS, LEO, SCORPIO & AQUARIUS)!

It could be a time to pick up a book of a different genre than you usually read, plan a trip to an exotic destination, change your political affiliation, invest in advanced technologies, get a new app or upgrade your computer & software.  Renew your faith — or review your belief systems.  Be honest with yourself and tell the truth.  Search out alternative approaches and do things differently!

Reflect on your blessings, and express gratitude for what you have, especially when you look around and see what struggles so many are facing in the world.  Chart a new course, one that moves you beyond any stuck spaces and clears the way for the future to unfold.  Jupiter symbolizes truth, growth, education, expansion and adventure.  It can also mean too much of a good thing.  Since Uranus represents awakening, liberation, advancement, technological progress, equality and independence, the joining of these two planets will potentially inspire us to make great strides into a more enlightened future (as long as we don’t go overboard).  We will be experiencing some rapid evolution, along with major global revolution.  Radical change is in the air.   Fasten your seatbelt!

©2024   Diane Elizabeth Clarke

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