signaries ARIES (March 20—April 20)  Cardinal/Fire.  Planet: Pluto                   Independent, self-reliant, dynamic, assertive, enthusiastic, intense, headstrong, self-motivated, creative, enterprising, pioneering, playful, childlike, impatient, pushy, demanding, impetuous, obsessive, compulsive, consuming & tumultuous.  Happiest when involved in a new project, hobby, business or romance.

signtaurus TAURUS (April 20—May 20)  Fixed/Earth.  Planet: Venus                    Solid, steady, down-to-earth, grounded, supportive, comforting, gentle, affectionate, loyal, possessive, reliable, practical, determined, stubborn, enduring, environmentally-conscious, domestic, self-indulgent, sensuous, sluggish & resistant to change.  Home, family and property matters take priority.

signgemini GEMINI (May 20—June 20)  Mutable/Air.  Planet: Mercury                Versatile, inquisitive, alert, observant, quick-minded, informative, communicative, witty, teasing, clever, handy, dexterous, multi-faceted, superficial, imitative, mobile, restless, scattered, easily-diverted, inconsistent, fickle & chameleon-like.  Skilled at making contacts & connections. Variety is the spice of life!

signcancer CANCER (June 20—July 22)  Cardinal/Water.  Luminary: Moon     Nurturing, maternal, caring, instinctive, subtle, moody, tenacious, absorptive, receptive, retentive, sentimental, cherishing, accumulative, shrewd, self-protective, defensive, insecure, apprehensive, introverted, sensitive & touchy.  Focused on feelings, finances & food; emotional security is very important.

signleo LEO (July 22—August 22)  Fixed/Fire.  Luminary: Sun                            Radiant, vibrant, warm-hearted, cheerful, outgoing, extroverted, expressive, impressive, colorful, confident, charismatic, dramatic,  self-assured, poised, proud, dignified, regal, generous, magnanimous, loyal, imperious, ostentatious, arrogant & self-centered.  Gravitates to the spotlight; have excellent organizational skills.

signvirgo VIRGO (August 22—Sept. 22)  Mutable/Earth.  Planet: Mercury    Industrious, analytical, discriminating, systematic, detail-oriented, methodical, efficient, orderly, meticulous, fussy, fastidious, health-conscious, helpful, service-oriented, problem-solving, capable, skillful, modest, accurate, critical, fault-finding, complaining, picky & worrying.  Work is the hub of the universe.

signlibra LIBRA (September 22—October 22)  Cardinal/Air.  Planet: Venus Sociable, friendly, charming, gracious, courteous, accommodating, responsive, considerate, thoughtful, kind, sweet, cooperative, idealistic, fair, gentle, refined, polished, aesthetic, artistic, abstract, diplomatic, persuasive, calm, indecisive, procrastinating & lethargic.  Highly values friendship, beauty, peace & harmony.

signscorpio SCORPIO (Oct. 22—Nov. 21)  Fixed/Water. Planet: Mars                    Powerful, decisive, goal-oriented, ambitious, competitive, courageous, energetic, persistent, loyal, determined, deliberate, protective, reserved, private, deep, penetrating, mysterious, magnetic, sexy, hypnotic, controlling, dominating, jealous, sarcastic, suspicious & vindictive.  Must be in control & on top of things.

signsagittarius SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 21—Dec. 21)  Mutable/Fire.  Planet: Jupiter   Knowledgeable, philosophical, worldly, adventurous, expansive, excessive, communicative, direct, outspoken, blunt, straightforward, truthful, sincere, fanatical, generous, extravagant, jovial, buoyant, uplifting, optimistic, intuitive, prophetic, farsighted, opportunistic & reckless.  Seeks truth, knowledge, travel & adventure.

signcapricorn CAPRICORN (Dec. 21—Jan. 20)  Cardinal/Earth.  Planet: Saturn    Responsible, dependable, trustworthy, mature, disciplined, patient, long-suffering, serious, sober, pessimistic, conscientious, practical, respectable, moral, proper, formal, cold, inhibited, authoritative,  paternal, acquisitive, utilitarian, conservative, frugal, habit-prone, judgmental & doubting.  Have natural managerial skills.

signaquarius AQUARIUS (Jan. 20—Feb. 18)  Fixed/Air. Planet: Uranus                  Independent, unique, unconventional, eccentric, spontaneous, unpredictable, rebellious, antagonistic, reactive, contrary, individualistic, ingenious, inventive, original, liberal, futuristic, free-thinking, intellectual, democratic, equable, cool, detached, abrupt & bullying.  Likes to confront, shock & awaken others.

signpisces PISCES (Feb. 18—March 20)  Mutable/Water.  Planet: Neptune Compassionate, sensitive, psychic, impressionable, trusting, absorptive, healing, forgiving, charitable, devoted, sympathetic, self-sacrificing, imaginative, meditative, contemplative, mystical, poetic, rhythmic, ethereal, dreamy, masochistic, self-deceptive, elusive, secretive, vague & chaotic.  Much empathy & care for the underdog.


planetsun SUN: “I am”, ego, self-expression, identity, individuality, self, consciousness, existence, presence, being, life force, prana, fire, heart, vitality, confidence, image, center, spirit, soul, god, animus, masculinity, daytime, egotism, narcissism, arrogance

planetmoon MOON:  “I feel”, emotional response, instincts, moods, memories, subconscious, receptivity, self-preservation, survival, inner resources, finances, values, dependencies, nourishment, mother, goddess, anima, femininity, nighttime, insecurity, timidity

planetmercury MERCURY: “I observe”, intellect, reason, logic, thoughts, ideas, interests, analysis, problem-solving, mental aptitude, communication, comprehension, objectivity, connective ability, discernment, discrimination, perception, skepticism, criticism

planetvenus VENUS: “I enjoy”, tastes, pleasures, sweets, love, friendship, relationships, beauty, balance, harmony, ease, aesthetics, culture, artistry, design, refinement, charm, peace, diplomacy, fair play, participation, cooperation & collaboration, procrastination, passivity

planetmars MARS: “I desire”, energy, power, control, leadership, ambition, goals, challenge, struggle, combat, war, competition, physical courage, loyalty, action, aggression, assertiveness, desires, sexuality, penetration,  potency, dominance, anger, revenge, jealousy

planetjupiter JUPITER: “I increase”, growth, expansion, opportunity, promotion, adventure, exploration, travel, worldliness, knowledge, wisdom, faith, truth, beliefs, education, tolerance, optimism, generosity, humor, farsightedness, recklessness, extravagance, excess, gluttony

planetsaturn SATURN: “I conserve”, security, sobriety, reality, morality, responsibility, discipline, commitment, duty, obligations, authority, management, status quo, establishment, rules & regulations, patience, experience, father, elders, pessimism, doubt, inhibition, negativity, greed

planeturanus URANUS: “I awaken”, freedom, independence, equality, alternatives, change, originality, invention, ingenuity, spontaneity, unpredictability, revolution, rebellion, confrontation, separation, detachment, shocks, electricity, enlightenment, eccentricity, antagonism

planetneptune NEPTUNE: “I surrender”, transcendence, spirituality, psychic perception, imagination, visualization, dreams, illusions, empathy, compassion, clairvoyance, forgiveness, health/healing, devotion, sacrifice, escapism, chaos, impressionability, self-deception, naivete

planetpluto PLUTO: “I transform”, regeneration, renewal, metamorphosis, initiation, new beginnings, conception, rebirth,  children, play, risk-taking, trailblazing, innovation, upheaval, eruption, combustion, resurrection, annihilation, impatience, obsessive-compulsiveness

planeteris2 ERIS: “I stabilize”.  This dwarf planet, discovered in 2005 beyond Pluto, continues to be researched regarding its place in the astrological pantheon.  Based on its mean distance from the Earth, it would most likely be associated with Taurus.

planetnorthnode NORTH NODE: (mathematical point) Symbolizes the path of personal integration through which fulfillment, satisfaction and emotional growth can be realized in this lifetime

planetsouthnode SOUTH NODE: (opposite the NORTH NODE) Symbolizes the path of least resistance and the habits, patterns & attachments of the past which can hold you back (the “bottomless pit”)

planetpartoffortune PART OF FORTUNE:  (mathematical point)  Symbolizes the areas of life through which emotional & financial security can be realized.  Its house placement denotes the phase of the moon of the chart

planetascendant ASCENDANT (RISING SIGN): The sign rising on the eastern horizon at the exact moment of birth.  Associated with the first house cusp, it describes one’s outlook on life, personality, disposition, self-image & appearance.   It represents the “window” through which we view the world — and how others initially view us.  The planet that rules the Ascendant is considered the ruling planet of the chart.

planetmc MIDHEAVEN: The point, set up with geographical directions instead of zodiacal directions,  where the sun would be at its highest point in the sky, ie. high noon.


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FIRE (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius):  Spiritual, inspirational, warm, enthusiastic, excitable, ardent, impulsive, active,  all-consuming, burning, passionate, sparkling, igniting, zesty, temperamental, energetic, outgoing & fiery

EARTH (Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn):  Physical, substantial, tangible, concrete, real, practical, basic, sensible, pragmatic, fundamental, material, containing, essential, somatic, graphic, tactile, solid, stable, steady & earthy

AIR (Gemini, Libra & Aquarius): Mental, abstract, intellectual, knowledgeable, conceptual, theoretical, analytical, rational, quick-witted, rational, detached, alert, astute, observant, refined, light, breezy, communicative & airy

WATER (Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces): Emotional, sensitive, feeling, flowing, fluid, sensuous, subtle, sensory, psychic, subjective, reflective, absorptive, porous, impressible, fertile, juicy, fluctuating, unstable, changeable, moody, insecure & watery



CARDINAL (Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn): Initiating, activating, expediting, assertive, advancing, originating, aggressive, leading, trailblazing, enterprising, positive, dynamic, instigating, motivating, creative, formational & promoting.  First month of each season.

FIXED (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius): Established, immovable, steadfast, unwavering, fixed, structured, settled, permanent, firm, unchanging, constant, stable, persistent, determined, resistant, opinionated, stubborn & enduring.  Second month of each season.

MUTABLE (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces)Adaptable, flexible, pliable, changeable, free-flowing, restless, mobile, unsettled, vacillating, ever-changing, transitional, elastic, plastic, supple, facile, versatile, adjustable & variable.  Third (final) month of each season.



aspectconjunction CONJUNCTION – 0° (10° orb)  Usually in the same sign.  Symbol of emphasis, combined power,  intense concentration of force & energy.  Blends, stimulates, gives life, dramatizes and awakens.  Of the nature of LEO.

aspectsemisextile SEMI-SEXTILE – 30° (2° orb)  One sign apart.  Involves one’s resources, values and needs to feel useful. Tendency to go along with things.  Involves dependency, insecurity & worries.  Of the nature of CANCER/VIRGO.

aspectsextile SEXTILE – 60° (6° orb)  Two signs apart.  Involves the principle of communication, sociability, harmony & opportunity.  Stimulates the exchange of ideas and denotes ease in gathering information, as well as skill in using it effectively.  Contributes to understanding and appreciation.  Of the nature of GEMINI/LIBRA.

aspectsquare SQUARE – 90° (10° orb)  Three signs apart.  Denotes stress, tension & inner conflict.  Tests one’s use of power & authority.  Misuse creates discord, competitiveness, defiance and poor bodily functioning.  Desire to possess or suppress can generate jealousy, frustration & pain.  Must learn how to use energy constructively and to develop patience & tolerance.  Of the nature of TAURUS/SCORPIO

aspecttrineTRINE -120° (10° orb)  Four signs apart.  Represents creativity, self-motivation & enthusiasm.  Not dependent on the outside world, as needs are supplied from within.  Energy comes from a higher source.  Involves talent, ease, faith & willingness to take a risk.  Of the nature of ARIES/SAGITTARIUS.

–aspectinconjunct INCONJUNCT (or QUINCUNX) -150° (10° orb)  Five signs apart.  Denotes need for psychological adjustment.  Involves the sacrifice of personal desires and the offering of all available resources for the benefit of others.  By providing service and assuming personal responsibility, the tendency toward weakness, illness, guilt & frustration can be alleviated.  Of the nature of PISCES/CAPRICORN.

aspectopposition OPPOSITION -180° (10° orb)  Six signs apart (half of the circle).  Symbolizes confrontation: coming face to face with a projection of yourself (the shadow).  Can involve open conflict & tension in relationships or an attraction of opposites.  It can represent an integrative, complimentary link with another through teamwork interaction.  Involves crisis & change in consciousness.  Of the nature of AQUARIUS.tobeyaspects

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