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On April 20, an extraordinary cosmic event takes place as Jupiter and Uranus align at 21º TAURUS.   It’s pretty obvious that we are undergoing—collectively and individually—a rapid expansionary, exploratory  & escalating cycle these days.  The keyword seems to be “unprecedented!”  We’re being propelled into a higher frequency, and considering that this aspect is peaking on 4-20, it’s the ideal day to get even higher. LOL!  Fortunately, the Sun‘s entrance into TAURUS at the same time will provide some solid grounding.  Connect with  family & community, dig your roots a little deeper, focus on safety, security & stability, and get out in nature and smell the flowers!

This potent conjunction symbolizes a time for surprises & unexpected changes, freedom urges, sudden opportunities and serendipitous happenings.  While this potent planetary conjunction only occurs every 14 years, this will be the first time since May 1941 that these two planets were together in the sign of TAURUS. It’s concerning  to note that World War II and the Holocaust were  in full force at that time; the US became involved in WW2 in December 1941 (following the attack on Pearl Harbor).  It’s uncanny to note how many similar issues are up & front these days.

The major arena of these changes is the domestic scene, family life, community & property matters, climate change and environmental concerns.  TAURUS is an earth sign.  We can expect anything, from earthquakes (already happening) , rearrangements within the family structure, agricultural concerns, territorial border challenges, increased use of artificial intelligence, astronomical discoveries or scientific/medical breakthroughs (such as the first pig kidney transplant).  Along with an extremely vociferous election year, we are also dealing with the first criminal trial of a past US President at this very juncture.  Life on the edge . . .

During previous Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions, we have seen the birth of the printing press, telegraph, flight, polio vaccine, Woodstock, internet, clones, Harry Potter & Instagram.  It’s always been a time of innovation and forward movement, along with significant disruptions of the status quo.  Expect wild times ahead, especially for those of you who have planets around 21º of the fixed signs (TAURUS, LEO, SCORPIO & AQUARIUS)!

It could be a time to pick up a book of a different genre than you usually read, plan a trip to an exotic destination, change your political affiliation, invest in advanced technologies, get a new app or upgrade your computer & software.  Renew your faith — or review your belief systems.  Be honest with yourself and tell the truth.  Search out alternative approaches and do things differently!

Reflect on your blessings, and express gratitude for what you have, especially when you look around and see what struggles so many are facing in the world.  Chart a new course, one that moves you beyond any stuck spaces and clears the way for the future to unfold.  Jupiter symbolizes truth, growth, education, expansion and adventure.  It can also mean too much of a good thing.  Since Uranus represents awakening, liberation, advancement, technological progress, equality and independence, the joining of these two planets will potentially inspire us to make great strides into a more enlightened future (as long as we don’t go overboard).  We will be experiencing some rapid evolution, along with major global revolution.  Radical change is in the air.   Fasten your seatbelt!

©2024   Diane Elizabeth Clarke


Astronomy solar eclipse - Free Stock Illustrations | Creazilla

One of the most widely-anticipated events of the year — the New Moon (and Total Solar Eclipse) in ARIES — grabs our attention  on April 8 at 11:21 am PDT. For deeper insight into this astronomical phenomenon: We’re being reminded by the dazzling upcoming Jupiter-Uranus  conjunction (on April 20) to look at the bigger picture and to take a cosmic perspective.  Since we won’t experience anything like this for a couple more decades, take a few minutes  out of your day and lift your eyes to the skies!

Take advantage of the creative, enterprising and innovative spark of this intense ARIES New Moon Whatever is initiated from this point on can have a major impact on the year ahead. Pioneer new pathways, do things you’ve never done before and take a few risks; express your creativity through art, music or dance activities.  Make time for fun & games — pull out the RummyKube, Boggle, Scrabble, checkers or cards.  Let your inner child out to play! You may enjoy spending some quality time with children and refreshing your outlook on life — remember what it feels like to be young, playful and fun-loving.

©2024  Diane Elizabeth Clarke


As I sat down to write this, Mars was within 20″ of an inglorious finish to its 6-month reign of turmoil in fiery ARIES.  The dark sides of this volatile sign have been upending the landscape of US democracy since last summer,  and today, it has all come to a tumultuous—yet predictable—climax.

Watching the hostile takeover of the Capitol building by misguided Trump supporters {along with right-wing extremists and militia groups} brought to mind some of the negative (ie: unconscious) expressions of the sign ARIES: hot-headed, selfish, anarchistic, dictatorial, pushy, demanding, brash, combustible, obsessive & childish.  It literally seemed to be an infantile temper tantrum to the max, though unfortunately, a very dangerous one.  The worst of the “me first” culture has just shown its true colors!

A planet tends to wave goodbye as it leaves one sign to move on to the next, and this particular Mars transition was no exception.  The incendiary nature of this headstrong sign was clearly revealed today as the whole world watched our democracy teetering on the precipice of destruction.  Fortunately,  looking on the bright side of ARIES, what tends to emerge out of such a momentous upheaval is a significant rebirth and a renewal of purpose & priorities.  It is likely this this shocking, violent assault on our democratic values will ultimately inspire a whole new level of respect for the Constitution and a re-evaluation of the role of government in our lives.

The heated, divisive rhetoric of the past 6 months, especially since the election, will begin finding resolution in some form from today forward.  Mars has now settled down in stable TAURUS; it’s interesting how a curfew was ordered in Washington, DC within a half-hour of Mars‘ entrance into TAURUS—the sign associated with domestic security, safety & comfort.  As this new 2-month cycle unfolds, we’ll be called upon to rebuild our faith & trust in our system and leadership and to lay down solid foundations within our communities, neighborhoods, homes & families.   Baby, it’s cold outside.  Go home, settle down and snuggle in!

© 2021   Diane Elizabeth Clarke


I have a heartwarming love story to share with you, one that has personally touched my life.  This story began about 5 years ago when I ordered genetic testing kits from 23andMe for my family & myself. We were curious to know more about our ancestral roots and wanted more information on our DNA, inherited traits and health risks.  My family had emigrated to the United States centuries ago from England, Germany & Switzerland, whereas my husband was born in Vienna,

What fun we had once our results arrived! We all teased each other about how much Neanderthal DNA was in our genes, and were delighted to discover that we all shared the exact same maternal haplogroup lineage that originated 40,000 years ago in the Fertile Crescent. We were relieved to learn that we had no serious inherited diseases, and I was intrigued to find out that I also had Irish, French, Italian, Scandinavian & Ashkenazi roots. However, after the initial excitement wore off, we tucked our packets away in a bookcase and forgot about them.

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The next chapter of this story began 6 months ago, right on the Full Moon in LEO & AQUARIUS in August.  My husband was surprised to learn that a 51-year old man from Miami had been trying to locate him.  It turned out that this man had been adopted at birth, and in his quest to find his birth mother and learn about his family origins, did the 23andMe genetic testing.  He was astonished when he came across my husband’s profile in the DNA Relatives section of his results.  It indicated that he and Heinz shared 8% of their DNA and were actually first cousins, once removed!

Talk about synchronicity! I was currently working on my blog about the upcoming total Solar Eclipse in LEO (the sign associated with personal identity) and its meaning on a collective, as well as personal level.  And here we were, presented with an opportunity to assist someone in figuring out his own identity!  How exciting was that?

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So, of course, we called Curtis right away.   After a lively Facetime chat, we started putting the pieces together and came to the conclusion that my husband’s first cousin, Pips, must be his mother.  But he hadn’t been in contact with her for nearly 50 years and had no idea where she was or how to find her.  However, Heinz was able to google his Austrian family’s genealogy site and put in a request to be connected with his cousin.  We shared this site with Curtis, who jumped in (yes, he’s an ARIES!) and made his own request.  And he got an immediate answer from the site manager: she was alive & well, living one state away from him — and most exciting — was open to seeing him.  She was just leaving for a 6-week visit back to Vienna, but would contact him when she returned.

Heinz was surprised a few days later with a phone call from her!  He & Pips had a lot of catching up to do.  It turns out that she never had another child, and now that her husband had passed on, she was open to embracing this surprising new development in her life.  And later that day, Pips and Curtis themselves actually made phone contact!  They exchanged photos and made plans to meet when she got back from Vienna.  The mother and son reunion had begun — and from our initial contact with Curtis, the process of getting them together took only 10 days! Three cheers for the magic of the Full Moon & Solar Eclipse, the miracle of the Internet and the power of LOVE!Related image

So, the third chapter of this story is now happily unfolding.  Two months — to the day– from their very first phone conversation, Pips flew down to Miami to meet Curtis and family.  It was love at first sight, according to both of them!  The heartwarming photos of their first hug that were taken by his wife, Michelle, said it all.  The joy and love that came through those images was so powerful that it brought us to tears.  I am sharing these photos with their permission:

Pips made a warm, easy connection right away with Michelle and their two children, as well as with the rest of the extended family.  They all bonded right away, and this bond seems to be growing deeper by the day.  Pips and Curtis are amazed at how alike they are, not just in looks, but in tastes and traits.  Hopefully, one day we will get to hear the story from their own perspectives!

Curtis has been able to fulfill his long-held dream of being reunited with his birth mother and discovering his family origins.  It was fortuitous that he chose to go through 23andMe rather than one of the other genetic testing sites — otherwise, this would never have happened!   Pips has been given a new lease on life and an opportunity—at 80 years of age—to enjoy the experience of motherhood & grand-motherhood (as a double CANCER, this is a natural for her).  She has taken to it like a fish to water — and her new family absolutely adores her. She’s made several trips to visit since, and is now on Facebook so they can all stay in better touch with each other.

This next chapter is going to bring this story full circle.  My husband, daughter and I had made plans a year ago to go on the UNLV Community Concert Band tour to Budapest and Vienna this summer.  As a result, Pips decided to be at her place in Vienna while we’re there — and has invited Curtis, Michelle and the kids to come for a visit at the same time.

We’ll meet at our band performance in Vienna — how serendipitous!  So we will all be together for the first time and Heinz will be reunited with his long-lost cousin.  He will be returning to his homeland at his Uranus return—a cosmic intersection between the past and the future.  What a rich experience this will be for us all.  Love does certainly make the world go ‘round!

Ironically, I am posting this as we approach the Solar Eclipse & New Moon in AQUARIUS — exactly six months from when this story began.  I sincerely hope it has touched your heart, too — and that it will inspire you to find out about your own family genetics.  Something quite amazing may come of it!


POSTSCRIPT (December 29 ’23)I’m updating this post 5 years later.  Our family trip with the UNLV Community Band to Budapest and Vienna was a magnificent one!  Heinz’s family showed up just before our concert at the Rathausplatz, and Curtis’ two children ended up being a part of the performance.  We enjoyed several wonderful days together in Vienna, including a very large family reunion.  It was a very heartwarming experience for us all!  Heinz passed away the next year just before his 86th birthday, so this experience was the perfect closure for him — and the icing on the cake of his amazing life.  RIP, Heinzie!

© 2018 Diane Elizabeth Clarke


I am not a big sports fan, but the Super Bowl always grabs my attention (especially when it happens close to a Supermoon)! What makes it fun for me is set up the astrology charts and the biorhythm graphs of the opposing quarterbacks to see who’s got the edge in the game.

As you can see below, Nick Foles (Eagles) is a day from having his physical rhythm at its peak (always a good sign for being athletically competitive).  His intellectual and intuitive rhythms are also high, but his emotional rhythm is near the bottom. This is not a helpful sign, as the low emotional energy could undermine his performance.


On the other hand, Tom Brady (Patriots) has all his rhythms high, with his physical rhythm exactly at its peak! Lucky guy — he has it all going for him on this day.  Expect a peak performance from him, and despite the fact that he’s 12 years older than Foles, it seems to me that Brady holds the edge in this game.

Their astrology charts also bring up some interesting points.  Foles is an Aquarius and Brady is a Leo — opposite signs and natural opponents. They are destined to put on a great show!  Both have their Moons in cardinal, assertive signs — Cancer and Aries, respectively.  However, the Cancer Moon tends to be more cautious & self-protective, while an Aries Moon is bolder and takes more risks.

With the Sun now in AquariusFoles will shine and take center stage; with Brady‘s ruler, the Sun, in Aquarius, he will be probably pull some surprising moves or upsets.   It could be a quirky game!  The Moon is in Libra, so we could see good cooperation among team members.  And no matter what, it will be a sweet and social day for the rest of us — half-time, ads and all.

I’m not a gambling woman, but if I were, my bet would be on Brady and the Patriots.  My friend Zina, who has accurately pulled the  tarot card winners for every Super Bowl as long as I can remember, predicts the Patriots will steal the game (7 of Swords) and the Eagles will be sadly disappointed (5 of Cups).  We’ll know soon enough if these insights from astrology, tarot and biorhythms are helpful in determining the winners.  Enjoy the game, folks!

© 2018 Diane Elizabeth Clarke


Feeling an urge to howl?  The Full Moon in AQUARIUS & LEO is always a dramatic one — with a tendency to shock, surprise or disrupt us in some way.  This year’s  Full Moon , which peaks on January 31 at 5:27 am PST, will be unusually dramatic!  It is a total lunar eclipse, as well as a rare second Full Moon in the same calendar month (known as a Blue Moon).  It’s also a rare SUPERMOON (when  the Moon is closest to earth at the same time as a Full Moon).  And amazingly enough, it’s the second SUPERMOON this January − an even more rare occurrence.  According to NASA, this astronomical combination hasn’t occurred since 1866!  This particular Full Moon is called the Blood Moon because it will turn a red color.  For a more in-depth explanation of all this:

Image result for supermoon 2018

Another interesting fact is that there will be no Full Moon at all in the month of February this year; it’s a short month, with only 28 days.  The next Full Moon doesn’t arrive until March 1!

So what does all this extraordinary astronomical phenomena mean for us earthlings??  We are but a microcosm of the macrocosm — as above, so below!  Considering that Mercury will leave long-suffering CAPRICORN and move on to unpredictable AQUARIUS on the very same day as this Full Moon, we are obviously ready for some significant change of perception and awareness.   There is high-tension in the air!  Could there be wild revelations, allegations, political shakeups, separations, controversies, discoveries, breakthroughs, sudden insights, earth changes, electrical storms, power outages or UFO sightings?  Might we experience a collective awakening?  We’ll find out soon enough − this is the AQUARIUS month and the future is now!  Stay tuned, fasten your seat belt and hang on tight!

© 2018  Diane Elizabeth Clarke


The Northeast and Eastern Seaboard of the United States are currently experiencing one of the most powerful winter storms ever, dramatically called a “bomb cyclone” (when a storm’s atmospheric pressure plunges as it explosively intensifies).  Dumping major snow, sleet & ice, bringing large wind gusts and below-freezing temperatures, causing power outages and grounding thousands of flights, this mammoth storm happens to coincide with the potent Mars/Jupiter conjunction.  Building to a peak late on Saturday, January 6, this aspect — which only occurs every two years — represents a period of intensity, high energy and overwhelming force.  And the fact that there are also 4 planets in chilly CAPRICORN right now only makes the situation more frigid and frustrating.   Stay warm and safe, everyone!

Image result for snow

The joining of these two planets tends to amplify, augment, exaggerate or expand whatever is going on energetically.  On the one hand, it can be an excellent time for opening up to new possibilities & opportunities, making New Year’s resolutions and grabbing for the brass ring.  On the other hand, it can represent a period of power struggles, crises, emergencies and major challenges, especially since this conjunction is in the sign SCORPIO.   Hold your horses — and control your appetites & ambitions — while pursuing your goals.  Take it easy until this passes.

Be wary of irrational exuberance over the next few days, as it can stimulate an over-confident, reckless or high risk-taking approach to everything from athletics to financial activities. An aspect of “boom or bust”, the Mars/Jupiter conjunction can also represent a potential bubble in the money markets (think bitcoin).  And the Dow Jones industrial average topped 25,000 for the first time today!  Could the sky be the limit –or is the sky falling??

Related image

The violent, deadly street protests in Iran and the anger of the citizenry toward the “entitled” leadership of their country is certainly related to this aspect.  And the noisy dust-up between Trump and Bannon (clash of the Titans) that has just erupted is another example of the Mars/Jupiter conjunction at work.   Because of his incendiary comments about Trump & family in the upcoming publication of Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, Bannon is now at the center of this cyclone and in the doghouse.  Born under the sign SAGITTARIUS (ruled by Jupiter), he has never been one to mince words or opinions.  It is finally backfiring on him.  Mars in action!

Unfortunately, the fire and fury that’s been stirred up inside Trump will only continue to build up over the next few weeks.  With this “tell all” book ready to surface, and the fact that Mueller is hot on his trail these days, Trump seems ready to go off the rails.  Dramatic developments have been occurring daily ever since his progressed Moon entered LEO (the day after he fired Comey) — and things may be coming to a head as his progressed Moon conjuncts his natal Pluto in LEO on January 24.  This intense, tumultuous aspect could cause him to implode — emotionally or physically (perhaps his regular fast-food diet of McDonald’s cheeseburgers & diet Cokes will finally catch up with him — the Moon is associated with the stomach and digestion, as well as personal finances).  We have ample evidence of how Trump goes out of control and misbehaves when he feels threatened.  Let’s cross our fingers that there is no real “bomb cyclone” in our future!

PS  I just saw the new Star Wars movie.  It seemed like the perfect avenue for letting off some steam and experiencing that Mars/Jupiter conjunction in a positive way — powerful archetypal characters, over-the-top adventures and epic battles.  I highly recommend it!

©2018  Diane Elizabeth Clarke


It’s time to face some new realities! Saturn, which has been in SAGITTARIUS for the past 3 years,  just began its new 3-year cycle in its own sign, CAPRICORN, on December 19.  While SAGITTARIUS is associated with expansion, increase, growth, abundance, prosperity and faith, CAPRICORN is associated with contraction, decrease, downsizing, debt, limitation, conservatism, karma, and realism.  With Saturn now in this sign, it’s going to take a lot of hard work, patience and discipline to make forward progress.   And the recent shenanigans of the US political leadership will only make things more difficult for the people of this country.  2018 will be getting off to a rocky start!

Image result for saturn

One year ago, in my COSMIC WEATHER REPORT 2017, I wrote: “Expect more bluster than action until December 19, when Saturn moves on to its own sign, CAPRICORN, and joins Pluto.  Then, reality strikes! We can expect major reshaping in government, laws, taxes and financial affairs once this new 3-year cycle gets off the ground.”

Well, here we are, one year later — and that reality has struck.  And it took place right on schedule — astrology in action!  But the reality turns out to be a lot more one-sided and unfair than we’d hoped for.  The GOP tax overhaul act (one that primarily benefits the corporations, banks, businesses and wealthier Americans) was rushed through within hours of Saturn going into CAPRICORN!  And in secret, with no public hearings, with total disregard for the outcry of concerned citizens — and without one single vote from the Democrats.  Can’t get more partisan than that!

Proud as punch at the coup they pulled off, Congressional members downplayed the fact that it’s going to add a $1.5 trillion deficit to our already $20 trillion national debt.  How’s that for fiscal responsibility from the party which always touts its conservative and anti-deficit values?  Hypocrisy is alive and well! This so-called “beautiful Christmas present” for the American public was really just a lump of coal!

Just seen in a Mike Smith editorial cartoon in the Las Vegas Journal:
Question:  “What do the tax bill and Christmas have in common? ”  Answer:  “They increase debt”.   He got that one right.

Related imageIn reviewing the disruptive & disturbing political events of 2017, there was not much but bluster, blame and rhetoric to show for their efforts.  The Republican-controlled Congress was unable to pull off any legislation of significance (its several failed attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act are a case in point).  It was only through Executive Orders that any action took place at all, most of which unfortunately repealed any progressive and positive gains made in previous administrations (Paris Climate Accord, Clean Air Act, environmental protections, restrictions on coal, oil drilling & fracking, trade deals, national park designations, DACA, etc).

So desperate for a win, they pushed through this bloated, self-serving, deficit-funded tax bill at year’s end in the dark of the night (and during the Mercury retrograde, at that).  It’s truly pitiful that this is the best that they could do.  The minimal — and temporary — tax cuts that were put in place to placate the masses may please some for awhile (mainly those who aren’t paying attention or who believe all the lies & propaganda).  Sad!

However, the long-term effects of this bill are going to put many individuals in a world of hurt.  Not only will millions lose health insurance, but social programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security will be next up on the chopping block — all because of the unsustainable debt level.  Meanwhile, the rich get richer — and the poor get poorer.  There will be serious KARMA to pay!

© 2017   Diane Elizabeth Clarke


Lots of water has passed under the bridge since my last blog on this subject (May 26)!  After a much-needed vacation from the continuous bombardment of dramatic developments, I'm finally inspired to pick up the thread and take a look at the direction things are heading.  Since the firing of FBI Director James Comey on May 9, the script of this political reality show has gotten increasingly shocking & unbelievable, day by day.

In a previous blog regarding this issue, Uranus Strikes Again, I wrote that once the North Lunar Node entered LEO on May 9, "there will be lots of drama as this new 18-month cycle unfolds.  It will likely shed light on things that have been hidden behind the scenes during the North Node's previous transit through VIRGO.  The Sun's trine to Pluto — also on May 9 — suggests that this issue isn't going away and that this incident is only the beginning of something big. . ."

And that certainly seems to be the case!  One week later, special counsel Robert Mueller was appointed to investigate the Russian interference in the 2016 elections, as well as its possible collusion with the Trump campaign.  The investigation is now looking into possible obstruction of justice by Trump, and has recently expanded to include Trump, his family and his associates' web of financial ties to Russia.   This seems to have more potential for prosecution than the murkier concerns about collusion and obstruction. He would've been better off to have left Comey alone!

Mueller — a Leo — was destined to be in the spotlight during this LEO solar month.  His 73rd birthday is on August 7, the same day as the upcoming Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in LEO/AQUARIUS.  Two days ago, Mueller took a serious step forward in his investigation by impaneling a grand jury in Washington, DC. with the power to subpoena banks for financial information.   This action has placed him at the center of the cyclone — and more than ever, in Trump's crosshairs.

Totally obsessed, angry and frustrated, Trump has unleashed an all-out assault on this investigation –  calling it a "witch hunt" and "fake news", as well as lambasting Attorney General Jeff Sessions for recusing himself from the Russian probe.  Let's hope he doesn't do something radical (such as mixing it up even more with NorthKorea) to distract us from what's going on.  If Trump attempts to fire Mueller, there's no question that this move would backfire on him — just as his firing of Comey has done. Because he has been making loud noises about having him removed, Congress made it a point to set some bills in motion before its summer recess to prevent this from happening.  It has become a real cat and mouse game between the three branches of government: the White House, the Department of Justice and Congress!

Trump’s standing with the American people (and Republican congressional members) has seriously deteriorated since the firing of Comey in May.  The current perception of a decline in U.S. leadership abroad, a dead-in-the-water presidential agenda on the domestic front, and the failed Republican health-care bill has only added to his problems.  And his unhinged tweets are only creating more difficulties for him, as well as raising serious questions about his sanity. He appears to be his own worst enemy! A recent poll puts his current approval rating at 33% — the lowest ever for a new US President.  It's not surprising:  he's under some serious Saturn transits, a topic that I will cover in the next astro-blog. . .

It will be very interesting to see what develops as this dramatic & unpredictable Full Moon shines its light on this political reality show (and eclipses everything in its path).   Have an enlightening eclipse!

© 2017  Diane Elizabeth Clarke


How about a little drama?  Now that the North Node has gone into LEO, the plot is thickening — with one surprising twist after another!  Whether we like it or not, we are constantly bombarded by the news reports which are hard to ignore.   And our curiosity is continually piqued by each new installment of this political reality show (which is actually REAL).  We are fascinated by what’s going to happen next.  OMG!  Guess what happened today?!!

Trump will dominate the spotlight even more than usual this month because he’s a GEMINI (and the Sun is now in GEMINI).   With his natal Moon in the opposite sign SAGITTARIUS, he was born on a Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse.  And his over-the-top antics certainly do eclipse everything else that’s going on!

Now our national political reality show has become an international reality show.  Last week, the scenario moved from the local stage to the world stage.  SAGITTARIUS is associated with foreign affairs and religion, so Trump is playing out his chart in full color.  It seems quite significant that Muslim, Jewish and Catholic leaders were included in his first foray into foreign territory.

Trump may have left them happy in the Mideast, but the Europeans were left cold.  His criticism of their financial role in NATO, along with his refusal to commit to standing by our long-time allies, has shaken the European community to its core. (Combative Mars − currently in GEMINI − was exactly on Trump’s natal Sun during his diatribe against NATO).  And it is now being reported that he plans to pull the US out of the Paris climate agreement.  When will this craziness end?? 

On the day Trump fired James Comey (May 9), the North Node began its new 18-month transit through dramatic LEO, and the shocking Mercury/Uranus conjunction in ARIES fired up a raging controversy.  Most interesting, in Trump’s own horoscope on this same day , his progressed Moon entered his 12th house (a cycle sometimes known as the “sh*t hitting the fan”).

And on May 10 (which was the Full Moon in TAURUS SCORPIO), his White House visit (and sharing of classified information) with the Russians got everybody howling.   It reminds me of the MOON card in the tarot deck!  To add to the drama, on this day, his progressed Moon began a new 2-year cycle in LEO.  Unfortunately for him, he’s going to get more attention than he wants, and light will become shed in areas that he’d much prefer remain dark.  Secrets will become uncovered!  His obsessive need for public attention and adulation (reflected by his LEO ascendant and Sun in the 10th house) could ultimately lead to his downfall.

As I write this, it turns out that Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is now under investigation for allegedly attempting to establish a secret channel with Moscow back in December ’16.  This has only added to the intrigue surrounding the Trump administration’s relationship with Russia.  Next week, James Comey will be testifying  in the senate investigation, which is bound to stir up even more fireworks.  Keep an eye on the upcoming Full Moon in GEMINI & SAGITTARIUS as it comes to a head on June 9 — it will bring increased clarity to this murky situation.  Not surprisingly, this scenario does get loonier all the time!

© 2017  Diane Elizabeth Clarke