BUCKLE UP!   We’re in for a wild ride ahead!  The volatile Sun-Pluto conjunction on January 20 sets the stage for a potentially disruptive & transformative month with the Sun’s entrance into revolutionary AQUARIUS.  Radical change is in the air, as this sign is associated with surprise, uncertainty, disruption, controversy, non-conformity and rebellion. Shocking revelations, interruption of plans, unexpected meetings, sudden separations, amazing realizations or extreme weather patterns can arise abruptly & unexpectedly.

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Since AQUARIUS is a fixed air sign, it’s likely that the divisive, antagonistic and contentious mood of the moment will only be exacerbated; we will be facing strongly-held opinions, inflammatory rhetoric, hostile confrontations and increased political polarization.  The upcoming US caucuses and primaries will only add to the noise.  Do your best to stay open-minded, detached and above the fray.

Astrology, metaphysics, science fiction, astronomy, space travel, satellites and telecommunications are all represented by the sign AQUARIUS, along with electricity, technology, artificial intelligence, robotics, drones, autonomous vehicles,  inventions, X-rays, computers and smart phones.  The parts of the body associated with this sign are the ankles, calves, circulatory system and the pituitary gland.

This month starts off like gangbusters as tumultuous Pluto joins the Sun in AQUARIUS on the evening of January 20.  Since Pluto will stay in AQUARIUS for the next 20 years(!), this month will provideRelated image some valuable insights into what the future holds.  It’s difficult to predict something so unpredictable, but suffice it to say that this new cycle marks a significant turning point in the direction our world is going.  It symbolizes a major global initiation!

Hopefully, we’ll eventually be able to work past the current power plays, divisiveness and “us versus them” attitudes, and begin to focus on equality, liberty & brotherhood.  What will it take for the people in this world to live together peacefully as one big family on this planet Earth?  How do we find unity among ourselves?  This will be the challenge of next two decades. . .

The United States was founded upon the AQUARIAN principles of freedom, equality & justice for all — and a government that is of the people, by the people and for the people.  The US Constitution went into effect in 1787, when Pluto was last in AQUARIUS.  It’s no coincidence that our democratic ideals are currently up for review, re-evaluation and revision!

Pluto’s turbulent conjunction with the Sun is only the first of its 4 conjunctions in this AQUARIUS month ahead!  It aligns with Mercury on February 5, Mars on February 13 and Venus on February 17.  Just astonishing!  Since Pluto is associated with upheaval, metamorphosis, breakdown & renewal, rebirth, regeneration and risk-taking, it’s anybody’s guess as to how this primal force will express itself in our lives—collectively as well as individually.

In the worst case scenario, we could experience earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, nuclear accidents, international altercations, domestic extremism, power grid sabotage, electrical storms, communication satellite breakdowns or UFO interference.  On the other hand, these potent aspects could inspire brilliant inventions, scientific & medical breakthroughs, increased clarity, mass awakenings, exciting entrepreneurial activity and new beginnings of all types.  It’s certainly going to be a month of “firsts”!

On January 23, Venus leaves optimistic SAGITTARIUS and joins Mercury & Mars in serious CAPRICORN, counterbalancing the erratic energies stirred up with the new AQUARIUS cycle.  You may be hearing from people from your past.  Check in with old friends, along with those who have a grounding influence in your life.  Strengthen productive social alliances, or re-evaluate any relationships that you’ve outgrown. These practical CAPRICORN energies will be around for the next few weeks, so utilize them to get your priorities straight, consolidate finances, review insurance policies, prepare for taxes, deal with bureaucratic/legal matters, and take care of unresolved business.  Pay attention to any problems involving your back, knees, teeth, bones or skin (CAPRICORN issues).

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The Full Moon in AQUARIUS-LEO, which peaks on January 25 at 9:54 am PST, will bring full expression to the grievances & frustrations of the past CAPRICORN month.  Whatever has been kept in the dark will be revealed by the bright light!  In order to navigate this intense Full Moon energy, strive for equality, mutuality and clarity in your one-on-one relationships, and take care not to project your issues onto another.  Instead, listen to any feedback you receive  and acknowledge your reflection in the mirror that others provide you.  BE the change you want to see in the world & others! 

The excessive Sun-Jupiter square, on January 26, could add a note of recklessness to the mix; try not to run off in all directions, make mountains out of molehills or take on too much.  Late that evening, Uranus—ruling planet of AQUARIUS—will be turning direct, following a 5-month retrograde.  Expect some topsy-turvy energy for a few days as it changes gears!

Currently in the midst of its 7-year cycle in TAURUS, Uranus will continue to stir up significant changes, rearrangements and disruptions in home, family, property & community matters.  The role of Uranus is to free us from old patterns and to hasten our evolution.  We are certainly in a process of questioning the foundations, structures, support systems and comforts that we’ve taken for granted in the past.

Think before you speak as the caustic Mercury-Mars conjunction peaks on January 27, especially since both Mercury & Mars will square the Lunar Nodes at the same time.  These abrasive aspects can be mitigated by the gentle Venus-Saturn sextile and the generous Venus-Jupiter trine, which are also in effect throughout this weekend.  Nurture your friendships.  Apply the Golden Rule to your social interactions: do onto others as you’d have them do onto you.  Be kind!

Related imageThe enlightening Mercury-Uranus trine (on the 28th) could awaken original ideas and insights, and your energy levels will receive a positive zap with the electrical Mars-Uranus trine (29th).  It could be a productive time to change things up around the house, whether it be light bulbs, security cameras or rearranged furniture.   A caring, compassionate mood will arise as Mercury—in its final degrees of CAPRICORN—makes an uplifting sextile to Neptune on February 2.  Enhance your life with music, meditation or a massage.

On the evening of February 4, Mercury blasts into unconventional AQUARIUS and then conjuncts Pluto.  Utilize this mental intensity to fire up your ingenuity, creativity & inventive nature.  Think outside of the box and explore alternative approaches. Align with the eccentric orbit of the planet Uranus — look at the world from a different, detached, and even opposite point of view.  It would be an ideal time to implement advanced technologies, upgrade software/hardware, get a new phone or give ChatGBT a try.

If you’ve been experiencing frustration with your social life lately, (as the out-of-balance Venus-Lunar Node square comes to a head on February 6), the scintillating Venus-Uranus trine on the 7th will likely turn things around.  Serendipitous connections, surprise visitors or unique individuals could bring magic, miracles and even romance into your life.  On the same day, a healing feeling emerges with the empathic Mars-Neptune trine.  You may want take in a concert, go out dancing, visit a hot springs or adopt a new pet.  Stay open to spontaneous experiences as the unpredictable Sun-Uranus square peaks on February 8 — your best-laid plans could be turned upside-down, so play it loose and expect the unexpected. . .

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It’s out with the old, in with the new as the New Moon in AQUARIUS, on February 9 at 2:59 pm PST, ushers in the Chinese Lunar New Year of the DragonIn Chinese culture, the dragon represents power, vitality, risk-taking and the male element Yang.  It  suggests an electric, combustible year ahead, filled with fireworks, surprises, revolutionary ideas and grandiose schemes.  This certainly fits with the astrological indications for the year ahead.

This New Moon in AQUARIUS always represents a call to the future!  Liberate yourself from limiting structures, routines, habits and thinking patterns.  Free up from whatever—or whomever—is holding you back, keeping you down, or restricting your options.  Stay in the present moment instead of the past ‒ be here now!  Consider turning off the TV and reading something enlightening, metaphysical or out-of-the-ordinary.  Get in touch with your inner trickster ‒ dare to be unorthodox, deviate from the norm and get off the beaten path.  The boisterous Mercury-Jupiter square joins this New Moon, inspiring you to stretch your legs, expand your mind and extend your horizons.

On the evening of February 12, Mars finishes its transitVector of the aquarius zodiac sign N2 free image of CAPRICORN and initiates a new 6-week cycle in AQUARIUS.  Electricity is in the air, especially with the explosive Mars-Pluto conjunction on the following day.  Challenge the status quo and channel this crackling energy into healthy alignments with those who are heading in the same direction.  Partnerships and teamwork interactions will enhance your life and assist you in achieving your goals.  Together, much can be accomplished! The sensitive Venus-Neptune sextile on February 13 could attract those of like-mind into your sphere to help make your path forward sweeter and smoother!

Last but not least, Venus leaves CAPRICORN on February 16 and joins the Sun, Mercury, Mars & Pluto in quirky AQUARIUS.  The heavy CAPRICORN energy is now in the rear view mirror — we’ve turned a major corner.  With half the planets (!) now in the sign associated with ingenuity, originality, invention, independence, alternatives, discoveries & “ah-ha” moments, we are on a different trajectory from here on.  We are now poised to rise to a new level of awareness — and hopefully, a more humanitarian and egalitarian point of view.

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The rebellious Mercury-Uranus square, also on February 16, appropriately brings closure to this AQUARIAN cycle; you’ll be reminded that resistance is futile and change is inevitable.  This solar month starts off with the transformative Sun-Pluto conjunction — and ends with the creative & playful Venus-Pluto conjunction early on the 17th.  Embrace the changes and say yes to new people, perspectives and possibilities! The Presidents’ Day 3-day weekend begins at the perfect time. . .

This AQUARIUS month will be an unprecedented month—in the midst of unprecedented times—as we continue to rush headlong into uncharted territory.  The personal challenge of this month is to take the high road, create positive alignments and take a flying leap into the future!  Here’s wishing you more spontaneity, enlightenment & individual freedom this month — may your personal evolution be accelerated!Driving Flying Saucer Sticker by Acura for iOS & Android | GIPHY

PS:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY & SOLAR RETURN to my unique, ingenious AQUARIUS friends!


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