POWER UP!  With the Sun now in SCORPIO, life is intensifying,  emotions are simmering and the war drums are beating.  A fixed bald eagle, bird, predator, feathered, animal, sharp eyed, head, close-up, nature, haliaetus leucocephales, eagle | Pikistwater sign, SCORPIO is associated with power, politics, passion and peak experience.  The ultimate objective of this month is to get your life under control and to channel this potent energy into purposeful, productive activity.

The force is now with you to manifest your ambitions and to achieve your deepest desires.  Establish personal & professional goals, be decisive & determined — and seek win-win situations.  Re-evaluate your loyalties, protect your privacy and reclaim your personal power.  Take the high road and like an eagle, fly above it all!

Crisis, conflict and control issues tend to be the dark sides of the SCORPIO nature.  If this potent force is not handled in a positive way,Image result for scorpio sign it can lead to wars, violence, retaliation, domination, corruption and other destructive consequences.  Avoid engaging in the negative qualities of this sign: sarcasm, intimidation, vindictiveness and one-upmanship games.  The challenge here is to actualize, rather than to manipulate. Choose to identify with the eagle instead of the scorpion! 

Both Mercury and Mars (the ruling planet of SCORPIO) are also in courageous SCORPIO as this new solar month begins.  Utilize this opportunity to penetrate beneath the surface of your life and do a deep dive into your personal priorities & motivations.  Be willing to confront any repressed feelings, resentments, jealousies or judgments that may be causing some stagnation and holding you back.  Regardless of what’s going on in the outer world, know that you have the capacity to take charge of your inner world, transmute fear into courage and redirect any submerged anger into constructive action.

The solid Sun-Saturn trine on October 24 can assist in grounding your energy and stabilizing your plans.  In fact, all of the planets at this point are in earth and water signs.  While things may feel somewhat “heavy” (like mud!), it does represent a time for making things real, taking care of business and creating comfort & security in your personal universe.

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Any long-brewing situation will likely come to full boil as the Full Moon (and Lunar Eclipse) in SCORPIO & TAURUS peaks on October 28 at 1:24 pm PDT.  This is one of the most challenging full moons of them all — a time of crises & emergencies, along with confrontations, power struggles & personal vendettas.  Issues involving territorial boundaries, vengance, violence, weapons and sexual improprieties could also rise to the surface.  Protect yourself, your loved ones and your home; strike a healthy balance between your private and public life.

Since both Mercury and Mars are opposing Jupiter along with this Full Moon, reckless actions and highly-inflamed emotions could heighten the tensions.  Strong opinions, deep passions and treacherous undercurrents will be swirling around; be vigilant and stay away from potentially disruptive situations, people & places (particularly with the testy Mercury-Mars conjunction on October 29).  Since the sign SCORPIO is associated with the colon, adrenal glands and the reproductive organs, you’ll want to stay especially mindful at this time.

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Halloween is likely to be filled with fun & surprises this year, due to the romantic Venus-Uranus trine occurring that day.  Say yes to any spontaneous social invitations, be willing to take a chance on love and dare to do things differently.  BOO!

November could start off hot & bothered with the overblown Sun-Jupiter opposition on the 2nd.  Speak your truth — and be sure to practice what you preach. A tendency towards recklessness & exaggeration will be in the energy field, but  don’t make mountains out of molehills! With the confusing Venus-Neptune opposition on November 3, followed by the erratic Mercury-Uranus opposition on November 4, you’ll want to double-check your sources and not believe everything you hear.  Things may not be what they seem.  In the midst of all this chaos & craziness, don’t forget to turn your clock back before you turn in for the evening!

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Fortunately, Saturn (in PISCES) finally turns direct (after a 4-1/2-month retrograde) on the 4th, bringing a note of reality & practicality with it.  Any obstacles or delays you may have been encountering lately will begin to lighten up from here on.  You’ll be ready to make some significant commitments involving work, health, exercise, sleep and spiritual development.  Provide some assistance to someone less fortunate than yourself; give your pets some extra love & care.

Along with new hobbies or interests, some stimulating developments in friendships and social alliances could get off the ground with the playful Venus-Pluto trine on November 6.  A spiritual uplift will accompany this aspect as the sensitive Mercury-Neptune trine slides in on the same day.  Consider going to a concert, movie or meditation circle; perhaps a walk along the beach?  Be sure to celebrate this magical, mystical day in a meaningful way!

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Venus leaves VIRGO and enters LIBRA on November 8, providing a calm, gentle presence to balance out the heavy emotionalism of the SCORPIO energy.  Once the frustrating Venus-Saturn inconjunct has peaked—on the same day—you will want to nourish yourself with pleasurable social interactions, collaborative efforts, aesthetic delights and cultural activities.  Strive for harmony, fair play and justice for all — let there be peace on earth!

The enterprising  Mercury-Pluto sextile, also on the 8th, will inspire new projects & possibilities.  And late on November 9, Mercury will leave goal-oriented SCORPIO and move on to adventurous SAGITTARIUS.  Good humor, philosophical conversations and travel plans will proliferate, especially after the pessimistic Mercury-Saturn square finishes up on November 10.  With both Mercury & Venus now in fire & air signs, respectively, the heaviness begins to lighten up and things will start to become less muddy and more clear.

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A wild, crazy & erratic energy is afoot as the  volatile Mars-Uranus opposition peaks on November 11, followed by the unpredictable Sun/Uranus opposition on the 13th.  Be prepared for some major disruptions, interruptions, shocks, surprises or radical changes in plans,  This represents a time of uncertainty, sudden twists & turns, breakups or breakthroughs, along with possible electrical storms, power outages or computer glitches.   The urge for freedom of expression can lead to controversy or confrontation, as well as inventions, ah-ha moments and unusual circumstances.  Stay detached, expect the unexpected and be open to alternative options.

These challenging aspects will go right along with the potent New Moon in SCORPIO, which falls on November 13 at 1:27 am PST.  Utilize the power of this new moon to propel you to new heights — set your intentions clearly.  Plant the seeds of future achievement! The will-power, determination and courage for developing successful strategies are available to you now.  Stay on top of things, allow the force to move through you — and get your ego out of the way.  You may develop an interest in hypnosis, martial arts, espionage, war history and occult studies.  It’s a great time to delve into the ancient mysteries of the universe!

The sweet Mercury-Venus sextile on November 15 could bring a mid-week delight, such as a lunch with a good friend or a relaxing stroll in the park.  Watch a tendency to overindulge or take on too much that evening, however, due to Jupiter‘s inconjunct to these two planets.  Too much of a good thing isn’t necessarily a good thing!

Friday, November 17 will be a stellar day, with both the Sun & Mars forming an uplifting trine to Neptune.  You could feel psychically-attuned to those around you;  compassion & healing feelings will fill your heart.  Dance, listen to music, get out your instruments and sing a song of joy.  If you’ve been considering getting a pet, the perfect one could find you now.  The dynamic Sun-Mars conjunction in SCORPIO also peaks on the 17th — an ideal day to set your goals in motion and go for the gusto.   Mark this high vibrational day on your calendar and put these powerful planetary energy to good use!

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This solar month comes to an end with a wonderful spirit of renewal & regeneration as the creative Sun-Pluto sextile (November 20) and the entrepreneurial Mars-Pluto sextile (November 21) unfold.  You may sense that everything you’ve worked through this month is now being rewarded.  Takes some risks and have fun!

This is a potent month ahead, filled with challenges & opportunities.  Strive for personal mastery,  self-control and long-term accomplishments.  May you find success in all your endeavors!!

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