Cheers!! The Sun is now in SAGITTARIUS and the holiday season is officially underway — it’s time to eat, drink and be merry!  Following the challenges and emotional storms of the past SCORPIO monthFriendsgiving Cornucopia, we are clearly ready for an attitude adjustment!  Now’s the time for connecting, communicating and celebrating with friends & family — ’tis the season to be jolly!  A spirit of hope, optimism and generosity is in the air; it’s the month for counting your blessings, expressing thanks for all the good in your life — and sharing the abundance.  Let the gratitude flow!

A mutable fire sign, SAGITTARIUS is associated with expansion, inspiration, faith, knowledge and wisdom.  Educational, religious, spiritual and philanthropic ideals will be illuminated during this solar month (along with the sparkling holiday lights & decorations).   Re-examine your belief systems and strive for truth, understanding and tolerance.  Speak from your heart, practice what you preach and utilize the power of positive thinking to your advantage.

Kick up your heels and let the good times roll! The horse is a perfect symbol for SAGITTARIUS, with its ability to travel long distances, as well as carry people and information (think Pony Express). You could find yourself exploring customs, traditions & belief systems from other countries,  connecting with friends from far-away places and making contact with more foreigners than usual.  Political machinations, foreign policy, global health, international trade, immigration, foreign policy, sports, higher education, religion and ethics will likely be the hot topics of the month.

The Sun joins both Mercury and Venus in SAGITTARIUS as this solar month takes off, encouraging laughter and lightheartedness.  As the old adage goes: “Live well, laugh often, love much!” The New Moon in SAGITTARIUS, which gallops in on Wednesday, November 23 at 2:57 pm PST, gives this holiday season a vibrant jump-start.  It will seem that everybody is blowing & going from this point on.  Many of you will be traveling far & wide to be with loved ones—or making future travel plans.  On the same day, Jupiter, ruler of SAGITTARIUS, turns direct (after being retrograde for the past 4 months).  This just adds fuel to the fire — it’s time to get on your horse and ride!

Jovial SAGITTARIUS is infamous for excess and extravagance; its planet, Jupiter, is the largest one in our solar system — no wonder we tend to overindulge during this month!  Since Jupiter is currently in PISCES, kindness, compassion & charity will go a long way.  You could find much satisfaction in contributing to worthy causes and being of service to those less fortunate than  yourself; it could be a good time to adopt a new pet.  Be kind to yourself, too — make healthy choices, get enough rest and remember to stay hydrated.   At the same time, sing, dance and let your spirit soar; let music fill your soul!  There is a healing, angelic energy in the air — soak it up!

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The Moon is in SAGITTARIUS on Thanksgiving Day, inspiring high spirits, honest conversations (and of course, the tendency to go overboard with food & drink).  Enjoy sharing a good meal, stories, humor, opinions and sports with family & friends.  The rest of this holiday weekend might be a rat race when it comes to shopping, shows & restaurants, as numerous inconjunct aspects may require adjustments to plans.  On the other hand, Cyber Monday, on November 28, could be one of your best times for bargains, blessed by the productive Mars-Saturn trine.  Practical matters can be easily handled with the Mercury-Saturn sextile on the 29th.

The oppositions to Mars from both Mercury (29th) and Venus (30th), however, seem to indicate possible competition for products, supply chain issues or miscommunications.  And the chaotic Mercury-Neptune square on December 1 can signify misunderstandings or fraudulent activities.  Keep your eyes open and pay attention to the details; consciously rein yourself in from going overboard, promising more than you can deliver or biting off more than you can chew.  The Venus-Saturn sextile, on the evening of the 1st, could smooth things over and bring a more calm, peaceful feeling to your life.  Check in with your supportive friends and  family members.

Mystical Neptune (in PISCES, its own sign) turns direct on December 3 following a 5-month retrograde cycle.  While the evasive Venus-Neptune square, on the same day, could add to the confusion—especially in social situations—as this transition is occurring, it does indicate that clarity & charity is on its way.  And with Jupiter also in PISCES, the chances are that some important healing can begin to take place—physically, emotionally and mentally.  The time is coming for a major spiritual uplift!

As Mercury nears the end of its journey through exuberant SAGITTARIUS, you may want to take advantage of marketing & networking activities, sign up for winter classes, catch up on your reading, join a gym oImage result for christmas hollyr initiate a writing project.  If you haven’t already gotten to it, now’s a good time to send out greeting cards, get holiday decorations out & up and handle last-minute shopping.  Once the over-expansive Mercury-Jupiter square comes to a peak on December 5, you may be feeling a bit burned out. You’ll probably be ready to kick back and slow down by the time Mercury moves on to practical CAPRICORN in the afternoon of December 6.  Utilize this next few weeks to regroup and put your feet back on the ground.

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Much light will be shed on things as this hectic Full Moon in SAGITTARIUS/GEMINI peaks on December 7 (at 8 08 pm PST).  There will be lots to talk about amidst a whirlwind of activity — avoid getting overloaded, overextended or over-stressed. Be prepared for traffic snarls, transportation complications and communication snafus.  You’ll want to take some deep breaths, maintain your sense of humor and keep your eyes on the road, especially with the capricious Sun-Uranus inconjunct and the competitive Sun-Mars opposition occurring at the same time.  This will be a very intense day, filled with some surprises, interruptions or possible confrontations. The energy keeps ramping up as the excessive Venus-Jupiter square comes to a head on the 9th.  Take it easy!

On the evening of December 9, Venus leaves jovial SAGITTARIUS and joins Mercury & Pluto in serious CAPRICORN.   Sobriety is in, excess is out!  A note of realism enters the picture, requiring you to deal with some personal obligations or professional responsibilities.  During the next few weeks, you could take pleasure in listening to classical music, singing carols and revisiting ancestral traditions.  You’ll also be putting more thought into connecting with old friends and relatives; honor your elders!  The stabilizing Sun-Saturn sextile, on December 12, will continue to bring things down to earth; solid business decisions or financial transactions could be successfully handled now.

However, the spacey Sun-Neptune square, which peaks on the 14th, could lead to dissipation, avoidance or victimization — or heighten your spiritual or psychic sensitivities.  Utilize your powers of visualization and discrimination to channel this escapist energy in wholesome ways.  Stay conscious, don’t believe everything you hear and steer clear of toxic people or unhealthy situations.  Be especially cautious with drugs & alcohol during this transit!  Make it a point to strengthen your immune system, keep hydrated and get your sleep.  The clarifying Mercury-North Node trine (on the 15th) could provide some helpful grounding.

Sagittarius vector Zodiac sign bright stars in cosmos.With the Moon in LIBRA shining its sweet energy over social activity on the busy weekend before Christmas, try to keep your equilibrium as you rush from one gathering to another!  The scintillating Mercury-Uranus trine, on Saturday, December 17, will add a special sparkle to parties, family get-togethers, music events and cultural activities.  It will also brighten up Hanukkah celebrations which begin at sundown on December 18.  You may need to balance out your social time on the 19th with some attention to personal or professional goals (Venus-Mars inconjunct), but by that evening, things should be more harmonious (Venus-North Node trine).

On the final day of this solar month (December 20), Jupiter—ruler of SAGITTARIUS—leaves watery PISCES and leaps back into fiery ARIES (where it will remain until mid-May ’23).  Cameras, lights, action! An impulsive, playful spirit will re-emerge, launching new creative projects and enterprising ideas.  The upcoming five months will be a time for new beginnings of all kinds: hobbies, business ventures and romance.  Manifest your dreams!

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Fall is ending as we prepare for the Winter Solstice (on the 21st), so make good use of this expansive SAGITTARIUS month — think big, aim your sights high and shoot for the stars!  Best wishes to you and your loved ones for a SAFE, HEALTHY & HAPPY holiday season!!

PS.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY & SOLAR RETURN to my positive, uplifting SAGITTARIUS friends! Image result for jupiter


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