Winter is officially here!  It’s time to chill out, warm up and snuggle in with family and friends! The Sun’s entrance into CAPRICORN on Christmas Candles BurningDecember 21 initiates the new season, the Winter Solstice, and the shortest day of the year.  From now on, we’ll be getting more daylight hours as the Sun appears to reverse directions and head northward.

Since the beginnings of civilization, this ”return of the light” has been a time for celebrating the sacred, as well as the secular.  Religious, spiritual & community traditions are observed, ancestral customs are honored and familial ties are being renewed and revitalized.

A cardinal, earth sign, CAPRICORN is associated with structure, the status quo, form, societal traditions, government, rules & regulations, contracts, business matters, insurance, death & taxes.  The focus this month is on discipline, integrity, accountability, contracts & commitments, parental responsibilities and financial obligations.  During the past expansive SAGITTARIUS month, we stretched out our pocketbooks & our waistlines — now we need to tighten our belts and conserve our energies.  Sobriety is in, excess is out!

With Saturn, ruler of CAPRICORN, currently in the unconventional sign, AQUARIUS, you could experience surprises, magic & miracles this month.  At the same time, sudden changes & rearrangements,UP TO THE UNIVERSE (Original Haiku) - Part 8 — Steemit interruptions, breakthroughs, break-ups, computer bugs or electrical outages could arise.  Expect the unexpected!  This holiday season is likely to be out of the ordinary, with  traditional rituals and routines disrupted due to travel challenges, the pandemic and other health concerns.  However, you can take advantage of this edgy, topsy-turvy energy and utilize it to emancipate yourself from limiting habits & ruts, as well as outgrown relationships and thinking patterns.

With the Sun, Mercury, Venus & Pluto all together in CAPRICORN as this solar month begins, the weather is likely to be colder than usual!  The main emphasis will be on restructuring, stabilizing and paring things down to the essentials.  Take care of business, deal with practical matters, assess your personal & joint resources and create greater security & safety in your personal universe.  Keep your feet solidly on the ground! 

Avoid the temptation to load up your credit cards (especially with the impulsive and excessive Sun-Jupiter square on the 21st).  Curb a tendency to overindulge, overdo or overspend! The evening of the Solstice itself could be quite special & serendipitous for social or romantic connections due to the scintillating Venus-Uranus trine.  Get out, mingle and let the magic happen!!

The New Moon in CAPRICORN—at 2:17 am PST on December 23—will set the stage for upcoming month.  It’s the time for establishing priorities and cementing intentions. [Let’s hope Congress will be responsible and fund the government prior to taking off for the holidays!].  With patience, self-discipline and conscientious effort, you’ll be able to manifest your ideas and set your plans into motion.  Turn your inner mountain goat loose to scale the heights — the force is with you. . .

Christmas Eve could be especially sweet and sensitive with the mystical Mercury-Neptune sextile elevating the energy field; a healing vibe is in the air.  Allow for spontaneity on December 25-26 (Christmas Day & Boxing Day), as the Moon will be in unpredictable AQUARIUS.  It could be a good day for playing with new electronics, technologies, software or robotic toys.

You may want to attend a concert, get out your instrument, take in a meditation event or go to a spa on December 27-28.  The uplifting Venus-Neptune sextile and Moon in PISCES could help recharge you spiritually in the midst of this materialistic period.  The gentle Mercury-Venus conjunction on December 29 will only add to the sweetness — make it a point to join up with like-minded individuals!

Also on December 29, Mercury turns retrograde (until January 18) for its 3-week review & re-evaluation period.  Since it will be in the sign CAPRICORN, it will be a time for going back over joint finances, tax & legal issues and paperwork from the past year, along with business or bureaucratic matters. Check in with the elders of your tribe and make sure they’re okay.  This retrograde cycle will likely slow down any major progress, but it will make sure that you lay solid foundations.  And as always, you will want to delay start-ups, elective surgeries or any purchases of vehicles, computers or electronics until this cycle is over.  Instead, do your diligent research and get ready to move forward after the 18th (and particularly once the Sun enters progressive AQUARIUS on January 20).

The Sun-Mars inconjunct on December 30 will require an adjustment in your activity level and environment awareness.  With Mars retrograding in GEMINI (associated with the lungs, nose, sinuses and hands), make sure you take time to breathe.  Be more careful than usual when you’re out circulating with lots of people, as respiratory ailments are more pervasive than usual these days.

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New Year‘s celebrations could be more exciting and lively this year due to the playful, transformative Venus-Pluto conjunction on the evening of December 31.  It’s a great night to bring together good friends & family in a creative, joyful mix; dynamic new social or romantic relationships could be forged this evening..  Enjoy yourself and the fireworks!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  The first day of 2023 starts off with the relaxing Mercury-Neptune sextile, and the Moon in comforting TAURUS through January 2.  You’ll probably want to just hang out around the house, chill and chat with family & friends.  On the Royalty-Free photo: Flame sparks on black metal board | PickPikevening of the 2nd, Venus leaves the pack in CAPRICORN and moves on to quirky AQUARIUS — inspiring a very interesting start to the New Year!  With Venus now in AQUARIUS, unusual characters will appear in your life and you could be attracted to off-beat interests and social activities. Put up your 2023 calendar! The expansive Venus-Jupiter sextile on January 4 could open up some opportunities to develop new friendships or initiate an exciting new project.   In addition, the enlightening Sun-Uranus trine, on the 5th, will release an inventive, independent spirit.  Cut loose and explore alternative approaches!

The emotionally-charged Full Moon in CAPRICORN & CANCER on January 6 at 3:08 pm PST could stir up survival issues, financial concerns, parental matters and unconscious fears.  You’ll want to strike a balance between meeting your commitments to the needs of others — while taking care of your own needs at the same time.  Nurture yourself, as well as your loved ones.  Do your best to be reasonable and responsible with expenditures, food and feelings.

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Utilize the clarifying Sun-Mercury conjunction, on the 7th, to make plans & lists — and redefine priorities for the year ahead.  You’ll be awakening to new options & possibilities with the electrical Mercury-Uranus trine on January 8.  Perhaps a good day to make some New Year‘s resolutions? The sexy, energetic Venus-Mars trine on January 9 could bring some excitement as the week begins; romance is in the air!  However, the hard square from Venus to the Lunar Nodes that evening could nip a blooming love affair in the bud if there are too many assumptions or expectations.  Resist the temptation to force things to happen in social interactions at this time.

Mars will turn direct in GEMINI on the afternoon of January 12.  Any energies that have felt stifled or scattered will begin to free up and you could be ready to set new goals for yourself.  You may feel inspired to get back into circulation, check out classes or networking activities, go to the gym or take a short trip or two.  Neighbors & relatives could figure more prominently in your life over the next few months.Related image

With the Mercury-North Node trine on January 13, the focus will now be on putting your financial affairs in manageable condition, clearing out old files, preparing for taxes, reviewing insurance policies, reducing debts, handling any legal issues or dealing with city hall. With the New Year now underway, the influence of this practical, disciplined sign CAPRICORN will nudge (or guilt trip) you along!

The calming Sun-Neptune sextile, also on the 13th, could support your desire to re-establish normal routines and shed those extra pounds.  Lighten your load by cleaning out the closets and recycling outworn possessions.  At the same time, you could discover some major bargains at garage sales, consignment shops & department store clearances – ‘tis the season to be frugal!

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There will definitely be some unexpected developments as the erratic Venus-Uranus square comes to a head  on January 14.  Your best-laid social plans could be interrupted, so be prepared to adjust your trajectory if necessary.  Be on the alert for the silver lining in any unusual event.  You’ll also be required to adjust either your thinking or your actions as the edgy Mercury-Mars inconjunct builds up on January 16.  Monitor your thoughts before speaking, and make that you don’t project your own anxieties or self-criticisms on others.  Practice what you preach!

Hallelujah! Mercury will turn direct on the morning of January 18, so now is the time to move forward with your plans and purchases.  The turbulent, yet creative Sun-Pluto conjunction peaks on the same day, prodding you to get going!  This potent aspect can provide the impetus for some major projects or business enterprises to get off the ground.  You can expect a certain amount of upheaval or volcanic activity around this time, although that may be what it takes to get you going.   Purge, then plow ahead!

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Utilize the energy of this CAPRICORN month to get grounded, deal with the realities of life and take care of business.  Make peace with the uncertainty and explore ways to bring positive, permanent change to your life.  May you have a loving Solstice, Hanukkah, Christmas or Kwanzaa, a HAPPY NEW YEAR celebration — and a positive & potent start to 2023!File:Beating-multicolour-ruby christmas-star.gif - Wikimedia Commons

PS:  Wishing a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY & SOLAR RETURN to my solid, steadfast & supportive CAPRICORN friends!


©2022  Diane Elizabeth Clarke