SOLSTICE GREETINGS!  Winter has arrived in the northern hemisphere — chill out, slow down the pace and snuggle in with loved ones!  During the past Kostenloses Foto zum Thema: blumen, mobile wallpaper, pflanze, poinsettia, rot, vertikaler schuss, weihnachtenexpansive SAGITTARIUS month, we stretched out our pocketbooks & waistlines — and extended our horizons far and wide.  Now it’s the time to tighten our belts, conserve our energies and clarify our boundaries.  The Sun’s entrance into CAPRICORN on December 21 always signifies the beginning of the new season (and the longest night of the year).

From now on, we’ll be receiving more daylight — as the Sun appears to reverse direction, heading northward in the sky.  Bring on the light!  Since the beginnings of civilization, this ”return of the light” has been a time for celebrating the sacred, as well as the secular.  Religious, spiritual & community traditions are observed, ancestral customs are honored and familial ties are being renewed and revitalized.

A cardinal, earth sign, CAPRICORN is associated with structure, the status quo, government, permanence, expectations, rules & regulations, contracts, business matters, insurance, death & taxes.  The focus this month is on discipline, integrity, accountability, contracts, commitments, parental responsibilities and financial obligations.  Sobriety is in, excess is out!

With Saturn—ruler of CAPRICORN—currently in the sign PISCES, it’s likely that you’ll be paying more attention than usual to work,Related image health, exercise, relaxation, pets, spirituality and service to others.  Emphasize compassion, forgiveness and healing rather than escapism, self-pity or chaos.  PISCES is associated with the feet, lymphatic system and pineal gland.  You might be inspired to buy new shoes, have a foot reflexology treatment, stretch, do yoga, meditate or lose yourself in music.  Staying hydrated will help things flow along. , ,

The Sun conjoins Mercury (currently in retrograde) in productive CAPRICORN on December 22, clarifying your responsibilities and priorities.  However, later that evening, Mercury returns to jovial SAGITTARIUS and your thoughts will become more positive & upbeat.  The grounded Sun-Saturn sextile on Christmas Eve will bring a sense of well-being, along with some positive action with the Mars-North Node trine that evening.

The uplifting Venus-Neptune trine on Christmas Day will inspire a day of relaxation, social pleasure and spiritual renewal.   Enjoy this lovely respite prior to the emotionally-charged FULL MOON in CAPRICORN & CANCER, which comes to a head on December 26Full Moon Night Landscape Background (59) by anavrin-stock on DeviantArt (Kwanzaa & Boxing Day) at 4:33 pm PST.  This particular Full Moon  could stir up survival issues, financial concerns, parental matters and unconscious fears.  You’ll want to strike a balance between meeting your commitments to the needs of others — while taking care of your own needs at the same time.  Nurture yourself, as well as your loved ones.  Do your best to be reasonable and responsible with finances, food and feelings (especially since the spacey Mercury-Neptune square peaks that evening).

A day of heartfelt communication, laughter and opportunity awaits you on December 27 with the exuberant Sun-Jupiter trine, along with the mentally-alert Mercury-Mars conjunction.  Plan some time to refresh and catch up on your sleep the next day, though, as the exhausting Mars-Neptune square on the 28th could bring about chaos or confusion if you’ve been running too hard & fast.  You’ll likely rebound by that evening with the fun-loving Venus-Pluto sextile; playful social interactions could stimulate new friendships and alliances, so say yes to any invitations that arise!

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On December 29, Venus leaves SCORPIO and moves on to join both Mercury & Mars in exuberant SAGITTARIUS.  With these 3 planets now together in a fire sign for the next week, you’ll be feeling more optimistic, enthusiastic and adventurous than usual.  Travel plans, education, religion & philosophy, sports, global affairs and long-distance communications will be highlighted as 2023 comes to a close.

Last but not least, Jupiter (the ruling planet of SAGITTARIUS) turns direct on the evening of December 30—after a 4-month retrograde.  And you’ll be ready to kick up your heels and let the good times roll with the Moon-Jupiter trine (final aspect of the year) on New Year’s Eve.  CHEERS!!

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2024 stars off on a serious note with the somber Venus-Saturn square —an aspect which can require a realistic re-evaluation of friendships and romantic relationships.  And if you partied too hearty the night before, you may have some regrets!  With the Moon in VIRGO on January 1, it could be a great day for self-analysis, clarification and list-making (possibly regarding what you’d like to accomplish in the New Year ahead).  By the evening, though, Mercury will turn direct in SAGITTARIUS — and it will be the time to release the past and move forward with hope and a positive attitude!

You will want to make some adjustments to your social alliances and activities with the Venus-Jupiter inconjunct on January 3.  Rearrange things so that you don’t feel so overwhelmed.  Once Mars begins its new 6-week transit in  conscientious CAPRICORN on January 4, you will be ready to get organized, put your files & finances in order and get your 2024 appointment book and calendars up & running!

While you may have a challenge getting back into the swing of things with the befuddled Mercury-Neptune square on January 8, the electrifying Sun-Uranus trine the next day could bring in much clarity amazing insight & magical connections your way   Also on the 9th, the practical Sun-Saturn sextile will support you in preparing for taxes, reviewing insurance matters, dealing with city hall and taking care of business in general.

For the past week, life may have felt somewhat edgy due to the stressful Sun-Lunar Nodes square (aka Moon Wobble) on January 10.  This is the middle of a 2-week cycle of instability which is a setup for precarious situations.  Avoid taking rash, impulsive actions and hold off on any major decisions until all the facts are in.  Be slow, sure and steady in implementing your plans.

In the midst of these unsettled times, the New Moon in CAPRICORN (on January 11 at 3:57 am PST) will nudge you to establish your priorities, cement your intentions and solidify your commitments. Put your financial affairs in manageable condition, reduce debts and deal with legal, business or bureaucratic matters.  Face up to any back, knee, teeth, hair or skin issues that have been limiting or plaguing you (all associated with CAPRICORN). Once you’ve set these practical matters in motion, turn your inner mountain goat loose to scale the heights. . .

The expansive Mars-Jupiter trine on January 12 could inspire you to create more comfort and usable space in your base of operations.  Lighten your load by cleaning out the closets and recycling outworn possessions; at the same time, you could discover some major bargains at garage sales, consignment shops & department store/Internet clearances — ‘tis the season to be frugal!

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Mercury leaves merry SAGITTARIUS and joins the Sun, Mars & Pluto in constructive CAPRICORN on January 13.  Much can be accomplished in the upcoming week with 6 out of 10 planets in earth signs!  Instead of taking things too seriously, getting depressed or getting caught up in fear-based thinking, make a realistic assessment of what needs to be done in your personal life and pour yourself into constructive endeavors.  With patient, disciplined and conscientious efforts, you could lay down some sturdy structures & foundations — and prepare the way for major new developments to get off the ground.

By January 14, the uncertain Venus-Uranus inconjunct may require you to readjust any social obligations or connections that aren’t aligned with your current goals.  Solidify those relationships that support you on your path as the harmonious Venus-North Node trine unfolds at the same time.  Assistance is on the way with the helpful Sun-Neptune sextile on the 15th; pay attention to your dreams, consult a spiritual advisor or set aside time to meditate, listen to music or stretch your limbs.  Give your pets some special attention, too.

January 18 & 19 could be your most productive days so far, with the ambitious Mercury-Saturn sextile and the inspired  Mercury-Jupiter trine.  With the added support from the Moon in TAURUS, you’ll have the basic tools necessary for turning your fantasies into realities.  Don’t allow the dreamy Venus-Neptune square, also on the 19th, to distract you from your purpose; instead, channel your imagination into a clear vision of  how you want your life to be.

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Early on the morning of January 20, the transformational Sun-Pluto conjunction — in the final degree of realistic CAPRICORN — will bring this solar month to an intense, seismic close with a dramatic new beginning.  A significant initiation is underway!  Later that day, both the Sun & Pluto move on together into futuristic AQUARIUS (where Pluto will stay for the next 20 years).

Take care of business this month so that you can be well-prepared for the potent changes that are on the immediate horizon.  Wishing you & yours a loving Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa and Boxing Day — and a positive, hopeful start to 2024.  HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

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PS:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY & SOLAR RETURN to my solid, trustworthy CAPRICORN friends!


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