Feeling a need for a physical, emotional and spiritual tune-up?  With the Sun now in PISCES, it’s the month for retreat, introspection and healing.  Following the edgy AQUARIUS month—marked by divisiveness & disturbances in the energy field—you may be feeling a need to step back, calm your nerves and turn your attention inward. Prioritize some time for transcending the mundane realities of life and deepening your connection with spirit.  Lift your vibration!

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Be compassionate with yourself and others, practice forgiveness and take time out from your daily routine to tune in to your inner mystic — meditate, contemplate and allow your imagination to soar.  Acknowledge your fantasies and visualize your life the way you want it to unfold.  Pay special attention to your dreams, as they may be particularly revealing these days.  Your unconscious mind is particularly active now, so you may gain some deep insights into your innermost thoughts & motivations.

Consult your favorite oracles for insights and guidance: pull out your Tarot deck, animal cards, Runes or pendulum. and consider paying a visit to a psychic or intuitive counselor.  Sing, dance, paint, write poetry or play your instrument.  Allow your Dionysian side to come out of hiding — let music or exotic substances transport you to ecstatic states.  Surrender to your higher self and take whatever steps are necessary to elevate your mood and your spirits!

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The sign PISCES is associated with empathy, charity, devotion & sacrifice—the light will shine this month on minorities, immigrants, refugees, victims of abuse, lost souls and helpless creatures.  Find ways to be of service to those less fortunate than yourself.   Contribute whatever you can to improving the lives of those beings who are suffering, but avoid taking on their pain in the process.  As Joseph Campbell says, “We cannot cure the world of sorrows, but we can choose to live in joy.”  Do everything you can to channel a helpful spirit in a positive, life-affirming way — and at the same time, set clear personal boundaries and take the high road.

Neptune—ruling planet of PISCES—is also in PISCES these days (and nearing the end of its 14-year cycle there).  We can expect a very spacey period ahead — and most likely, more rain, clouds & fog than usual.  The escape urge—that dark underbelly of the PISCES nature—will be more seductive than usual.  It can take on many forms, such as wallowing in alcohol, drugs, food, illness, overwork, avoidance, self-pity, submersion into others’ problems, or being glued to the TV. Chaos, confusion, misinformation, fear-mongering, lies, conspiracies, self-deception, masochism, paranoia or delusions can run rampant now!  Be vigilant and guard against being sucked in by negative energies, human parasites or nasty viruses.  Do your utmost to protect your health & psyche — and rise above it all.

How sweet it is that the Sun‘s entrance into PISCES coincides with the President’s Day holiday!  Aside from sleeping in and tuning out, it could be the perfect time to visit the ocean or hot springs, go fishing, soak in the tub or visit an aquarium. The sparkling Venus-Mars conjunction (in quirky AQUARIUS) follows up with a sexy sizzle on February 21.  Hook up with a fun-loving friend or two and brighten up the middle of the week with some unique, spontaneous activity!

On the 23rd, Mercury leaves AQUARIUS and joins the Sun, Saturn & Neptune in PISCES for the next 2 weeks.  With 4 planets now in PISCES, start off the weekend with some healthy escapism!  Consider taking a spa day and treating yourself to an herbal wrap, steam, sauna, massage or foot reflexology treatment.  You may want to go see a movie, take in a concert, attend a poetry reading or participate in a healing retreat.

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A clarifying light will be shed on whatever needs to be healed, fixed or resolved as the FULL MOON in PISCES & VIRGO comes to a head on February 24 at 4:30 am PST.  Tie up some loose ends, put your life in order and focus on your feelings.  If health or job challenges interfere with your plans, just roll with the punches and go with the flow.   You may have a tendency to “party too hearty” later that day with the exuberant Venus-Jupiter square.  Enjoy yourself, but stay conscious and  don’t go overboard!

Next, on February 27, the “burn the candle at both ends” Mars-Jupiter square peaks, amping up the energy and possibly blowing things out of proportion.  Avoid burnout and don’t take on more than you can handle!  You’ll be definitely be brought down to earth with the heavy 3-way conjunction between the Sun, Mercury & Saturn on the next day (28th). This will bring about a major reality check!  Slow down, take stock and be compassionate with yourself and others.  While some temporary delays, obstacles or setbacks may occur, with discipline, patience & perseverance, you could manifest a long-held dream around this time.  Make it real!

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Fortunately, the uplifting Mercury-Jupiter sextile follows with much positive energy on February 29 (Leap Year Day).  And the expansive Sun-Jupiter sextile on March 1 starts off the new month with an optimistic, adventurous spirit.  You may be inspired to make travel plans, sign up for a class, begin a writing project or engage in some sports activities.  Stretch your legs and extend your horizons!

Stay spontaneous and expect the unexpected on Sunday, March 3, due to the unpredictable Venus-Uranus square that day.  Sudden changes, interruptions, separation or surprise visitors  could disrupt your best-laid plans.  Social activities may turn out differently than you thought, or you could bump into some unusual characters.  The enlightening Mercury-Uranus sextile follows on March 4, stimulating  you with original ideas, brilliant insights and alternative perspectives.  Electricity is in the air! You may feel drained, exhausted or enervated as the week ends on March 8 due to the spacey Mercury-Neptune conjunction in PISCES.  Be especially careful with alcohol & drugs, as they may have a more potent effect than usual.  A good night’s sleep will probably cure what ails you — and prepare you for a very lively weekend ahead.

The explosive Mars-Uranus square (from AQUARIUS to TAURUS)  has been building up over the past week, and comes to a head on March 9.  Look for safe & healthy outlets for letting off some steam!  Be cautious with electricity, computers & mechanical objects, and avoid dangerous sports, risky activities and crazy people. The enlightening Sun-Uranus sextile electrifies the energy field at the same time, opening you up to magic & miracles in your work and home environment.

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Later on the evening of March 9, Mercury leaves dreamy PISCES and moves on to playful ARIES.  A creative, enterprising spirit will emerge, inspiring you to initiate new hobbies, projects or business ventures. You may even feel up to planning a serious spring-cleaning and getting off to a fresh start.

A new day dawns with the NEW MOON in PISCES on Sunday, March 10 (at 1:00 am PST),  An hour later, Daylight Savings Time officially begins, so be sure to change your clocks (spring forward) before you go to bed on Saturday night!  While you may lose an hour of sleep, you’ll gain an hour of daylight later on.  The action-oriented Mercury-Pluto sextile, also on the 10th, will stimulate creative new ideas and activities.  Put some pleasurable plans into motion!

Image result for lotus flowerAlong with your spiritual, mental & emotional health, your physical health is of primary importance this month.  PISCES (a mutable water sign) is associated with the feet, the pineal gland and the lymphatic system, making this month an ideal time for a detox, cleanse or fast.

Boost your immune system with vitamins, supplements, minerals, aromatherapy oils, homeopathics & flower essences; exercise, stretch, catch up on your sleep and drink lots of water.  It might be a good time to see your doctor, clear up any health issues, do some volunteer work or just have a good cry.  Hugging your pet could also  be very helpful!

On March 11, Venus leaves AQUARIUS and joins the Sun, Saturn & Neptune in PISCES.  Social activities could revolve around music events, spiritual groups or volunteer organizations; friendships can be made through the gym, yoga & meditation classes and health-oriented activities (or even walking the dog).  You may feel a strong desire to adopt a furry friend, donate to an animal rights organization or take your pet to the vet for a wellness check-up.

This solar month comes to an appropriate end with the meditative Sun-Neptune conjunction in PISCES on Sunday, March 17 (which also is St. Patrick’s Day).  While this could be a day of dissipation and escapism, it can also be a day of spiritual attunement and inspiration.  The symbol for PISCES is of two fish—connected by a reed, one swimming upstream and the other swimming downstream.  The challenge is to integrate the physical with the spiritual, the depths with the heights.  Merge with the universe!

Clear out the chaos & confusion, wash off the residues of winter and prepare yourself for the vibrant renewal that’s about to spring forth. With the dynamic Mercury-North Node conjunction in ARIES, on March 18, you’re at the right time and place to take a big leap forward.  A new season of rejuvenation and rebirth is just around the corner. . . Image result for fish

PS  HAPPY BIRTHDAY & SOLAR RETURN to my compassionate, caring PISCES friends!!

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