Hallelujah!  ‘Tis the season for renewal and rejuvenation!  The Sun‘s entrance into ARIES on March 20 has initiated the first day of Spring and the Vernal Equinox in the northern hemisphere that time of year when days & nights are of equal lengths.  A cardinal fire sign, ARIES is associated with rebirth, transformation and new beginnings.  Blossoms and babies are bursting forth everywhere, evidence of the awesome regenerative forces of nature. The flavor of the month is hot, bold & intense!

The mythological phoenix — rising from its ashes, only to fly higher — is an appropriate representation of the sign ARIES.  Along with mother earth, now is the time to wash off the residues of winter and fire yourself up for your annual metamorphosis! Throw yourself into some spring cleaning, purge the past and prepare for takeoff! This month is ripe for initiating new hobbies & projects, developing your talents, launching a business venture or taking a chance with love.

The dynamic New Moon in ARIES burst forth on March 21 at 10:23 am PDT. Hit the refresh button — it’s the astrological new year!  Take advantage of this enthusiastic, enterprising & innovative spirit — whatever is initiated from this point on can have a major impact on the year ahead. Pioneer unexplored pathways, do things you’ve never done before and be willing to take a few risks.  Express your creativity through art, music or dance activities.  Let your inner child out to play!  You may enjoy spending some quality time with children and refreshing your outlook on life — remember what it feels like to be young, exuberant, fun-loving & playful!Image result for aries symbol Mercury and Jupiter are with the Sun in ARIES as this solar month begins, along with the dwarf planet Eris and the asteroid Chiron. There’s going to be a lot of shaking going on with all this fiery energy! Don’t be surprised if you encounter some turbulence and volcanic activity along the way – it’s par for the course.  Pluto, the ruling planet of ARIES, is associated with transformation, upheavals, explosions, volcanic eruptions and nuclear energy.

Coincidentally, Pluto itself is undergoing its own transformation on March 23 as it takes its first steps into AQUARIUS in over 548 years!   It’s been in serious CAPRICORN since 2008, the year that the banks & financial markets turned the world upside down.  It’s ironic to see the bank collapses that have been happening as this cycle comes to an end.  It doesn’t seem that we have learned our lesson yet!  Pluto will only stay in AQUARIUS for 2-1/2 months, until June 11.  However, this will give us a sneak preview of what’s ahead for us when Pluto settles back into its 20-year cycle in AQUARIUS in 2024.

While moving from an earth sign to an air sign, the emphasis will be less on the physical than the mental.  AQUARIUS is associated with the future & freedom, while CAPRICORN is associated with the past & limitation. Symbolically, it’s out with the old, in with the new!  Strive for equality and teamwork in your personal & professional life.  We are moving towards a global awakening on an unprecedented scale, fueled by artificial intelligence, technological advances, scientific discoveries and medical breakthroughs.

There will be a choice between developing partnerships & positive alliances — or projecting more enmity & antagonism in the world.  We will certainly experience a face-off between those who see “woke” as a bad thing — and those who truly aim to become more awake & aware.  There will be some polarizing, revolutionary & surprising times ahead, some coming from where least expected!  There is usually an event that marks such a potent planetary transition — possibly the indictment of Trump?  Keep your eyes wide open, and choose faith over fear.

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Mars begins a new 2-month cycle in nurturing CANCER on March 25, after having been in the restless air sign, GEMINI, since last August.  CANCER, a cardinal water sign, is associated with the river — it’s time to get back in the flow! You’ll feel a need to pull your scattered energies together and refocus on survival matters, financial security, fuel, food & nutrition.  It’s a good time to stock up on necessities, replenish the cupboards & frig, put your personal finances in order and tune in to your needs & feelings.  The Mars-Pluto inconjunct, also on the 25th, indicates that some major adjustments in attitude & action will be required.

The uplifting Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in ARIES could bring up some hopeful perspectives on March 27.  It’s a good time to launch a new business, hobby or project, or make some travel plans.  The practical Mars-Saturn trine on March 30 will support you in taking care of business, working on taxes or re-evaluating your dietary regime.  Also on the 30th, the scintillating Venus-Uranus conjunction in TAURUS could inspire you to spiff up things around the house.  This is a wonderful day for spontaneous get-togethers, serendipitous meetings or love at first sight.  Be open to the magic!

Mercury leaves intense ARIES and settles down in mellow TAURUS on April 3, where it will have a long stay (until June 11 due to its upcoming retrograde on April 21).  A strong desire to make some monumental changes around the house could accompany the tumultuous Mercury-Pluto square, also on the 3rd. You could experience an intense, sudden urge to make some major upgrades! During this cycle, your thoughts will turn to home, family & property matters, and you’ll be focusing on putting your domestic scene into safe, stable and comfortable condition.  Make it a point to spend some time in nature and to smell the flowers!

The turbulent Full Moon in ARIESLIBRA peaks on April 5 at 9:34 pm PDT.   This tends to be a potentially volatile period, one that may require you to maintain an equilibrium between your personal projects and your social involvements.  Things can get out of balance, so do what you need to do for yourself, and at the same time, take others into consideration.  Some sensitive issues involving friends, lovers and/or children may need to be confronted and cleared up around this time.  Make an effort to maintain your equilibrium and keep your head on straight amidst the turmoil & intensity that will be playing out all around you

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Fortunately, the stabilizing Mercury-Saturn sextile also falls on the 5th, which can calm down the intensity of this Full Moon.  Home improvement projects will soon be underway, especially with the  the grounding Mercury-North Node conjunction in TAURUS on April 5 and the Mercury-Mars sextile on the 7th.  With the Venus-Neptune sextile, also on the 7th, you may be artistically-inspired to build, remodel, redecorate, get new furniture, lay carpet, tile or wood floors, landscape or put in a backyard garden.

Resurrection is the underlying message of Easter, which is always celebrated each year on the Sunday following the Full Moon in ARIES & LIBRA.  This year, it falls on April 9; the presence of the Moon in SAGITTARIUS suggests a day of joyful family celebrations for the lucky ones.  HAPPY EASTER!  

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Venus—which has been in comfortoriented TAURUS since March 16—will move on to lively GEMINI on the evening of April 10.  You’ll feel the urge to get out of the house and back into circulation for the upcoming 4 weeks.  The playful Venus-Pluto trine, on April 11, could inspire dynamic  contacts, social interactions, conversations and increased connections with relatives or neighbors.  It could be a good time to buy a car or electronic equipment, catch up on email  or take a short trip.  There may be more interesting news than usual!

The expansive Sun-Jupiter conjunction in ARIES, also on April 11, may present you with exciting opportunities to travel, learn new things, teach, write or promote your product or point of view.  Speak your truth!  You’ll feel inclined to horse around and laugh a lot.  At the same time, you’ll want to rein yourself in from running off in all directions, going overboard or leaping without looking.  Don’t bite off more than you can chew or ram your ideas onto another!Image result for mountain sheepThe frustrating Venus-Saturn square, which falls on April 14, could bring about a disappointment in a friendship or the loss of someone special to you.  Don’t put off telling your loved ones how much they mean to you!  The realistic Saturn-North Node sextile, also on the 14th, could provide the insights & understanding to heal any rifts that may have taken place.

The rare second New Moon (and Solar Eclipse) in ARIES (in the final degree of this sign) fires off on April 19 at 9:12 pm, bringing this high-energy solar month to a close with a new beginning!  If you were unable to launch your ideas & aspirations before now, this is the time to get going!

So, be good to yourself and utilize this ARIES month to transform your life.  If the refresh button isn’t enough, then hit the restart button!  Spring into action, birth some creative projects — and let the rejuvenation begin! Have a dynamic, action-oriented month ahead — HAPPY SPRING!

PS:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY & SOLAR RETURN to my creative, playful ARIES friends — have a productive & lively year ahead!Red Phoenix Clip Art at - vector clip art online, royalty free & public domain


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