Home is where the heart is this month!  The Sun is now in TAURUS, the sign associated with stability, sustainability, cultivation, comfort and domesticity.  Slow down, mellow out and smell the flowers!  Ease up Spring Flowers Free Stock CC0 Photo - StockSnap.ioon the accelerator pedal and regroup from the pandemonium of the previous ARIES month. Reconnect with mother nature — stroll through the woods, take a drive in the countryside, or enjoy a picnic in the park.  Hug a tree, roll around in the grass and feel the earth beneath your bare feet — get grounded and tune in to nature’s rhythms!

Since TAURUS is a fixed earth sign, you may feel an urge to dig your roots a little deeper and reinforce the foundation of your life.  With the nesting instinct so strong now, this is an ideal time to build, remodel, landscape, garden, redecorate, buy furniture, beds, install carpet, tile, flooring or an outdoor deck.  You might consider buying, selling or refinancing real estate—or making a major move to another locale.  Building contractors, interior designers, realtors, landscapers, nurseries and home improvement stores will likely be busier than usual these days!Domestic affairs, property matters, community involvement and environmental concerns are the major priorities now; it’s appropriate that we celebrate both Earth Day (April 22) and Mother’s Day (May 12) during this solar cycle.  You may feel like baking bread, giving/receiving a massage or reflexology treatment, studying voice, playing piano or an acoustic instrument, exploring your genealogy, consulting a feng shui expert or taking a class in ceramics, jewelry making, weaving, flower arranging or woodworking.  Indigenous art, pottery, earthy materials and natural fibers could be particularly appealing to you now.

There’s a lot of juicy energy available as the weekend of April 19 starts off.  With Venus—ruler of TAURUS—conjunct Mercury in the fire sign ARIES at the start of this new cycle, the mood will be playful & creative.  At the same time, Mars makes a stimulating sextile to both Jupiter & Uranus in TAURUS, activating some exuberant, enlightening and unexpected possibilities.  Electricity is in the air!  It’s likely that your SAGITTARIAN friends will be making some big life changes at this time, and the AQUARIANS will be opening up to some major growth opportunities.  And those born under the sign of TAURUS could be experiencing some earth-shaking revelations!

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The exhilarating & unpredictable Jupiter-Uranus conjunction—which only takes place every 14 years— peaks on Saturday, April 20.  What a dramatic way to start off this new solar month! This particular aspect symbolizes a time of breakthroughs, sudden changes, rapid advances and unprecedented times.  Because it’s occurring in TAURUS, it will have its greatest impact  in home, family, community, property, territorial, agricultural and ecological matters.  We are one big interconnected human family, currently in the midst of much conflict, disruption & disinformation.  Some significant truths could reveal themselves now. This aspect can be seismic in its scope, possibly jolting us into new levels of awareness and hopefully raising the frequency.  Those celebrating 4-20 will likely experience a very uplifting, consciousness-expanding day!

Utilize the turbulent Sun-Pluto square, on the 21st, to push through any stuck places, purge outworn idea, attitudes or possessions and move a mountain or two.  Find a healthy outlet for any pent-up stresses, and instead of building up a head of steam, channel these inner tensions into positive action.  Don’t force things or demand that others jump on your bandwagon — just BE the change you want to see happen. . .

The Full Moon (with the Moon in SCORPIO opposing the Sun in TAURUS)—also known as the Pink Moon—will reach a full boil on April 23 at 4:49 pm PDT.  From a personal perspective, strive for a harmonious balance between your personal and professional worlds, between comfort/stability and power/ambition, between the private and the public self.  Deep emotions, along with potential power struggles, domestic and territorial issues can erupt with this particular Full Moon.  This could be a trying time on the international front, considering the long-brewing battles taking place all over the planet. The challenge is to channel these potent energies constructively and defuse any potential conflicts or jealousies before they get out of control.  Button things up on the home front, protect home & family,  and make sure that your security systems are set up and in good working condition.

You’ll be happy to know that Mercury turns direct on April 25!  Since it will still be in enthusiastic ARIES, you can expect that things will accelerate quickly.  Now you can feel free & ready to leap forward with your plans, projects and important purchases (particularly vehicles, phones & electronics).  Follow any calls to action, but do look before you leap; watch a tendency to be impulsive, impatient or pushy.

Listen to your intuition, pay attention to your dreams and maintain a healthy skepticism as the spacey Mars-Neptune conjunction in PISCES peaks on April 28.  With the escape urge stronger than usual, you’ll want to search out healthy ways to retreat from the mundane realities of life.  It would be a good day to sleep in, slow down your pace and take some meditative time-out.  Visit the ocean or hot springs, soak in the tub, immerse yourself in music or dance, breathe in some aromatherapy oils and attend to your spiritual needs.  Stretch, drink lots of water and flush out your lymphatic system.  Stay away from potentially confusing, chaotic situations, as well as toxic individuals or substances.  Instead, take advantage of this amazing healing energy offered by the universe. . .

On April 29, Venus finishes up its transit of high-energy ARIES and settles down in the homebody sign TAURUS,  Pleasurable social activity will center around the domestic scene; share meals and snuggle up with loved ones and get in touch with extended family.  Tend to your creature comforts, beautify your home base and make any necessary household repairs.  Get outdoors, freshen up your yard and create a space to relax and ground your energy.  An off-the-grid camping trip could heal your soul!

How to Start a Vegetable Garden Fast (And on a Budget!)

A primal urge to experience the natural world may well up within you — make a deeper connection with the earth, put your hands in the soil and grow some vegetables, herbs, flowers or trees.  TAURUS symbolizes the “freshly plowed earth of springtime, ready for the seed.”  The best planting days for above-ground crops are:  April 19-21, May 7-8, 11-12 & 15-19; the best days for root crops and perennials are:  April 23-25 & May 2-4.

Mars makes its transition from ethereal PISCES to action-oriented ARIES on April 30, joined by the turbulent Venus-Pluto square.  You’ll have a potent urge to jump into something new & exciting, but take others into consideration while doing so.  High-pressure disturbances could arise in relationships if you are only thinking of your personal desires; allow things to unfold organically instead of forcing issues.  During the upcoming 6-week cycle with Mars in ARIES, seek out creative & fun activities to throw yourself into, develop a new interest and allow your entrepreneurial instincts to unfurl.  Take some risks and allow your inner child out to play!

Pluto begins its 5½-month retrograde on May 2, possibly bringing some upheaval or stress along with it for a few days.  This symbolizes a time for transforming and restructuring those aspects of your life in need of rejuvenation and reorganization.  The enterprising Mars-Pluto sextile will provide a burst of creative energy on May 3, inspiring you to start up a new hobby, project or business venture.  The practical Sun-Saturn sextile on May 6 could provide a solid foundation for getting long-term projects off the ground.  This is a good day to take care of business.

Plant some seeds or new ideas with the New Moon in TAURUS on May 7 at 8:22 pm.  Be gentle with yourself, indulge your senses to the max and make time to appreciate the birds & butterflies.  Whatever is initiated with this New Moon could bring long-term results, rather than immediate gratification.  Similar to the rings of a tree, growth is a process involving time, nourishment and a supportive location.

Between May 13-18, the Sun will be further illuminating the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction.  Miracles, surprises and alternative solutions will arise with the inventive Sun-Uranus conjunction on the 13th.   Stay spontaneous, keep your plans loose and expect the unexpected.   Be cautious in dealing with electricity. Unusual weather, situations or meetings could emerge from left field.  With the Venus-Saturn sextile, the same day, old friends may show up or a current relationship could take a more committed turn.  Check in with the elders of your tribe, as they may have some enlightening stories to share with you.

On May 15, Mercury finishes up its extra-long 2-month transit of intense ARIES—due to its recent retrograde—and joins the Sun, Venus, Jupiter & Uranus in mellow TAURUS.  With half the planets now  in TAURUS, you  ought to be feeling pretty chilled out!  The throat, vocal chords, neck, cervical vertebrae, lower jaw & ears are associated with TAURUS; anxiety & stress in home, family and property matters can manifest as dis-comfort in these parts of the body.  So be good to yourself, strengthen your support systems, take security measures and stabilize your personal universe.

You may experience some inner mental pressure on the evening of May 16 as the harsh Mercury-Pluto square comes to a head.  Hold your tongue and think before speaking, as your words could tumble out in hurtful ways.  Own your issues, and instead of projecting them on others, do a deep dive into what is stressing you out.

By May 18, you’ll likely feel free & clear of old issues & self-limitations if you’ve made the effort to purge the past.  You could be rewarded with magic & miracles as the scintillating Venus-Uranus conjunction in TAURUS comes into play.  Serendipitous meetings and romantic connections could add much sweetness & light into your home & family relationships.  Also on the 18th, opportunities for travel, education, writing, publishing, marketing or engaging in sporting activities could arise along with the expansive Sun-Jupiter conjunction.  A positive, hopeful and adventurous spirit could inspire you to stretch your legs and spread your wings.  Explore new horizons!

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The healing Sun-Neptune sextile will certainly bring some calm, comfort and compassion as this solar month comes to an close on May 19.  On the same day, the ambitious Mars-North Node conjunction will empower any personal goals and preparations required for the upcoming cycle.  Meanwhile, focus on all the good in your life, cultivate a sustainable lifestyle, get as comfortable as you can — and spend this TAURUS month enjoying & appreciating your home, family and community.  Be safe and well!! File:Bull-155411.svg - Wikimedia Commons

PS.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY & SOLAR RETURN to my supportive, loyal & hospitable TAURUS friends!

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