Ready to lighten up?  Need a breath of fresh air?  With the Sun now in GEMINI, you’ll be feeling an urge to get out of the house and back into circulation.  Align with the restless, mercurial spirit of this mutable air sign — get off the couch, change up your daily routines and catch up with your grapevine.  Lively conversations, interesting concepts and visits with siblings, relatives and neighbors will stimulate your mind and elevate your spirits.  You may be inspired to attend a class, workshop or lecture, make personal connections or take a short trip or two.  Variety is the spice of life!

Like a butterfly, you’ll want to flit about, gather the nectar and check out the local scene.  You’re likely to find yourself utilizing the services of the library, bookstore, post office, office supply store, newspaper, local media and internet more than usual.  There’s no better time to exchange ideas & information.  However, you may find it a challenge to juggle all your interests & activities.  Avoid running off in too many directions at once!

Since GEMINI is associated with communication, transportation & distribution, this is an optimal month to catch up with email, return phone calls and deal with any correspondence & paperwork that may have accumulated.  Considering that Mercury—ruling planet of GEMINI—is in retrograde from May 10 through June 2, you’ll want to review, edit, repair and go back over things rather than starting up new projects, business ventures or loan applications.  Put any purchases of vehicles, electronics and software on hold until Mercury turns direct.  Instead, do your research during this cycle so you’re prepared once it’s time to move forward.This solar month begins with the analytical Sun-Mercury conjunction on May 21, suggesting the perfect time to get your priorities straight and make lists of all the things you want to accomplish.  On the evening of May 22, Mercury retrogrades back into TAURUS (through June 12).  You’ll want to utilize these next three weeks for tackling those household issues that didn’t get handled the first time around.  It’s an ideal time to clear out closets, clean the carpets, scrub the tiles and refresh your indoor & outdoor plants.  Set aside time to deal with any unresolved  family or property matters.

The dynamic Mars-Pluto sextile, also on May 22, could inspire you to take care of business and get things done.  You’ll also feel inspired by the uplifting Sun-Jupiter sextile  and the mentally-stimulating Mercury-Mars sextile, both on May 23.  Personal relationships and social alignments could stabilize with the supportive Venus-Saturn sextile on May 24.  Some old friends may reappear in your life.

Mars finishes up its transit of idealistic PISCES and leaps into fiery ARIES on the afternoon of May 24.   You’re likely to experience a strong urge for action over the next 6 weeks!  Jupiter began its year-long transit of ARIES on May 10, so the desire for transformation & renewal is paramount these days!  Anything new, red & shiny could attract your attention, and the creative impulse will be much more potent than usual.  The energizing Mercury-Pluto trine on May 25 will only enhance the playfulness.  Take some risks and have fun!  However, don’t force any issues or try to make things happen on the 26th due to the star-crossed Venus-Pluto square.  If things don’t come easy, don’t push it!

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You’ll want to relax, chill out and smell the flowers once Venus enters TAURUS on May 28.  Following an intense month with Venus in ARIES, you will be ready to slow down this weekend and approach life in a more leisurely manner.  The domestic scene can be the source of much pleasure & social interaction; cuddle up with your loved ones.  Spend quality time with family, putter around the house and do things that enhance the comfort, beauty & harmony of your base of operations.  You may want to work in the garden, upgrade furniture & floor coverings or spend more time in nature.

As Mars approaches the conjunction with Jupiter in ARIES on May 29, you could feel a bit stressed with lots of things going on.  This aspect can be over-stimulating and encourage you to take on more than you can handle.   Enjoy yourself, but cool your jets a bit to avoid burn-out (or getting too much sun).  Life could be red-hot!Memorial Day celebrations will be energized with the New Moon in GEMINI on May 30 at 4:30 am PDT — life will be buzzing with activity!  It’s a wonderful day to get together with friends & family — and make new connections.  From this point on, the phone calls, emails, texts and messages will be intensifying — and it will seem that everyone’s scattering to the four winds!  Follow your curiosities and allow your inquisitive nature to lead you down some different pathways.

GEMINI is associated with the nervous system, as well as the nose, lungs, shoulders, arms and hands.  Take lots of deep breaths, oxygenate your brain and stretch your limbs.  Communicate your truth and get any unspoken issues off your chest!

Mercury turns direct on June 3 — review time is over and you can gently move ahead with your plans & projects!  However, Saturn begins its 4-1/2-month retrograde the following day (June 4), so you don’t want to rush into things right away.  The wheels of fortune tend to move slowly for a few days with this transition.  This particular retrograde initiates a time to cement your long-term intentions and solidify your commitments.  Clear up any debts & obligations, recycle outworn possessions, scrutinize insurance, tax, government or business matters, re-evaluate your habits, and put your back, knees and teeth in healthy condition.

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You can look forward to a weekend of lively conversations, playful interactions, sparkling social contacts and nurturing family get-togethers with the action-oriented Mercury-Pluto trine on June 10, followed by the scintillating Venus/Uranus conjunction on Saturday, June 11.  With the strong TAURUS emphasis, you may enjoy a picnic in the park or an outdoor adventure.  Stay open to spontaneous experiences — romance is in the air!

Mercury re-enters GEMINI on June 13 and will stay in this sign through July 4. Your thoughts will turn from household matters to more mental pursuits.  This would be an ideal time to advertise your services or products, put out a newsletter, circulate a petition or firm up your vacation plans.  It is also a good time to get a new phone, update your plan or check out some new apps; you also may be inspired to buy, sell or repair a vehicle — it’s important to have connectivity & mobility!

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You could feel stretched out, frazzled & fragmented as the Full Moon in GEMINI & SAGITTARIUS comes to a head on June 14 at 4:52 am PDT.  This also happens to be Flag Day, so political opinions and controversial conversations could get louder than usual. Allow enough time for potential traffic snarls or communication mix-ups and stay especially alert & observant on the road.  Rein in your scattered energies — breathe!

Social & romantic relationships will be enhanced as the harmonious Venus-North Node conjunction peaks on June 16; you may feel that you’re in the right place at the right time with the right people!  Since this aspect is in the sign TAURUS, there is something solid to build upon here.  The grounding Sun-Saturn trine takes place at the same time, suggesting permanence & longevity.  Be here now and don’t get lost in a fantasy world, though; the spacey Sun-Neptune square—also on the 16th—could distract you from the reality of the situation.  Be clear in your communications and keep your feet on the ground.

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You may experience disappointment in a friendship or the loss of someone near & dear with the sobering Venus-Saturn square on June 18.  But a quick healing is on the way as the compassionate Venus-Neptune sextile follows right on its heels.  The Sun-Pluto inconjunct, at the same time, can be utilized to make the necessary adjustments to your attitude or belief systems; let it guide you to a transformed perspective.  The PISCES moon on the 19th will bring a caring energy to celebrations of Father’s Day and Juneteenth.

The GEMINI month ends on a positive note with the uplifting Mercury-Jupiter sextile on June 20; new ideas & information can inspire you with a more hopeful outlook.  And the playful Venus-Pluto trine will stimulate some dynamic social activity and bring some creative individuals into your sphere.  Stay light & bright — Summer is just around the corner!

PS  HAPPY BIRTHDAY & SOLAR RETURN to  my  witty, perceptive GEMINI friends!

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