Ready for a breath of fresh air?  With the Sun now in GEMINI, you’ll be feeling a strong urge to get out of the house and back into circulation.  Align with the restless, mercurial spirit of thisOpalescent Butterfly: Whimsical Fairy Tale Watercolor | AI Art Generator | Easy-Peasy.AI mutable air sign — get off the couch, change up your daily routines and catch up with your grapevine.  Lively conversations, interesting concepts and visits with siblings, relatives & neighbors can stimulate your mind and elevate your spirits.  You may be inspired to attend a  class, workshop or lecture, make new personal connections or take a short trip or two.  Variety is the spice of life!

School is getting out, vacation plans are being made and people are beginning to scatter for the summer.   You’ll want to flit about the neighborhood, gather the nectar and check out the local scene.  Since GEMINI is associated with communication, transportation & distribution, this is an optimal time to catch up with email, handle correspondence, check in with social media and return phone calls.  Advertise your services or products, put out a newsletter or circulate a petition.

This could also be a good time to update your computer, music system, TV or phone so you don’t miss a thing!  You may be ready to buy or sell a vehicle, fix up your car or add a satellite radio.  You’re likely to utilize the services of the library, bookstore, post office, printer, office supply, internet, newspaper or local media more than usual.

Hummingbirds & Flowers Painting by William Vanderdasson

The enterprising Sun-Pluto trine on May 22 will initiate this new solar month with lots of  enthusiasm for creative projects, social connections and intellectual stimulation.  At the same time, you will experience a positive uplift as Venus conjuncts Jupiter and makes a sextile to NeptuneA joyful, sharing & caring spirit will be in the air!

And in the midst of all of this, the FULL MOON in GEMINI and SAGITTARIUS—on May 23 at 6:53 am PDT—will raise the emotional tides to new heights! There will be so much activity & information swirling around that you may feel stretched out, frazzled & fragmented!  Rein in your scattered energies.  Slow down!  Breathe! Allow enough time to deal with potential traffic snarls or communication mix-ups — and stay especially alert & observant on the road.  People will tend to be more distracted than usual.

A full moon rises over the capitol ...

Venus leaves TAURUS and joins the Sun in flirtatious GEMINI later on the 23rd, further lightening the mood and diversifying your social interactions.  The holiday weekend is approaching and you’ll be thinking about getting together with friends and going places.  That same afternoon, Jupiter—at the very end of its year-long transit of TAURUS—makes a spiritually-uplifting trine to Neptune.  You could feel well-rewarded for all the work you did this past year to create more comfort, security & safety in your family and domestic scene.

This is likely to be a playful and memorable Memorial Day weekend ahead!  The fun-loving Venus-Pluto trine, on Saturday, May 25, could inspire exciting social connections, parties and cultural activities.  Say yes to any invitations to get out and meet new people, as it could mark the beginning of some creative friendships, alliances and projects.  Happy Memorial Day | To All My Flickr ...

Also on the afternoon of the 25th, a very significant new chapter begins when Jupiter enters multi-faceted GEMINI (where it will stay until June 9 of next year).  This suggests a restless, inquisitive & communicative year ahead!  You may find it helpful to review what was going on in your life when this same cycle was in effect 12 years ago (6/11/126/25/13).

There will be a lot of newsworthy items to discuss, and the media will be having a field day.  Lots of ideas, information and opinions will be tossed around, and as result, it will be wise to maintain a sense of discrimination & discretion.  A healthy skepticism will be required: don’t believe everything you hear, read or see (and certainly don’t pass it on)!

With Mercury—the ruling planet of GEMINI—in TAURUS as this solar month begins, the focus on home, family, community or property matters will carry over from the previous month.  You may want to set aside some time on Monday, Memorial Day, to get some things accomplished on the domestic scene.  The productive Mercury-Saturn sextile that day could inspire you to fix things up around the house, as well as make time for a meaningful family gathering.   When Mercury joins with Uranus in TAURUS on May 30, you might be inspired to add some electrical features to your home, install a security system or upgrade your electronics.  Pay attention to any brilliant ideas or insights that arise around this time. Surprises, sudden changes and shocking revelations often accompany this unpredictable Mercury-Uranus conjunction.  Expect the unexpected!

The month of June gets off to a rousing start with the expansive & rare Jupiter-Pluto trine, which peaks on the 2nd.  Big new ideas and inventions will take center stage, especially relating to communications, transportation and global affairs.  It’s an ideal time to take a significant trip, sign up for a course or initiate a business collaboration.  There could also be some mystical or psychic experiences that occur with the other-worldly Mercury-Neptune sextile the same day.  Pay attention to your dreams.

On June 3, Mercury leaves TAURUS and joins the Sun, Venus and Jupiter in GEMINI.  This signals a potent frequency shift from the previous month (TAURUS) — from earth to air, from heavy to light and from anchored to flexible.  Your thoughts will be less involved with household matters and more stimulated by the world of ideas.  You may notice that things happen in 2’s (as the sign GEMINI is associated with twins).

Mercury, Roman God of trade, profit and commerce | Messenger… | Flickr

Named after the swift-footed messenger of the gods, Mercury (also known as the Greek Hermes) is associated with the mind, logic, communication & information.  While in its own sign, you’ll be feeling especially restless, inquisitive and perceptive.  No way can you be bored these days (especially with 5 planets now in air signs).  However, you may find it a challenge to juggle all your interests and activities as you’re carried along with the lively breezes.  Your inner hummingbird will be quite activated!

You may experience an overwhelming feeling of well-being and inner peace around June 4, as the creative Mercury-Pluto trine, the exuberant Mercury-Jupiter conjunction and the harmonious Sun-Venus conjunction all come into play at the same time.  Get in touch with your loved ones and celebrate. . .

The New Moon in GEMINI (on June 6 at 5:38 am PDT) will get the ball rolling even faster ‒ there are places to go, people to see, and ideas & information to exchange.  GEMINI is associated with the the nose, sinuses, lungs, shoulders, arms & hands.  Sniff out the interesting things to do — follow your curiosities!

However, in the midst of all this sweetness & light, there will be three Saturn squares between June 8—12 (from Venus, the Sun & Mercury) which could temporarily block the joy or bring about delays, obstacles, work or health issues, transportation problems or intellectual discord.  It’s not an ideal weekend for throwing a party, organizing cultural activities or taking a trip due to the anti-social Venus-Saturn square, which peaks on Saturday, June 8.  Don’t set yourself up for disappointment, as this hard aspect suggests possible miscommunication with friends, restrictions with plans or the loss of someone close to you.

On the evening of the 8th, Mars leaves intense ARIES and settles down in its new cycle in homey TAURUS.  Over the next 6 weeks, some significant energy will continue to be diverted from your intellectual pursuits into your domestic life; put your base of operations in functional, comfortable and secure condition.

The frustrating Sun-Saturn square kicks in on Sunday, June 9th, adding more negativity, blame or depression to the mix.  While it won’t be a particularly playful weekend, it could be a productive one.  Roll up your sleeves and utilize this time to resolve some old issues or get some unfinished business off your back.  The more you accomplish, the better you’ll feel about yourself and others.

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By June 11, the high-pressure Mars-Pluto square will have come to a head, bringing with it some turbulence & transformation.  Don’t force issues or try to make things happen; allow things to unfold organically.  Instead of locking horns and butting heads, look for healthy ways to let off some steam.

Finally, the last of these difficult aspects arrives with the judgmental Mercury-Saturn square on June 12.  Try not to get down on yourself or others, and know that things will begin to improve from this point on.   Collectively & individually, we’ve been carrying a heavy load, as the stresses & strains in the world have been bursting at the seams.   Take whatever steps you can to lighten up!

Utilize the focused Sun-Mercury conjunction on June 14 (Flag Day) to clarify your priorities, make to-do lists and put your life in order.  This can counter-balance the upcoming Neptune squares, which are associated with chaos & confusion, as well as soggy, foggy & cloudy weather.  The Venus-Neptune square on June 16 can symbolizes mix-ups or misunderstandings in social interactions.  The Mercury-Neptune square on June 17 can interfere with clear thinking, and last but not least, the Sun-Neptune square on June 20 can bring about a sense of gullibility, misplaced trust and self-deception, stirring up major escapist tendencies & unconscious behaviors.  Shenanigans are afoot — be on the alert for scams, fake news and AI-altered images & presentations.  QUESTION EVERYTHING!

With so many diversions and distractions teasing you along during this GEMINI month, it will be to your benefit to set aside equal time for rest & recuperation.  Face up to any health concerns, catch up  on your sleep and take care of any issues that may arise with your pets.  Find a healthy outlet for your fears or fantasies; listen to some uplifting music, get a massage, meditate, go to the ocean, take a long soak in the tub or have a good cry.  Elevate instead of dissipating!

By June 17, both Venus and Mercury will have left lighthearted GEMINI and joined up in self-protective CANCER.  With both of them making inconjunct aspects to Pluto in futuristic AQUARIUS, some attitude or lifestyle adjustments could be required.  These adjustments may involve the concepts of yesterday vs. tomorrow, holding on vs. letting go, and attachment vs. freedom.  Utilize whatever techniques or tools you have to keep your stress at a minimum.  Ease up on any internal pressure and allow things to just unfold organically.

Food, finances, fuel & feelings will take on greater priority at this time.  Be open to new sources of income or investment opportunities, focus on financial & emotional security, protect your assets and stock up on necessities.  It might be a good time to re-evaluate your possessions and clear out those items that you no longer use or need (although sentimental attachments could get in the way)! Try out some new recipes, read a nutrition book or re-examine your dietary habits; set a new program of self-care in motion. 

The main message of this GEMINI month is:  be observant, flexible, mobile and communicative.  Open your mind to all options & possibilities, connect with your personal networks — and keep your spirits light and bright.  Spring will soon be coming to an end and Summer is just around the corner.  Wishing you an informative and scintillating month ahead!

PS  HAPPY BIRTHDAY & SOLAR RETURN to  my  witty, perceptive GEMINI friends!


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