Ready to lighten your load? The Sun is now in GEMINI, symbolizing a month for taking a breath of fresh air!!  Following the past TAURUS  month, with its emphasis on comfort & security, now’s the time to get off the couch, out of the house and back into circulation.  Align with the restless, mercurial spirit of this mutable air sign: blow with the breeze and allow yourself to be distracted from any ruts or routines.  The message of this month is:  Variety is the spice of life!

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School is letting out, vacation plans are being made and people are beginning to scatter for the summer. Take full advantage of any opportunities to network and make new personal connections, attend a class, workshop or lecture, and take some short trips.  Lively conversations, interesting concepts and visits with brothers & sisters, relatives and neighbors could bring you much mental stimulation and elevate your spirits.

Mercury—ruling planet of GEMINI—is still in TAURUS as this solar month begins (and will stay there through June 10).  It may not be so easy to get up & go, as its presence in TAURUS (along with Jupiter, Uranus & the North Lunar Node) could keep you somewhat house-centered for the first three weeks of the month.  And the inclination to take root was amped up with the recent New Moon in TAURUS, back on May 19.  At the very least, your mind will continue to be focused on home, family or property matters for a while to come!On the same day that the Sun entered GEMINI (May 21), it also made a trine to Pluto and a sextile to Mars.  What an energetic, creative & inspired day this will be! It’s an ideal time to flit about the neighborhood, take a drive or start up a new project.  Mars just entered vibrant LEO the day before, so a joyful, lively spirit will be showing up.  In fact, with the overdoing Mars-Jupiter square peaking on May 22, things may be too lively!  This represents a time where you can feel overwhelmed with too much on your plate.  Rein in a tendency to go overboard, over-commit or run yourself ragged.  Avoid burnout and treat yourself to some much-needed time out!

Serendipitous meetings & significant encounters can take place with the scintillating Venus-Uranus sextile on Friday, May 26. This will get the Memorial Day weekend off to a great start!  Keep your plans loose and do something spontaneous and out-of-the-ordinary that day, and you may be surprised what magic can happen!  Unexpected visitors may show up, you may discover a delightful new restaurant or unexpectedly tune in to a romantic movie.

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At the same time, the testy Mars-Lunar Node square comes to a head, suggesting potential power struggles, anger, jealousy or ego issues that need to get under control.  Look for creative ways to redirect this disruptive energy, such as engaging in some friendly competition (like Rummykub, chess or tennis).  The frustrating Sun-Saturn square, which peaks on May 28, could stir up possible obstacles, breakdowns, disappointments or sad memories.  Be patient with yourself & others, and take care of some business you may have been putting off.  Don’t take things too seriously — this, too, will soon pass.

Some work, financial or health issues may require an adjustment or two as June is beginning, due to the hampering Mars-Saturn inconjunct on the 1st.  However, a more positive attitude will emerge that evening along with the Jupiter-North Node conjunction in TAURUS.  This conjunction only occurs every 14 years, so it’s a special occasion!  In TAURUS, it signifies much growth potential involving your domestic scene, family relationships, comfort and security.  Build solid foundations and strengthen your support systems to prepare for some major expansion in your life.  Dream big and visualize the outcome you’d like to see as the imaginative Venus-Neptune trine unfolds on June 2.

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The Full Moon in GEMINI—SAGITTARIUS, on June 3 at 8:42 pm PDT, could stir up so much activity & information that you may feel stretched out, frazzled & fragmented!  Pull in your scattered energies so you don’t go off in all directions.  Breathe!  Allow enough time in your schedule for potential traffic snarls or communication mix-ups, and be especially alert while on the road.  The unpredictable Mercury-Uranus conjunction, on June 4, could add to the edginess.  Expect some changes, rearrangements or surprises on the home front.  Be open to sudden insights and brilliant ideas; look at situations from a different, or even opposite point of view.

On June 5, Venus leaves sensitive CANCER and moves on to lively LEO, where it will remain for a long 4 months due to its upcoming retrograde on July 22.  There could be lots of fun in the sun with this particular placement!  It represents a good time for getting together with loved ones, throwing parties and enjoying sweet entertainment options.  Shine on (and don’t forget the sunscreen)!  Make it a point to not force things or allow your ego to run the show on the 5th, however, as the turbulent Venus-Pluto opposition on this day could turn a relationship upside-down.  Just chill and allow this new energy to unfold organically — no pressure!

You’ll want to just relax and let things flow as Venus forms a challenging T-square to the Lunar Nodes on June 8.  You may not find social activities or friendship interactions as rewarding as usual at this time, as they may be at odds with home or career obligations. Utilize the healing Mercury-Neptune sextile, on June 9, to gain some insight — and to gently correct any imbalances in your life.

On June 11, Pluto completes its introductory 2-1/2 month stay in AQUARIUS and returns to CAPRICORN, where it will remain until late January 2024.  We’ve received new perspectives with this recent planetary development, but now it’s time to go back, take care of business and make sure our basic structures are organized in ways that support us in the future.  Take some time to assess what you have learned lately, and perhaps make up a to-do list of actions required with the forward-thinking Mercury-Pluto trine on the same day.

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Also on June 11, Mercury finally leaves TAURUS and joins the Sun in GEMINI.  You’ll be feeling lighter & brighter, ready to embrace a a variety of interesting ideas & options. Your thoughts will turn from household matters to more mental pursuits.  This would be an ideal time to advertise your services or products, put out a newsletter, circulate a petition or firm up your vacation plans.  It is also a good time to get a new phone, update your plan or check out some new apps; you also may be inspired to buy, sell or repair a vehicle — it’s important to have connectivity & mobility!  Watch a tendency to run off in all directions, however, as this new cycle is accompanied by the reckless Venus-Jupiter square.  You don’t have to do it all at once!

Personal responsibilities, financial challenges or temporary delays could slow things down due to the Venus-Saturn inconjunct on June 13, followed by the Mercury-Saturn square on June 15.  Patience, discipline & conscientious actions will pay off during this frustrating period, especially since Saturn begins its 4-1/2-month retrograde cycle on June 17.  The wheels of fortune tend to move slowly for a few days with this transition.  This particular retrograde involves a period of cementing your long-term intentions and solidifying your commitments.  Clear up any debts & obligations, recycle outworn possessions, scrutinize insurance, tax, government or business matters, re-evaluate your habits, and put your back, knees and teeth in healthy condition.  At the same time, this heavy energy can be balanced out with the sweet Mercury-Venus sextile, which indicates a time for being kind and gentle to yourself, as well as to others.  Soak up as much beauty & harmony as you can receive. . .

The New Moon in GEMINI falls on June 17 at 9:37 pm PDT; from this point on, the phone calls, emails, texts and messages will be intensifying – and it will seem like everyone’s scattering to the four winds!  Follow your curiosities and allow your inquisitive nature to lead you down some new pathways.  GEMINI is associated with the nervous system, as well as the nose, lungs, shoulders, arms and hands.  Take lots of deep breaths, oxygenate your brain and stretch your limbs.  Communicate your truth and get unspoken issues off your chest!

You could encounter some chaos or confusion with the spacey Sun-Neptune square on June 18 (also Father’s Day).  Don’t believe everything you hear — or pass on anything that you haven’t verified.  Be extra-clear in your communications and do your best to keep your feet on the ground.  Avoid toxic people and situations, stay hydrated, catch up on your sleep or have a good cry.  Once the grounded Jupiter-Saturn sextile develops on the 19th, you will be able to get a better grip on things.  Tap into your higher self and commit to moving  forward.   You have the power to change the way you think about things, and subsequently, the power to transform your life in a very real way.  Think positively!The tumultuous Sun-Pluto inconjunct, on June 21, closes out this solar month with a challenge to each of us to adjust some attitudes and clear up those issues in our life that need to be purged and left behind.  In the midst of all these outer tensions, remember to keep yourself aligned with the flexibility, curiosity and intellectual awareness of the GEMINI spirit as the events of this hectic month play out.  A new season is just around the corner — Summer, here we come!Hummingbird Images | Free Photos, PNG Stickers, Wallpapers & Backgrounds - rawpixel

PS:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY & SOLAR RETURN to my witty, perceptive GEMINI friends!  Wishing you a breath of fresh air as your “new year” begins!


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