RISE & SHINE!  The Sun is now in its own sign, LEO — and you can expect a lively, dramatic & solar-powered month ahead!  It’s time to crawl out of your shell, center yourself and allow your unique individuality to shine forth.   Express yourself!   “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players” (Shakespeare).  So…play your role to the max and allow that divine spark within you to radiate outward.  Get in touch with your inner joy!

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The Sun is the source of all life and light on this planet; allow this revitalizing force to flow through you – get outdoors, recharge your batteries, and carefully soak up some rays. Since LEO is a fire sign, you’ll want to take precautions against sunburns, overheating and physical burnout (and make sure that those candles and campfires are under control, too).  Since we’re currently experiencing a record-breaking global heatwave, along with extreme weather and wildfires, you’ll want to focus on staying cool, safe and hydrated!

On July 22, the same day that the Sun enters LEO, Venus—also in LEO—begins its 6-week retrograde.  This cycle, which occurs every 19 months, symbolizes a time for re-evaluating your social alliances, group involvements and collaborative efforts.  Catch up with friends & lovers, re-examine your tastes & pleasures, and put your life back into balance, peace & harmony.  Since this particular retrograde is in LEO, you may want to revamp your self-image & appearance, and go within to reconnect with your true source of happiness.

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Also on the 22nd, Pluto (in CAPRICORN) will form an explosive square to the Lunar Nodes in ARIES & LIBRA.  This transformative, volcanic aspect will likely be accompanied by disruption, upheaval and impulsive actions in the weeks ahead — amplified by our over-heated environment.  How synchronistic that the Oppenheimer movie was just released (Pluto is associated with plutonium).  Find some healthy ways to chill and let off some steam.  The quirky Mercury-Uranus square, on Sunday, July 23, could turn your plans upside-down, so play things loose, be spontaneous and be open to surprises, changes or rearrangements.

In the midst of these stressful times, Mercury brings its transit of LEO to a dramatic close with two difficult aspects, the chaotic Mercury-Neptune inconjunct (26th) and the harsh Mercury-Pluto Mercury ~ Mercury contains all the symbols, signifying the potential integration of spirit, soul and matter and th… | Mercury symbol, Constellation tattoos, Mercuryinconjunct (27th).  An attitude adjustment may be required — don’t let the small stuff get you down!  On the afternoon of July 28, Mercury moves to to its own sign, VIRGO, and the focus shifts to problem-solving, planning & preparing.  You’ll feel a strong urge to clean, sort, file and put your life in order.  Pay attention to the details!  Utilize the reality check presented by the Sun-Saturn inconjunct, also on the 28th, to resolve any unfinished business and deal with personal responsibilities. Don’t take it out on your loved ones as the confusing Venus-Neptune inconjunct peaks on July 30; empathy & compassion will go a long way in resolving any misunderstandings.

August will come on like gangbusters as the Full (Super)Moon in LEO & AQUARIUS bursts forth on the 1st at 11:32 am PDT.  Be prepared for unusual encounters, unexpected rearrangements, sudden separations or amazing flashes of insight.  Some long-standing relationship issues may need to be faced; maintain your personal integrity, identity & self-esteem, while at the same time honor those qualities in others.  Keep your ego in check!  You could experience a deeper understanding of yourself through feedback from your one-one-one interactions — increased self-awareness awaits you.

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The high-energy Mars-Jupiter trine and the pessimistic Mercury-Saturn opposition will both accompany this Full Moon on the 1st.  Hold a positive attitude amidst some blockages or delays, get the facts and set a plan of action in motion.  Considering that both Mercury & Mars are now in VIRGO (the sign associated with work and labor disputes), let’s hope that a UPS strike can be avoided, and that the Writers & Actors Guilds can come up with a solution to their dilemmas.  Otherwise, it may take until after Mars moves on to LIBRA, on August 27, until a reasonable compromise can be reached.

You’ll want to rein in a tendency to go overboard, take on too much or run off in too many directions as the reckless Sun-Jupiter square builds up on August 6.  Hold your horses, especially considering that the Moon will be in impulsive ARIES!  An element of uncertainty could impact relationships & social plans as the off-beat Venus-Uranus square peaks on August 9 — expect the unexpected!  And with the expansive Mercury-Jupiter trine taking place on the same day, opportunities to travel, learn and explore could arise out of left field.  Take a chance and be willing to get out of your comfort zone!The weekend of August 12-13 will be an especially sweet one, with the mellow Sun-Venus conjunction in LEO — the perfect time  to share food & fun with loved ones.  Since the Moon will be in CANCER at this time, you may want to try out a new recipe, organize a picnic in the park or dine at your favorite restaurant.  Bring more beauty & harmony into your life!

The unpredictable Sun/Uranus square, peaking on August 15, could upset the apple cart and interrupt your best-laid plans.  You’ll want to stay spontaneous, as life can be disruptive & erratic at this time.  Be open to change and explore alternative approaches & pathways!The Sun 14 Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

A new day dawns with the New Moon in LEO on August 16 at 2:38 am PDT.  It’s time to entertain and be entertained!  Know that you are both the co-creator and the star of your own drama — and that you have the capacity to write both the script and the characters in it.  Just as the Sun is the central pulse of our solar system, you, too, are the heartbeat of your personal universe and the source of your own experience.  Let your light shine!  It’s appropriate that the sign LEO is associated with the heart, eyes & spinal cord.  The sparkling  Mars-Uranus trine joins this New Moon on the 16th, inspiring a spirit of freedom,  independence and ingenuity.  Do things differently!

As this solar month comes to a close, however, you may experience some confusion, stress or burnout due to the spacey Sun-Neptune inconjunct (August 20) and the Sun-Pluto inconjunct (August 21).  Do your best to stay conscious and be patient with yourself and others.  Avoid over-committing to social activities on the 22nd, as the excessive Venus-Jupiter square could put you into overwhelm.

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Also on August 22, it’s possible that you’ll feel drained, exhausted or absentminded as the spacey Mars-Neptune opposition comes to a head.  Avoid toxic individuals and situations.  Since the escape urge is so strong now, the best antidote is to focus on your health, catch up on your sleep and drink lots of water.  Set aside some time for meditation and contemplation. (Be aware that Mercury will turn retrograde in its own sign—VIRGO—on August 23 (until September 15), the same day that the Sun moves on to VIRGO.

Meanwhile, the challenge of this LEO month is to trust in the universe, and live life fully & confidently — strive for authentic self-expression!  As Robert Louis Stevenson so aptly put it, “To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end in life.” Acknowledge the divinity within yourself and within others — open your heart and let your spirit soar!Image result for heart

PS:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY & SOLAR RETURN to my joyful, vibrant LEO friends!

©2023   Diane Elizabeth Clarke