Had enough drama for a while?  Feeling a need to simplify your life?  Completion is the major theme of this month, now that the Sun has entered the sign VIRGO.  Summer’s almost over, school’s startingFile:Single White Lily.jpg - Wikimedia Commons back up again – and it’s the perfect time to get organized, tackle the clutter and streamline your life. You’ll want to focus on solving problems, resolving any unfinished business and bringing order out of chaos!

Clear the decks, clean out the nooks and crannies and sweep away the cobwebs & dust bunnies!  Schedule some time for self-analysis, clarification and focus; compile lists, sort, sift and systematize.  Tie up any loose ends and put things in their proper places.  You’ll want to pay particular attention to the details.  It’s all about efficiency!

A mutable earth sign, VIRGO is associated with work, craftsmanship, skills & expertise.  It is an adaptable, practical and discriminating sign, whose purpose is to analyze, synthesize, correct, research, plan & purify.  VIRGO is correlated with the small intestines, which are necessary for the assimilation of nutrients in the body.  Since physical & mental health is also related to this sign, this would be an ideal time to deal with any unresolved work or health issues.  You may want to set up a session with a doctor, healer, counselor, life coach or professional organizer for increased peace of mind.Image result for virgo constellation stars

Mercury—VIRGO’s ruling planet—has been in VIRGO since August 4, so you may have already embarked upon some cleaning & sorting projects. The energizing Mercury-Pluto trine that accompanies the Sun‘s entrance into VIRGO on August 22 will inspire you to kick things into high gear!

The planet Uranus begins its annual 5-month retrograde on August 24, stirring up some edgy, unpredictable energy for a few days.  Utilize this particular retrograde for re-evaluating your partnership & teamwork interactions, investigating alternative approaches to problem-solving — and freeing yourself up from whatever is holding you back!

Prior to August 25, you may experience some inhibitions, blockages or frustration in social & romantic relationships, due to the square Friendship | Public domain vectorsfrom Venus to the Lunar Nodes.  And having Mercury in the last degree of VIRGO doesn’t help the situation (you know what they say about all work and no play)!  However,  Mercury moves on to sociable LIBRA on the evening of August 25, bringing forth a more friendly, sweet & harmonious vibration throughout this solar month.  Your life will be enhanced by joining up with those of like-mind who share your interests and ideals.  Mix pleasure with productivity!

Be open to spontaneity & unpredictability on Friday evening, August 26 — the Venus-Uranus square could disrupt your social plans, so avoid making any.  Instead, set yourself up for some positive surprises, do things differently and expect the unexpected!  The harsh Sun-Mars square, at the same time, could bring about a competitive, stressful energy.  Communicate without criticism; make the time to BREATHE and pull any scattered pieces together.

The NEW MOON in VIRGO falls on August 27 at 1:17 am PDT, energizing the focused and industrious energy available to you right now.  Make good use of it!  With meticulous planning and step-by-step preparation, you could move mountains during the upcoming few weeks — take it from an acorn to an oak!  Clarify your priorities, finish old projects and make plans & preparations for the fall season.    Image result for virgo astrology

You could experience a disappointment in a friendship, frustrating social interactions or the loss of someone special to you as the Venus-Saturn opposition comes to a head on August 28.  Keep your heart open and re-examine your commitments.  Be reasonable in your expectations with the Sun-Jupiter inconjunct (30th), and be patient & forgiving to your friends as the flaky Venus-Neptune inconjunct unfolds on the 31st.

The month of September begins with the exuberant Mars-Jupiter sextile in the signs GEMINI & ARIES.  It’s a great time to share laughter, adventure & playfulness.  Take some risks and have fun!  Because the pushy Venus-Pluto inconjunct takes place on the same day, make it a point to not force any issues.  Just go where the wind blows you! 

The Labor Day weekend — that last hurrah of Summer — will be colored by the excessive Mercury-Jupiter opposition of September 2.  There may be more opportunities to enjoy than you have time for, or you could feel overwhelmed with email, phone calls & communications.  If you’re planning on getting out of town, you can expect to face a lot of traffic and others vying for the same accommodations.  Plan ahead and make reservations!

Venus leaves LEO and enters diligent VIRGO on the evening of Sunday, September 4You may even decide to do some work on Labor Day!  From here on, social interactions may revolve around mutual helpfulness among friends.  Work can be more enjoyable when it’s shared — teamwork makes the dream work!  With Venus in VIRGO and Mercury in LIBRA, these planets are considered to be in mutual reception.  Things are well-aligned for getting things done!

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Mercury turns retrograde on September 9 (through October 1); once again, it’s review time!  During the next 3 weeks, you’ll want to go back over things, edit, repair and clear the decks.  It’s VIRGO energy on steroids!  As always, you’ll want to hold off on signing anything important, initiating medical procedures, making long-range decisions & commitments or buying vehicles, phones or electronic equipment until this cycle is complete. Considering that this retrograde initially takes place in LIBRA, it would be a beneficial time to re-evaluate your friendships, group alliances and personal pleasures.  And take it easy on sugar (especially with the reckless Venus-Jupiter inconjunct, also on the 9th).

And as if further insight was necessary, the FULL MOON in VIRGO & PISCES (on September 10 at 2:59 am) will illuminate any issues requiring your immediate attention.  Whatever needs to be repaired, healed or resolved will be seen with great clarity, particularly involving work or health matters. Rather than complaining or worrying about problems, take whatever action is needed to fix things.  Instead of finding fault with another, work on yourself (any criticisms are most likely projections of your own unresolved issues).  Listen to any advice you find yourself giving to others; keep in mind that you wouldn’t be offering it unless you somehow needed to hear it, too.

This is a good time to meditate on the concept that you are already Rosebud | Bill Tyne | Flickrperfect, whole and complete exactly as you are!  Like a rosebud, you are simply in the process of unfolding in your own unique fashion and on your own time schedule.   Regardless of what it may look like, everything that’s taking place is in  divine  order.  Perfecting is the process. So ease up on any self-criticism, lay out a plan and get to work.  Follow-through is THE key to success this month.

The scintillating Sun-Uranus trine could light up your life with magic & miracles on September 11; be open to dazzling insights and “aha” moments, even the possibility of an exciting new relationship!  The sober Sun-Saturn inconjunct, on the following day, will bring a note of caution & realism to the picture.  A little discipline will go a long way.

You’ll want to find a balance between work & play with the square from Venus (in VIRGO) to Mars (in GEMINI) on September 16.  Social activities could have you running around in all directions.  Keep your communications & appointments clear as the spacey Sun-Neptune opposition comes to a head on the same day; otherwise, chaos & confusion can reign.  With the sweet Venus-North Node trine that evening, it could be a good time for a family gathering, music event, meditation group or trip to the beach.

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Mercury opposes Jupiter on September 18—for the second time this month due to its retrograde.  Use moderation & common sense and don’t overload yourself with social obligations.  The enterprising Sun-Pluto trine that evening could stimulate some new projects and business ideas—go for the gusto!  Unexpected visitors, fun or romance could be in the air with the electrical Venus-Uranus trine on September 19 —  keep your schedule clear for some spontaneous excitement!  The Venus-Saturn inconjunct, on the 20th, may require you to slow down a bit.  Be patient and let the universe work its magic!

As this VIRGO solar month unfolds (and Summer comes to an end), focus on what you want to accomplish, make realistic plans and tie up any loose ends.  Get prepared for the Fall season, which is just around the corner — and have a productive, pleasurable month ahead!



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