Had enough drama for a while?  Feeling a need to simplify your life?  With the Sun now in industrious VIRGO, you will feel compelled to tidy up, tackle the clutter, streamline your systems and put your life in order.  Summer’s coming to a close, classes are starting up again and it’s back to work we go.  It’s the perfect month to clean out closets, organize drawers, sweep away the cobwebs and clear the decks.  Completion is the name of the game!

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It will be VIRGO on steroids for the first few weeks of this new cycle!  Mercury (ruler of VIRGO) is accompanying the Sun in VIRGO this entire month — and coincidentally turns retrograde right as this solar month begins on August 23.  OMG!  Talk about focus — if there was ever a time to clean up your act, this is it!  You’ll be looking at the minutia of your life through a finely-tuned microscopic lens.  The challenge is to bring order out of chaos!

Do you have some unfinished business to resolve, some problems to solve or some messes to clear up?  With Mercury now retrograding in VIRGO, there couldn’t  be a better time to review, repair, edit, clarify and redefine your priorities.  Mercury ~ Mercury contains all the symbols, signifying the potential integration of spirit, soul and matter and th… | Mercury symbol, Constellation tattoos, MercuryThis is clearly a time for going back over things — you’ll likely be just spinning your wheels if you try moving forward.  Instead, tie up your loose ends, prepare, plan and research!  it would be wise to hold off on starting up a new project or business, signing contracts, or purchasing vehicles, computers, phones or electronic equipment until after Mercury turns direct on September 15.  It’s interesting to note that 6 planets are in retrograde this month — what a clear message we’re getting!

Last but not least, Mars finishes up its 6-week stay in VIRGO with an action-oriented trine to Pluto in CAPRICORN on August 24.  You’ve likely been busy with sorting & filing projects lately — and now’s the time for a final push!  If you so choose, the energy will be available to you to move mountains!

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Don’t let the frustrating Sun-Saturn opposition (peaking on August 27) get to you; instead, see this as an opportunity to realistically face any obstacles that may be blocking your path or slowing you down,  Release yourself from limiting beliefs, unhealthy habits or self-defeating actions.  Back away from non-supportive relationships and seek out those who are committed to your mutual well-being.

A spirit of sweetness & light will reward your efforts as Mars finally leaves VIRGO and enters LIBRA on August 27.  Over this upcoming 6-week cycle, the emphasis will be on justice, fair play, diplomacy, personal alliances and aesthetic pleasures.  You’ll feel a strong desireFriendship | Public domain vectors for beauty, peace & harmony in your inner life, as the outer world may appear to be unraveling.  You’ll want to take some time out from all your busyness and redirect some energy into social connection, collaborative efforts and cultural activities.  You know what they say about “all work and no play!”  Come up for air and strive for a healthy balance in your life — a little pleasure will go a long way. . .

Expect a few days of surprise, change & uncertainty as Uranus turns retrograde in TAURUS on August 28. Find ways to free up from repetitive household tasks, explore alternatives and lighten up the load on the domestic scene. Home, family, community, property or environment matters are up for some review & re-evaluation over the upcoming 5 months.

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And as if further insight was necessary, the FULL MOON in VIRGO & PISCES (on August 30 at 6:36 pm PDT) will illuminate any issues requiring your immediate attention.  Whatever needs to be fixed, cleared or healed  will be seen with great clarity.  Work or health issues could  interfere with the best-laid plans, so make allowances for that possibility.   Use caution with seafood, alcohol & drugs.  This is both a SUPERMOON (where it appears larger than usual due its closeness to Earth) and a BLUE MOON, as it’s the second FULL MOON of the month.  Let there be light!

Rather than complaining or worrying about problems, take whatever action is needed to fix things.  Instead of finding fault with another, work on yourself (any criticisms are most likely projections of your own unresolved issues).  Listen to any advice you find yourself giving to others; keep in mind that you wouldn’t be offering it unless you somehow needed to hear it, too.

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Any blocked or stagnant energy that’s been hanging around with the heavy Mars-Saturn inconjunct will begin to ease up by Friday evening, September 1.  Get ready for that last hurrah of Summerthe Labor Day weekend!  With the Moon in ARIES, you’ll be ready for action!  On Sunday, the 3rd, the Moon moves on to mellow TAURUS, and on the same day, Venus turns direct in LEO.  You’ll be ready to party with family & friends and put your social life back on track!

While the exuberant Mercury-Jupiter trine on Monday, September 4 may inspire a lot of enthusiasm and expansive ideas, this final day of the holiday could prove to be a transportation nightmare.  Jupiter—associated with travel, adventure & knowledge—begins its 4month retrograde in TAURUS on the same day (consider coming home by Sunday night if you’re going out of town).  This upcoming retrograde cycle suggests a time to catch up on your reading, re-assess your educational goals, marketing plans or exercise habits — and rein in any excesses or unnecessary extravagances in your life (particularly on the home front).

Schedule in some time for self-analysis as the logical Sun-Mercury conjunction unfolds on September 6.  You could find it very useful to make lists, sort, sift and set up systems; be methodical and put things in their proper places.  Pay particular attention to the small details!  VIRGO is quite the taskmaster — yet the rewards from your efforts will be tangible and your life will function more efficiently.

VIRGO is correlated with the small intestines, which are necessary for the assimilation of nutrients in the body.  Since physical andImage result for virgo constellation stars mental health is also related to this sign, the VIRGO month is ideal for dealing with any nagging health issues.  You may want to undergo a therapeutic cleanse or fast — detoxify and purify body, mind & spirit!  You may feel motivated to set up a session with a doctor, healer, counselor, life coach or professional organizer for increased peace of mind.

You’re likely to experience a positive uplift with the Sun-Jupiter trine on September 8.  Consult with family members over possible building, remodeling, decorating or gardening projects — spiff up things around the house. Take advantage of any opportunities to travel, learn, write, teach, publish or promote your ideas.  Extend your horizons, expand your mind and stretch your legs!

Harness the hardworking energy of the NEW MOON in VIRGO (on September 14 at 6:40 pm PDT) to increase productivity and perfect your skills.  Aim for accuracy, precision & clarity; make detailed plans for what you want to accomplish in the near future, and find ways to be of service to others.  You could make great strides forward now, especially with clear intentions, careful planning & conscientious follow-through (from an acorn to an oak)!  Half the planets currently are in earth signs—and are forming a GRAND EARTH TRINE!  The time is ripe for manifestation on the physical plane — ground your vision!  As Kahlil Gibran  stated so beautifully in The Prophet, “Work is love made visible”.

A mutable earth sign, VIRGO is associated with work, craftsmanship, skills and expertise.  It is known for being discriminating, focused & efficient, and its purpose is to analyze, synthesize, correct, research, Pink rosebud clipart, lge 13 cm | This clipart-style image h… | Flickrplan, purify & perfect.  Because perfection is the standard by which all things are measured, it’s easy to understand why this sign is well-known for being critical, complaining and picky when out-of-balance.  It is always good to remind ourselves that we are already perfect, whole and complete just as we are — like a rosebud, we are simply in the process of unfolding!

Mercury turns direct on the afternoon of September 15 — hallelujah! You can stop retracing your steps and take a flying leap forward from here on.  Later on that day, magic & electricity will be in the air with the enlightening Sun-Uranus trine.  Let your originality & inventive spirit out to play!  Just don’t go overboard with excitement, however, as you may have to pay the piper as the over-doing Venus-Jupiter square builds up on the 16th.

You might be feeling tired, exhausted or emotionally drained as the spacey Sun-Neptune opposition (from VIRGO to PISCES) builds to a peak on September 19.  Misunderstandings or misinformation could fog up the day, so do your best to stay clear in your communications, double-check your schedule and don’t believe everything you hear (especially with the overblown Mars-Jupiter inconjunct peaking on the same day).  Avoid toxic people and situations, as there will be plenty of grievances & sob stories going around.  Focus on staying healthy and catch up on your sleep.  Make sure your furry friends get the care & attention they need.

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The energetic Sun-Pluto trine on September 20 will inspire a burst of creativity and an enterprising spirit as Summer officially comes to a close.  Hopefully by now, you’ve pulled your loose ends together and are clearly focused on what you want to get accomplished.  This may end up being one of your most productive months!  Fall — a time for joining together with like-minded individuals and enjoying social, cultural & aesthetic pleasures — is just around the corner!



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