Hallelujah!  ‘Tis the season for renewal and rejuvenation!  The Sun‘s entrance into ARIES on March 20 has initiated the first day of Spring and the Vernal Equinox in the northern hemisphere that time of year when days and nights are of equal lengthsRed Phoenix Clip Art at - vector clip art online, royalty free & public domain. The pace of life begins to accelerate now — and the flavor of the month is hot, bold & intense!  A cardinal fire sign, ARIES is associated with rebirth, transformation and new beginnings. Blossoms and babies are bursting forth everywhere, powerful evidence of the awesome regenerative forces of nature.

The mythological phoenix—rising from its ashes, only to fly higher—is an appropriate representation of the sign ARIES.  Along with mother earth, now is the time to wash off the residues of winter and fire yourself up for your annual metamorphosis! Throw yourself into some spring cleaning, purge the past and prepare for takeoff! This month is ripe for initiating new hobbies & projects, developing your talents, launching a business venture or taking a chance with love.

The weekend of March 20 will be a particularly vibrant one, and once Venus joins the Sun in ARIES on March 21, the action will truly begin!  You’ll be ready to meet new people, renew old friendships and participate in some spontaneous social get-togethers.  The scintillating Mercury-Uranus sextile will add some intellectual excitement to the mix, and the steady Mars-Saturn sextile, also on the 21st, will stabilize and energize whatever connections are initiated at this time.  Have fun and enjoy a playful weekend!

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It’s possible that some tensions may arise in the workplace or in matters having to do with health as the irritable Mercury-Mars square builds up on March 23.  Hold your tongue and don’t say anything if you can’t say something nice.  The Mercury-Lunar Node square, on the following day, requires more discrimination than usual when it comes to safety and self-protection (particularly since it involves the signs PISCES & GEMINI).  Stay clear of toxic people & situations!

The sweet Sun-Venus conjunction, on March 25, will smooth out any rough energies and soften up the mood.  Make it a point to connect with your favorite people and seek out fun and pleasure!  A significant connection could be made with the Mars-North Node conjunction in GEMINI on March 26, especially with relatives or neighbors.  It could be a good time to buy a car or electronic equipment, catch up on email & communications or take a short trip.  There may be more interesting news than usual on this particular day.

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The turbulent Full Moon in ARIESLIBRA peaks on March 28 at 11:48 am PDT.   This symbolizes a potentially volatile period, one that may require you to maintain an equilibrium between your personal projects and your social involvements.  Things can get out of balance, so do what you need to do for yourself, and at the same time, take others into consideration.  Some  sensitive issues involving friends, lovers and/or children may need to be confronted and cleared up around this time.  You might find it difficult to focus as the spacey Mercury-Neptune conjunction in PISCES throws a little chaos into things (on the 29th).  It’s possible that you may need a day to heal, regroup or recover from the intensity of this particular Full Moon. Music, meditation, stretching and pets could be especially beneficial.

The month of March ends on a solid note with the steadying Venus-Saturn sextile on March 29, followed by the harmonious Venus-North Node sextile and the grounding Sun-Saturn sextile on March 31.  Family and friends will pull together, life will stabilize and any issues that have emerged can be resolved in a reasonable manner.

April starts off with some lively energy as the Sun sextiles the North Node — it’s the day to be out and about —and at the right place at the right time.  The mentally-stimulating Mercury-Pluto sextile  could Related image help kick you into high gear.  Be an April Fool and create some magic! Mercury finishes its transit of PISCES and joins the Sun & Venus in ARIES on the evening of April 3.  With an emphasis now in fire signs, things will really be heating up!  Resurrection is the underlying message of Easter, which is always celebrated each year on the Sunday following the Full Moon in ARIES & LIBRA.  This year, it falls on April 4 when Jupiter sextiles Eris (the newly-discovered planet beyond Pluto), suggesting a day for joyful family celebrations for the lucky ones.  HAPPY EASTER!

Pleasant surprises & unexpected meetups could be in store for you around April 6 with the sparkling Venus-Mars sextile; romance is in the air!  Don’t get carried away with your fantasies, however, as the confusing Mars-Neptune square comes to a head on April 9; things are not as they seem and there could be some hidden agendas.  By the 10th, you’ll have a better grip on reality with some support from the practical Mercury-Saturn sextile, along with the straightforward Venus-Jupiter sextile.  Social gatherings with old friends could be very satisfying and memorable.

The New Moon in ARIES bursts forth on April 11 at 7:31 pm PDT – it’s the astrological new year!  Take advantage of this enthusiastic, enterprising & innovative spirit – whatever is initiated from this point on can have a major impact on the year ahead. Pioneer unexplored pathways, do things you’ve never done before and be willing to take a few risks.  Express your creativity through art, music or dance activities.  Let your inner child out to play!  You may enjoy spending some quality time with children and refreshing your outlook on life — remember what it feels like to be young, exuberant and fun-loving!

Don’t be surprised, however, if you encounter some turbulence and volcanic activity along the way – it’s par for the course.  Pluto, Image result for pluto signthe ruling planet of ARIES, is associated with upheavals, explosions, volcanic eruptions and nuclear energy.  With Pluto currently in conscientious CAPRICORN, the key is to commit to moving forward in a realistic & responsible manner.  Some delays or obstacles could slow you down along the way, but don’t let them stop you.  A little patience, persistence and steady action will propel you along — a body in motion stays in motion!  Allow the creative impulse to inspire you, set your sights high and prepare to scale the mountaintops.

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Impatience, pushiness & obsessiveness can be the dark side of the headstrong ARIES nature, however (and ARIES is associated with the head).  Forcing issues, imposing your will on others or ramming your way through situations could get you into hot water, especially with the high-pressure Venus-Pluto square on April 11, the Sun-Pluto square (April 16) and the Mercury-Pluto square (April 17).  The Mars-Pluto inconjunct, also on the 17th, could further inflame the situation.  Find healthy ways to manage your stress and relieve any tensions that may be building up.  Avoid burn-out and be gentle with yourself (and cut others some slack, too).

Venus moves on to earthy TAURUS on April 14, a planetary shift that will hopefully introduce some calm & stability to the mix.  Put some loving energy into your domestic life; snuggle up with family & close friends, fix up your home and create more comfort & security in your personal universe.  The uplifting Sun-Jupiter sextile on April 15, followed by the high-energy Mars-Jupiter trine on the 16th—and the upbeat Mercury-Jupiter sextile on the 17th—will inspire lots of enthusiasm and put a positive spin on things in the midst of a turbulent period.

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Mercury leaves ARIES and joins both Venus & Uranus in TAURUS on April 19, bringing a practical, constructive and grounded closure to this high-intensity month.  Spend some time in nature, make it a point to smell the flowers and seek out a comfortable space to relax.  Enjoy a sneak preview of the upcoming TAURUS month which begins later on this day. . .

So, be good to yourself and utilize this ARIES month to change things up in your life.  If the refresh button isn’t enough, then hit the restart button!  Spring into action, birth some creative projects — and let the transformation begin. Have a dynamic, action-oriented month ahead — HAPPY SPRING!

PS:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY & SOLAR RETURN to my creative, playful ARIES friends — have a productive & lively year ahead!

©2021  Diane Elizabeth Clarke